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Monday, April 28, 2008
UPDATED: Thank you for the sweet messages of concern. Luckily, we were not hit by those tornadoes! The adorable bathing suit is by Kate Mack and it is sold many places on-line. You can google "Kate Mack tutu swimsuit." Chasing Fireflies has it but it is slightly back ordered.

I have been very productive thus far but I still have a lot to do! I am getting the porch and deck ready for summer, planning our summer vacations, sending out Mother's Day cards to Moms, Grandmoms and Godmothers, sending out quilt squares, deciding on summer camps for the boys, interviewing babysitters, cleaning closets and giving away toys and clothes the boys have outgrown, etc. PHEW!

I have made a lot of progress in planning Kate Emerson's 2nd birthday party. She will have be having a simple splash party in the backyard with a wading pool, ladybug sprinkler (Target), sand and water play table, bubbles and cupcakes!

Here is a sneak peek at the invitations, bathing suit and cupcakes. I am sure I will change my mind on the cupcakes a few times but the bathing suit and the invitations have already been ordered:)

PLEASE keep Kate Emerson (and her slightly worried Mommy) in your prayers this week. Her EEG is Thursday morning. Thank you.


If I owe you a quilt square or you would like one from me, e-mail me (through the profile) and I will send one out this week.


  1. WOW.. you are a busy lady...
    LOVE the invitations and the cupcakes are gorgeous....
    And of course.. you know me and swimsuits... LOVE THEM...
    Have a Great Week..

  2. Absolutely adorable!!! What a cute suit and the cupcakes are so beautiful- I probably couldn't eat mine:-). Keep up the good work- we may be moving soon so have a lot ahead of me too!!! I love organizing so it will be so fun!

  3. Love your birthday party ideas... such beautiful choices!

  4. Whew!! Way to go, you've gotten a lot done already!
    I'll be praying for Kate on Thursday... Isabelle had an EEG last summer and the worst part was keeping her awake the night before ;)
    Keep us posted!

  5. I was just telling my sister about you this are one AMAZING woman.
    Good job with all your productivity...wish it would rub off on me!

    And, I am in love with the goodies you have for Kate's party - wish we lived closer...Lily would love to splash around with her!

  6. Looks like you will put on another wonderful party! I will look forward to pictures from the big event. Have fun with all your projects.

  7. Kim,

    All so wonderful. I hope you are enjoying spring cleaning! I know you are.

    AND, gotta know where that bathing suit comes from.


    PS. I would love a square from you. It would be so meaningful for my quilt. thank you.

  8. Oh those are so beautiful! Love the swimsuit :D and you know I will have you in my prayers during the EEG.

    Ladybug hugs,

  9. Can't wait to see pics of Kate in her swimsuit! Very cute... Will be praying for her medical tests this week!
    Kim and Katiebug

  10. OK, Kim....Just today I was telling someone how I love your blog but because you live in a warmer climate, I keep seeing Meg's wardrobe on Kate first (this statement was inspired by the patchwork GAP dress that Meg received for her 2nd birthday in January from Ella but hasn't had the opportunity to wear)! Today I had to laugh. Of course, I bought the tutu bathing suit months ago. Someday we will have to make a photo collage of the girls together in all of their matching gear! I LOVE your birthday theme and look forward to the birthday photos! PS Thanks for the "to do" list--I think I will just print it and start going on it myself! Lots of Love from NY!

  11. That is the prettiest cupcake I have ever seen! Birthday cake is my favorite food group! The bathing suit is perfect! Can't wait to see pictures of the big day!

  12. Too precious. Kate Emerson is one lucky girl!

  13. My thoughts and prayers are with you all for terrific news from the EEG!

    I love the bathing suit and party these! You are VERY creative! The invites are adorable!

  14. I cannot WAIT to see Miss Kate in that darling swimsuit. You can trust that I will pray on Kate's behalf :) Please keep us posted on what happens at the doctors.

  15. Everything you have picked out is beautiful!

    I will keep you and Kate in my prayers. I hope everything goes well.

  16. I;ve got the same bathing suit for V, love it!!!!!!!
    Thursday!!! we'll be praying for your family!!!

  17. Sending good thoughts and prayers for you and your family, esp. Kate, this week. Take care.


  18. What a darling birthday party invite & bathing suit. I am sure the cupcakes will be darling too! Your list of accomplishments is putting me to to be productive!

