Kate's Bedding is up for Auction!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This lovely woman  (my good friend) is trying to raise money for orphans in China who need surgery. This cause is so near and dear to my heart because I have made many friends who have adopted children with special needs from China. Daleea contacted me about a donation just as I was trying to decide what to do with Kate's crib bedding. I LOVE this bedding but it is too big to keep.  So, I am keeping the blanket that came with it but I have donated the bumper pads, dust ruffle and sheets (and bought a new one to donate).  This set was custom made by New Arrivals and the fabrics are no longer available.  Everything has been cleaned and it is in perfect condition.   

Nursery new 012

The bumper pads are very thick and cushy.  They are pink and white toile on the outside and white popcorn chenille on the inside.  The ties are pink and white gingham.  


The dust ruffle is pink and white gingham and it has an adorable daisy trim on the edge.

Beautiful baby and matching dress not included.

To bid on the bedding or to check out all of the GREAT donations (my very talented friend, Debbie has donated a photography session!), 
click here. 


  1. That made me laugh at the end about the beautiful baby not included! I love the little dainty dustruffle!!

  2. How neat!! I think that is a wonderful way to raise funds for little ones in need... I am sure Kate's bedding set will do well :)

  3. well if the adorable baby came with it you would have yourself a deal over here;)!

    How sweet of you to give this. IT is so beautiful!!!!! I am sure it will help the worthy cause.

  4. Kim,
    You are so wonderful to donate this gorgeous bedding to support Daleea's auction. I don't know if we will be getting a baby or a toddler, so I don't know what to get. I have a crib and a toddler bed and I don't know which one I will be using.

  5. Beautiful bedding. My BF is having a baby girl.. I am sending this off to her. ;)

  6. What a sweet gesture of you to give away this bedding! WOW! It is just lovely....and so is the precious little Kate in the matching dress! God bless you for making a difference in the life of a child!!!
    Love and Hugs!

  7. Thank you so much Kim for your beautiful donation, and for doing this post. I am certain it will bring in a lot of bids to help the children and will help to get the word out!
    I love you friend,

  8. Kate's bedding is just adorable and what a great way to use it again!

    I love the picture of Kate with her matching dress on. It's just precious!

  9. I know it's hard to part with but I'm sure you are happy about it knowing where the money is going! Did you get the Cherry Blossom bedding for Kate?


  10. How nice of you Kim. You are so sweet.


  11. What a wonderful idea! The bedding is beautiful.

  12. OH, how wonderful, Kim! You have exquisite taste in EVERYTHING, so to receive something of yours will be a real blessing to someone!
    I can just see the bidding wars now...

  13. Your post about Kate's birthday gift inspired me. Anna was just invited to a party via Evite. There was a no gifts please on the bottom. When I replied I said that a donation to half the sky was made in her honor. Maybe this will inspire other guests to do the same. FYI Ford motors is matching donations right now. Jenny Bowen has the link to Global giving on her Half the Sky website (Super easy and fast) :)

  14. I am sure it will bring in a great contribution for this special fund!

    Precious pictures of Kate in her crib. With pictures like those, you could see ice to an eskimo.


  15. Hey Kim!
    Wanna do a meme? SURE you do ;)
    If so, you're tagged!
    Have a great day!

  16. Lots to be thankful for!

    Beautiful photos, Kim. I want to learn so much more about photography as well. I find that it combines my love of art, beauty and my children (who are, to me, the most interesting and beautiful of subjects). I love making photo cards of flowers and nature, too. You asked about my lens....I don't have a macro lens YET. I was just using my 18-200 VR lens.

  17. Such a pretty set, and my goodness Kate has grown!


Thank you for your kindness.