Heavy Heart

Tuesday, May 13, 2008
I am so sad about all of the natural disasters that the world has faced this week.  It has been a week of cyclones, tornadoes and earthquakes.  Our family is praying for everyone who has been hurt in any way.  I am especially upset about the horrible loss of life in China, the birthplace of my daughter.  This country allowed us to give Kate a home and I want nothing but the best for its people. The death toll and the destruction is simply staggering.  Although the area that was badly hit is not where Kate is from, I have wondered if she had relatives there.  One special friend of ours is from Chengdu.  

Please pray for all of those affected by this horrible disaster.  If you feel inclined to give, you can click to donate to the Half the Sky Earthquake Fund which will specifically help children and those orphaned by the earthquake. To my good friends and family who are thinking about a birthday gift for Kate in a few weeks, I can think of no greater gift than to help out a child who really needs it.  Kate does not need one thing.