  19. I just love being producitve! Those cupcakes are amazing. I just ordered the same suit for Olivia today. I couldn't resist it.

    I hope you will post pictures of your porch and deck when you get finished.

    I'm glad you updated us on the EEG so we can be praying.


  20. It sounds like you are getting lots done -- keep up the good work!

    Love Kate's birthday invite and swimsuit!

    Hoping and praying everything goes well with Kate's test this week. Please keep us posted!

  21. What a darling swimsuit! Good luck with your projects.

  22. I LOVE THE SWIMSUIT!!! I saw it at a boutique here. My friend's made fun of me saying I'm so over the top! I love over the top! I know Kate will look to DIE FOR in it!

    Where would you get those fabulous cupcakes? Are you going to make them? Love it!

  23. Are you just tireless woman?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How do you do it?!!!
    I love everything for Kate's birthday.... what a special celebration it will be. You are just so wonderful.
    She is in my prayers... please let me know when you find out that everything is ok...
    Love you friend,

  24. I will be thinking about you and Kate this week. I hope the EEG goes well and everything is normal.

    Love the invites! Lily can't wait to get one! :)


  25. I love the Kate Mack swimsuit! What a sweet party! It's a Two Tutu party!!!
    I will be praying for Miss Kate Emerson EEG.

  26. That suit is sooooooooo sweet! Where from????? I must have one for my cutie pie!

    Good luck and have fun with all the party preparations.

    I will be praying for a good eeg for your dear Kate.

    Quilt square left here on Saturday so you should be getting it any day now.

    Snick :)
    dd Sunshine 7 on Sunday
    dd Brilliance 2 in June

  27. You are one busy woman! I love the swimsuit, cupcakes and the cute invitation. Perfect for a sweet 2 year old's birthday party!

    We will certainly be keeping you all and Kate in our prayers this week during her EEG!

  28. Oh, that is just the cutest bathing suit ... please share where you found it! The party sounds delightful, and the cupcakes are gorgeous - - I think cupcakes are just so perfect for a little girl's birthday! Can't wait to see photos!

    Will think of you all on Thursday.

    Jennifer, mommy to Adrienne

  29. Kim! I so get the not parting with Kate's clothes! I could not do it with Jane 's either. i trried several times and even asked my SWI group if they had trouble selling the clothes from their children. This did not happen with my other kiddos. I think it is partly the history somehow, you have created in how you cherish your sweet girl and these were the things you bought to begin to show her// I do not know, but that is partly what I thought. So many of Jane's clothes just brought back how tiny she was, how precious to me she is! How did so much time pass already that she can't wear those things?

    Hope the party is lovely and I look forward to the picts!

  30. What a beatiful suit...would you mind telling where you have bought it? ( if is an online shop...I think it would be impossible for me to go to buy it in USA ;)

    And the invitations are soooooo nice tooo

    I will have Kate in my prayers.



  31. Cute bathing suits, invitations, and cupcakes! Looks like a fun day will be had! I'd love to know your cupcake secrets and where that bathing suit is from.

    My son Garrison has had a couple EEG's. I'll be praying that they capture JUST what they need for the right diagnosis!!


  32. Kim,

    I admired that very suit!! The invitations are fabulous, but I would expect no less from you! I adore cupcakes in any way shape or form! Martha just did a whole week about cupcakes on her show...I can't wait to try some of her winning recipes.

    I was recently thinking about little Kate and I will certainly keep you all in my prayers this week.

    Good work on the tasks accomplished! You are an inspiration!!


  33. All the things for Kate's birthday look beautiful! I love the suit.

    Good luck with the EEG. Emma actually had one in China and it went really well even in the chaotic Chinese hospital in Guangzhou. She slept through the whole thing. I think the hardest part was waiting around for her to fall asleep so they could do it! I hope things go just as well for all of you on Thursday. I'll be thinking of you.

  34. HOW PRECIOUS!!! Those swimsuits are too cute for words. If I could get away with an adult size, you know it! ;) Can't wait to see how it all turns out, I love the ballerina theme.

  35. Oh, forgot to say the most important thing! Kate will be in my thoughts and prayers. :)

  36. