How many licks does it take...

Thursday, May 1, 2008
Remember those commercials for Tootsie many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Well that is what I kept thinking this morning. How many licks does it take to through an EEG with a toddler?

Kate was in a great mood this morning until the nurses tried to measure and write on her head with marker. She did not like that. Then, when they started to attach the "leads" to her head, she lost it. She screamed and thrashed and fought. It took 3 of us to hold her down while they glued and taped about 30 electrode thingies to her head, eyes and ears. She looked at me as though to say, "You're letting them do this to me? Are you on their side?" Oh, the guilt I felt at that moment. Suddenly, I remembered having a purple tootsie pop in the bottom of my purse (that I was actually saving for when I need her to be still during my haircut) so I asked the nurses if I could give it to her. It worked a bit and she calmed down a little.

Then they told me to lay with her and they were going to flash strobe lights in her eyes. The nurse said, "you don't get migraines do you?" "OH YES I DO!" I said. She said, "well, cover your eyes but you might get one today."

The strobes hypnotized Kate and she was the calmest thing I have ever seen. She said, "funny lights, pretty lights" in this hypnotic voice. All the while she licked away at that purple tootsie pop and I worried about my impending migraine.

All I can say is that I am so glad it is over. It was tough. She was really scared. I hated seeing that fear on her little face. They said if there is something very serious or life threatening they will notify my doctor within 24 hours, otherwise we get the results in about a week! Thank you for all of the prayers. Even though Kate was a mess, I felt a complete sense of calm sweep over me. I know what that was:)

These photos are not very good...we were literally on our way out to the hospital. But I love Kate's new outfit from Dilly Bop Designs and I wanted to show all of you in the China adoption community. The owner gave me permission to share this 20% off coupon with all my friends and blog readers. I am in no way affiliated with this company, I just love their stuff and they do awesome work. Practically everyone we saw at the hospital today, complimented Kate's outfit! Here is the code for the coupon: I think it is good for anything on the site.




  1. Poor Kate, poor Mommy!

    Hope that migraine doesn't hit you! Take care.


  2. Oh my! Can't wait for Maggie's bloodwork appointment next week! So glad that it is over and hope you do not have a migraine...I will try to call you tonight or tomorrow~

    Oh, and love the outfit! I am banned from buying any clothes from Maggie until she has to wear an outfit twice...hee hee~

  3. Kim,

    I am supposed :) to be taking time away from blogging...but I had to check in on Kate's appt. I am glad it's over and will pray for great results, and that you don't get that migrane.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Kate's new outfit...I always look at her things. So far, I have 23 dresses for Lucy...getting close to that movie title (27), so maybe she could use a pant outfit :)

    Loved the pics of Kate in your previous post too!!


  4. I am sorry to hear that it was stressful! I was praying for you and Kate. I love the outfit, it really is adorable! Thinking of you! XO, Clare

  5. Oh Kim - you both did so well! We said prayers for you on the way to school today. Hoping you do not get a migraine!

    Love the outfit and yes, I do believe any picture of kate is a good picture.

    Thinking of you -

  6. awwww kim. I'm glad that is over and I will pray you don't get that migraine!

    Such a sweet outfit!

    You take care of yourself, you hear!?

  7. Glad it's over and the Tootsie pop helped! Hope you are both enjoying a nice afternoon. Love the outfit -thanks for the tip and coupon!

  8. I am glad it is over as well. If you ever need a contact, my very best friend has son with seizures. She is wealth of information. Probably more than most doctors. You can contact me for her information. I would love to share.

    Praying for it to take at least one week to get the results.

  9. Oh I am so sorry it was so rough. I will keep those prayers coming and wait to see your post that everything is fine!!

    The outfit is adorable...I will have to check out this site!!

    Poor Kate...and poor Mommy...hope the migraine doesn't show up!!

  10. Well, I'm just glad it's over with! It's so hard to see them scared when we are the ones who are supposed to take their fears away. Too bad they didn't tell you upfront about the possible migraine. I'll pray you don't get one!

    Cute outfit...thanks for the coupon!


  11. I have been thinking of you 2 all day! (I wrote her appointment on my calendar so I could say some extra prayers!)

    Sorry it was so tough on both of you. What a good mommy to have lollypop in your purse!

    I hope you both are relaxing now and that you don't get a migraine! I know the results will be positive!

    Sending love,
    Lisa W.

    P.S. I love the outfit! I can't buy another thing for Lily right now. I just ordered her some of those pinafores on Etsy that you told us all about and 2 dresses from Red Thread. If you recommend any more shops I am going to go broke! lol

  12. Hope that you are okay -and glad that it was to bad on Kate. I have been thinking about you guys all day! I am just glad that it is over - I know how stressful they can be.

    The outfit is adorable and I will have to get one! Dan is going to get on me - I have been buying a lot for Li Li lately - but that is just too darn cute!

    I will call you tomorrow from the car :D

    Ladybug hugs,

  13. I'm sorry that you both had to go through that and glad that it is over. I hope the rest of your May Day is much improved! Cute cute outfits of Kate's of late. Thanks for sharing them with all of us. Love, Dale

  14. Kim -- You poor thing! I had a similar experience getting Carson's cast removed last summer. I am so glad the procedure is over for both you and Kate.

    Thanks for the heads up on the "Hula" Dilly Bop outfit and the coupon. I plan to order it soon! Kate looks absolutely adorable in her outfit! The denim jacket is perfect with it!

    Love your new blog design too!

  15. Praying for good news (no news) and no migraine.

  16. Praying for no new. That would be good news in this case. Love the outfit.

  17. Oh Kim,
    So sorry poor Kate had to go through that today.She does look just perfect in that outfit.

  18. So glad you both made it through a rough morning.... Kate looks darling as usual! ;)

  19. I'm glad that's over with for Miss Kate and hopefully all is well and no more tests! I've been thinking about ya today.
    Kim and Katiebug

  20. I really hope you did not get a migraine at any point today! I'm glad everything went OK, and I will continue to keep praying for good results!

  21. What an ordeal. I always cry when I take my children to the doctor (I can't help it). It is hard to be the tough one... I hope and pray that nothing serious shows up. Have a good rest tonight!

  22. I am so glad it is over and so sorry you and kate had to go through that. That is what z is like for blood draws... it is a horrendous feeling. You showed kate that you were a strong mama that could handle ANYTHING-today- no matter how big! Good job mama!

    CUTE outfit!

  23. Oh, I know your glad that is over! Those appointments can be so emotionally draining. Faith had to have an MRI about a year ago and it was not fun. I'm glad you had that tootsie pop!:) Those are Faith's favs!
    The outfit is precious, perfect for such a precious little girl!

  24. Hallelujah, and we'll continue the prayers for migraine avoidance and a quiet phone tomorrow.


  25. I hope you never got that migraine! Ugh! I get them for three days at a time.

    Thankful this part is over and that she was a good girl. She is darling in anything she wears!

  26. Soooooooooooooo glad that's over. Thank goodness for Tootsie Pops! Clever Mama!

    Let's hope you hear from the doctors....let's see...three weeks from now. :)

    Thinking of you all.
    Snick :)

  27. I'm so glad it wasn't too bad for you guys. I hope you are feeling ok. Love the outfit!

    Jennifer and Landree

  28. Oh Kim - I'm sorry you and Kate both had to go through that today. Poor Kate. I'm glad its over and hope for the best with the results!

    Oh yes, I love the outfit!


  29. I ams o glad its over... I pray the results are good, Kim...
    Love the outfit of course. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Oh what a day, I can sure relate to that! Hope that she is fine and that you can put this behind you. Thank goodness for the tootsie roll pop! The outfit is adorable. Glad you found a new friend, you gotta love a woman with a camera around her neck!

  31. Kim,
    I am so glad you are past this hurdle and will pray for good results. It is so very hard to see our little ones scared like that. Amazing what some "pretty lights" and a lollipop can do. I hope you didn't get a migraine. . .


  32. Oh my! What a day!!!!
    Thankful that it is OVER for sure...I can imagine the terror that Kate must have felt.
    Glad you were "with it" enough to remember the tootsie pop.
    Hope you didn't get a migraine, and I look forward to hearing a good report from you regarding Kate's results.
    p.s. the outfit is adorable, of course! (and so is Kate. duh)

  33. Kim - I am so glad the EEG is over for you and Kate. I still remember Sam's. I had to hold him til he fell asleep with all that junk on his head. It took almost an hour of screaming, til he passed out. They should never make mothers go through this!

    I am praying for positive results for Kate! I am grateful that you had His peace.
    Miss you much -

  34. Poor Kate and poor Mommy. keep us posted and in th meantime you guys are in my prayers.

    Awesome outfit. I am off to do some shopping.

  35. ohhhhhhhhh I am so sorry..... I can only imagine how relieved you are that it is over. I will be praying for good news.
    Kate looks darling in her sweet, sweet outfit!
    Love you and God Bless you and keep you al well. I hope you didn't get a migraine.




  37. Glad that is behind you and pray for good news.

    Kate's outfit is adorable and thank you for sharing the coupon.

  38. Ohh! So sorry to hear Kate was so afraid. :o( That's always so hard for mama.

    Praying that you get good news from it!


  39. I've prayed for you.
    I'm sure everything will be Ok.

  40. I just went to the website and saw Kate's pictures! They are perfect!


  41. Kim, I'm glad that is over with and I'm glad you remembered that magic tootsie pop! I will continue to pray until I hear great news!
    Kate's outfit is adorable!

  42. i'm sure you are so delighted to get that behind you!

    love cutiepie's adorable outfit

  43. Oh, I feel for you. Zach had to have an MRI in 6th grade and I cried the whole time. I tried to hide it, but I was just so scared. I cry when the children get shots because it breaks my heart when they give me that look of why are you letting them hurt me.
    I hope that everything is ok. I will pray for little Kate.

  44. Oh my goodness, I cannot even imagine what you and Kate went through. I am so glad that is over. Hope you get a good result.

    Kate's outfit is totally fabulous as always!


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