A day at the Beach

Friday, August 15, 2008
Sashaying onto the beach
Lil Miss Kate Emerson Ru sashays down to the beach!
Thank you for the beautiful suit, Di!

Harry and Kate dig for shells at the water's edge.

Found one

What should I do now?
What should I do now?

Hmm this water does not taste good.
let me think....

Keeping up with the boys
I could try to keep up with those boys.


No...they are out too deep for me!




Chasing the birds
I'll just chase the birds for a while.

The other night Dave and the boys went for a little swim after the storm.  Apparently a SHARK was swimming with Harry.  By all accounts it was just a few feet away from him. YIKES!

Cousin Ashton and his family prefer the pool while we spend most of our day at the beach, so that is why he is not in my beach photos.  I will post some evening and pool photos of him soon:)

A few people have asked recently what type of camera I use. I have a post labeled on the sidebar that talks a little about my camera...but I use a Nikon D-80.  I think the D-40X is also a great camera if you do not want to shoot manually much or change lenses. My sister has it and her photos are great and it is half the price of the D-80.

People also asked about editing---- I do not really do any editing of my photos right now because I do not have time and I don't really know how to use Photoshop quickly. I used to LOVE Picassa when I had a PC but it does not work on the Mac.  So, 99% of my photos are straight out of the camera.  I will occasionally lighten a photo if it is dark or crop it in IPhoto.  Mostly, I am too lazy to spend time on them now.

I am trying to organize my photos now (on vacation) while Kate naps everyday because we move next week and I will be busy with other things for a while:)  If anyone has any great tips for quick Photoshop learning and editing...I am all ears.


  1. Gorgeous photos -- you don't need any editing -- they are beautiful as are your subjects! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


  2. We just got back from HH last month! I LOVED it there!! We stayed near the Salty Dog...

    Beautiful pictures of all three peanuts!!! Hope you are having a wonderful time!!!

  3. I LOVE the first photo of miss Kate and her swim suit is the cutest!!

    Im not sure what version you have, but I got photoshop elements 6.0 at the end of June and am really enjoying it. I still have a TON to learn, but I know the basics. There are three editing modes: full (where you can do anything photoshop has to offer), quick, and guided. You can easily switch modes by clicking on the mode you want, which are displayed on the far right.

    In full mode, there is few quick fixes. If you click on enhance which on the tool bar at the top, it has some auto corrections such as color and sharpness and lighting adjustment is under the enhance tab too.

    Quick mode there are sliding scales to adjust color, lighting, and sharpness and is super fast.

    Under guided mode a list of things you can do such as adjust brightness/contrast, lightness, sharpness, cropping. It also tells you step by step how to remove a color cast (great tool if you take photos on a really gray overcast day or in the strong sun), how to touch up scratches and blemishes. Adjusting blemishes has not worked very well for me. This guided mode is very easty mostly, but does take a few minutes to sit down with so you may want to save that for after you get settled down in you new home. I hope I haven't been too confusing and please post with any more questions or my email is dixiedogmom@gmail.com Good luck with the move!!
    Cori Smith

  4. I think you are getting alot more good shots this trip than you think! In a couple of months when you sit back and look you will realize...
    That is how I am too. I want every shot to be worthy!;)
    That suit is gorgeous. I think this trip was perfect timing for the Peanuts before some hard work next week.

  5. LOVe the images :D Always do! I wish that we would have had more time together but that is what next time is for - right :D

    Miss Kate swimsuit is adorable!
    Ladybug hugs,

  6. LOL! Such adorably photos! Kate just cracks me up... :)

  7. Beautiful photos of the peanuts.

  8. Ahhh Kim, it looks like you are finally relaxing for a few nice moments (i hope!!) We had rain the whole time we were there last Spt but you are hacing some nice weather too it looks like. I love all the shots you are getting and admire your work ethic getting every one up for those great shots. I am really thinking about you with this upcoming move and am excited for you too! Life is really moving and shaking for you right now and lots of memories are being made! Many blessings to you!!!!!

  9. Love it! That little suit is precious!!! Miss Kate is such a cutie sashaying to the water's edge!!!
    Praying for safe travels home!!!
    Love and Hugs!!!

  10. The pics are great! I can't believe you are moving so soon!! Do you already have a house there?

  11. I love your photos! Thanks for the information on your camera. I actually was going to comment you yesterday and ask what camera you use but didn't get a chance to. Enjoy your last few days on the beach!!


