Thankful for the gift of Motherhood

Thursday, May 8, 2008
This week I am thankful for so much in my life but I am especially thankful for the gift of being a Mom.  I love being a Mother and I do not take it for granted.  I will add though that it is the hardest thing I have ever done. 

Three years ago on Mother's Day weekend our Korean adoption fell through.  I will never forget that heartache.  A few weeks later, we decided to start all over again and apply to China which is what led us to our Kate Emerson.  

I know that many of you who read this blog are waiting for your angels to come home to you.  I wish you peace  and joy this Mother's Day knowing that in your heart you are already a Mom and that your day will be here very soon.

I am thankful for Will because he is so creative and clever.  He thinks outside the box.  Will, you taught me how to be a Mom and you are very forgiving when I get it wrong. 

I am thankful for Harry because he makes me laugh.  He is funny and artistic and modest.  He has a beautiful spirit.

I am thankful to Kate because of her tenderness.  She kisses and hugs and has so much compassion.  Just this morning I was getting my atlas (upper neck) adjusted at the chiropractor.  When I was on the table, Kate gently walked up, stroked my head and kissed me.

I am thankful to Dave for allowing me to be a better Mother.  Without his constant hands on help, I could not do it.  I also want to thank him for working so hard this week.  Dave picked up the slack this week while I went out to dinner twice with friends and went out of town one day for a photography seminar.  He not only cared for the peanuts but he also cooked, cleaned, painted porch furniture, folded laundry,  planted flowers and was just wonderful.  I love you, Dave!  You are a beautiful example of what a husband and father should be.  (He'll be so embarrassed when/if he reads this!)

I am thankful that we will spend Mother's Day with a family that is about to travel to China to meet their daughter, Becky (May 23rd).  Dave's best friend from high school, Karen and her husband and step-son will be flying out this weekend to visit.  We are so excited to spend time with them. 

I am thankful for my own Mother who taught me to be a faithful, honest and moral person. These values were very important to her and she emphasized them throughout our childhood.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

I am thankful for the beautiful peonies in my yard.  They are my favorite flower and I cherish them for the fleeting weeks they are in bloom.  My front yard is on the verge of bursting with peonies.  I am also thankful to my friend, Amie who thoughtfully placed two bouquets of them on my front porch this week because she knows how much I love them. Here are a few from my garden:

My creation

I am thankful for all of the tips/help with my MAC.  I am slowly figuring things out.  This post is the first one on my new computer and it has taken me twice as long as usual to compose because I am not used to the commands for things. A special thank you to
Stephanie for sharing the copy/paste commands.  Without those, I would not have been able to post these photos!

I am thankful to Erin for the fabulous package last week. You have a kind and giving heart. Kate and I loved all the goodies!

I am thankful for two friends I have made on this journey who are both are celebrating special days today. Diana and her family are celebrating the anniversary of meeting Ruby Mei.  Lisa's daughter, Lindy is celebrating her 3rd birthday.  I wish both families happiness and joy today!

y has been a STAR soccer player this season.  Here is a slideshow of his last game!  I am so proud of you, Harry!




  1. Kim -- I love your Thankful Thursday post on motherhood. I am soooo with you -- it is the hardest thing I have ever done but it is so rewarding too.

    I hope you have a fun and relaxing Mother's Day!

  2. Kim,

    Lovely post from a mom that so clearly loves and values each member of her family (including the fabulous houseboy...and by the sounds of it, what's not to love??).

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. Lola likes funny boys. Her name in real life will go so well with Harry. So well.

    Anyways, just day dreaming here.

    Have a beautiful Mother's Day.

  4. What an awesome post!!! You could have spoken for many mothers!! But I can tell how it came from your heart!! Your children are blessed to call you Mom!!!


  5. Beautiful words, Kimber. Thank you for your kindness...

  6. What a beautiful post :D I am so glad that you are up and running! Love the last image of Harry - perfect!
    Ladybug hugs,

  7. What an uplifting post. The peonies are beautiful. You and your family are charming.

    Have a wonderful Mother's day.
    Terri (daisybox)

  8. And I'm thankful that you've shared your full heart with all of us out on the internets. Blessings to you this Mother's Day, and always.

  9. how beautiful that little Harry is!

    Thanks for your lovely thankful Thursday!


  10. beautiful post Kim. Dave is one special guy!
    Your garden looks lovely!
    The new computer sounds fun and challenging! From what everyone is saying once you learn it must be really great! I have never really looked into a mac.
    I hope your Mother's Day is extra special.
    Love the pics. Springtime is so pretty in photos.

  11. Oh I love this post...I feel the same way about Motherhood...(I love my "houseboy" too :)

    Your boys are so sweet..I just love Harry's little face!

  12. Exactly the way it should be! Much to be thankful for!

  13. What a wonderful post! Have a great Mother's Day!


  14. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. It is so hard to wait to bring Sarah home. It helps to know there are people like you who understand. Happy Mothers Day.

  15. Such a beautiful post Kim! Happy, Happy Mother's Day Kim! the photos!!! :)

  16. Such lovely words for Mother's Day! Your peonies are beautiful. They are my favorite too. I miss all my peonies from my garden in Ohio. Thanks for sharing yours. Happy Mother's Day to a great mom!


  17. Kim,

    Great post on motherhood!!! I love everything you said!! MOtherhood is a wonderful experience but also a hard experience that is full of learning challenges-- i experince them all the time :)

    Great pictures!!

    Happy Mothers Day!

    Christy :)

  18. Beautiful Photos Kim!!! OH what a precious Thankful post! I am blessed each time I visit you!!!

    I must tell you Peonies have a special place in my heart as parents have tons of them blooming around their home and on my wedding day...Mom and Dad had our floral designer come to their home and choose 3 beautiful representing Mom, Dad and me! She then carefully designed my entire wedding bouquet around those 3 flowers.....Oh how special that was!
    I am an only it was always just the 3 of us. :)

    I hope your Mother's day is so very blessed!

  19. Love this are so blessed! ;) The flowers are gorgeous....I would just sit on my porch and inhale the beautiful smell daily! lol

  20. Beautiful..what a blessed Mom you are and so are your children. Can your houseboy come train mine?

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day

  21. Kim,

    This was such a heartfelt and thoughtful post. Motherhood is indeed a gift and how blessed you are with a husband, three lovely children, and a special mother who all--in their own special way--helped you blossom into the terrific mother you are.

    I can't tell you how beautiful the peonies are. They are amazing! Thanks for sharing that bit of beauty!

    Lindy and I are honored to have been cited in your post. Thank you. :o)

    Have a lovely weekend, Mommy!


  22. Beautiful thoughts and images (isn't photography fun!). Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your family!

  23. My eyes teared up as I read this. Your post really reminds us of how much we should value our families and everything they bring to our lives! (I hope you don't mind, but I may have to post something like this so I'll always remember how blessed I am.)

  24. Happy Mother's day! Lovely post!

  25. Happy Mother's Day Kim! Your peonies are BEAUTIFUL as is your family! :D

  26. beautiful tribute to your family. Love the peonys. They have become one of my favorite flowers. My grandmother loved them too.

  27. What a great post! Motherhood is the best - I am so happy to be part of the Mother's Day Club this year :). Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and lovely weekend! I love the pictures of your peonies and Harry is one of the cutest little soccer players!

  28. So very much to be thankful for... beautiful, beautiful post.
    Love all the pics of Harry! How fun!
    Your photos and your peonys are breathtaking...... just lovely like you.

  29. what a beautiful post kim.
    you are truly blessed
    harry is entirely too cute with that grin!

  30. Wonderful first post on your new MAC!!! Can you forward Stephanie's helpful hints? I am excited to hear about your photography class!! How fun to do that! The photos of your peonies are absolutely gorgeous! Magazine worthy! Blessings to you as you celebrate the beautiful Mother that you are!

  31. You have the greatest heart...I love reading your posts - especially your "thankful" ones.

    Your family is so beautiful, inside and out...thank you so much for sharing with us here. I am blessed by you over and over (and over) again.

    Have a beautiful Mother's Day, Kim.

  32. that was a beautiful post. happy Mother's Day!

  33. I too am so very grateful to be a mother. I hope that you have a wonderful mother's day. You are one of my favorite moms!

  34. As always a beautiful post...Happy Mother's Day to my dear sweet friend~

  35. Happy Mother's Day Kim... Glad you are up and running. Zoey spilled water on my laptop and now the battery won't stay charged! Totally my fault, though. She is obsessed with computers!

    hope you have a wonderful day!


  36. Just beautiful. You speak so sweetly yet honestly and we all are thankful for your mothering skills. We all learn so much from you! Dave is a keeper! I have one of those myself actually, we are lucky aren't we?! Have a wonderful Mother's Day sweetie, can't wait to see what is on your agenda.
    By the way, peonies are and always have been my favorite flower as well. I used to cut huge bouquets of them in my grandmothers yard. Ours come much later than yours, just gorgeous Kim!!! I even used some from my mothers yard to put in the alter arrangement at our wedding. We just keep finding more and more similarities don't we. Also, I don't know where the tiny tiaras came from it was a box of 6 for about $12.00, we should have bought more!

  37. What a sweet tribute to your children! Happy Mother's Day!

    Your peonies are gorgeous - they are my favorite flower, too. They remind me of my wedding reception. We used peonies in a range of pinks and creams, including lots of bright pink... I had tons of compliments on our flowers that night. This Mother's Day is actually our 6th anniversary. Thanks for the wonderful reminder of our special day!

  38. Dear Kim,

    I love all of your comments about motherhood, makes everyone who reads your blog think differently! You are such a great mother and friend. Thank you so much for letting us come over on Thursday to play. We had a great time. Enjoy your company this weekend! XO, Clare

  39. What an absolutely beautiful post!

  40. I love peonies. Enjoy them. Just gorgeous!


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