  12. Kim,
    Picasa works on the mac - you just have to download the driver. Once you do that, when you go into iPhoto just select your photos, click on File, Export and the Picasa log in will pop-up. I just got a new iMac (24 inch screen!!!) and it works fine.. Just FYI. Also, the kids look great as always!

  13. Youve taken some great photos of the peanuts! I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  14. You have out done yourself with this pictures.

    Love that bathing suit of Kate's!


  15. Kate is sooo cute as always! How many swimsuits does she have :)?The boys look like they're having a great time and are so handsome! Your photos are so good they don't need editing - once you start editing it's hard to stop so better not to start! But PhotoShop Elements is much easier than PhotoShop. Glad the shark left Harry alone! Can't wait to see the sunset photos. Wendy

  16. The photos are beautiful!
    SHARK...that's a little too close for comfort. Enjoy the last few days of vacation!

  17. The photos are beautiful!
    SHARK...that's a little too close for comfort. Enjoy the last few days of vacation!

  18. Gosh Kim, your family is just so beautiful I can hardly stand it.
    Love ALL of Kate's darling little suits...they all just look so happy on the beach.
    (but scary about the shark sighting! Yikes is right!)

  19. LOVE the pictures..
    You always do such a great job....
    LOVE Kate's swimsuit...
    she is strutting her stuff in that first picture....
    I can't wait to see what you wonderful pictures you take in the evening..

  20. Looks like a fun day, except for the shark. Love all the photos especially the one of Kate in the water on her tummy. So cute!!!

    Have fun!


  21. Great beach pics!! & Kate's suit is precious!!

  22. Sorry, no tips! you could school me :)! I love the picture where the three kids are in the water and Kate is behind running. Kim, you have the most darling children. I know, I know, I've said it over and over, but it is true :)!

  23. I LOVE the photo of Kate sashaying on the beach!! And the shark... oh my. I hope you have a great last few days!

  24. Wow, it looks like you guys are having a wonderful beach vacation.

    I just had to make a comment on Miss Kate's bikini, it is way too cute!

    Your pictures are great!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  25. Oh, My Gosh! Kate's suit and glasses are precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe Harry was swimming with a shark!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who saw it??????? Can I hope it was really a dolphin?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Safe journey home my friend...
    you are in my prayers.

  26. What do you mean you didn't get any great pictures?? I love these!!!! She does look DARLING in that swim suit!!!!! I also love the Crab Claw dress! So perfect for the beach!! I assume you are home safely now with your awesome assistant, and the Salty Peanuts!!

  27. i have yet to get the photoshop techniques down.
    i love picasa but i also use picnik....they do extra things like teethwhitening & adjustments to curves, etc

  28. What great pictures!! I always love beach pics!! The kids look great!!!!


  29. Love the photos - beautiful!

    Best wishes as your family continues to prepare for the move.


  30. You do take the BEST photos! These are just gorgeous and the kids look so happy and content :)
    P.S. Loooove Kate's bathing suit!!

  31. Kim,

    These photos are precious. Hope you are having a wonderful vacation. I read about your move when I returned from China, and and praying all goes smoothly.

    I am in complete awe of anyone with organizational skills now that I have Lucy home...HELP! We are having a great time though.

    Love to you

  32. Kim,

    Love your photos as they are! No need to edit! I have to say...there is just something so "Arnold Schwarzenegger" about the way Kate ARRIVES on the beach...the swagger comes through loud and clear...I LOVE that kind of moxy in a little girl!!!

    Best of luck on your move...I would love to have your new address when things settle down and you have the time. I will be praying for smooth sailing during these trying times!


  33. Great pictures....and a shark????? Oh my word....I would have been dying!!!!

  34. I am just getting caught up on blogs. I am so glad you all are having such a great time with your family. Sorry about the rain- we sure need it here in Georgia!!! Love all the pics of the kids- they are so beautiful!!! Hope the packing and move goes well. It is a good feeling when everything is put away once again and you can just enjoy your new home. Bless you!

  35. OMG! kate's suit is sooo cute, and her walking down to the water!!! I love it!

  36. I found your blog and just want to say what a beautiful family you have.

  37. The pictures are just gorgeous! LOVE THE CRAB DRESS!!! Kate's swimsuits are just adorable!!!!! You have a very beautiful family


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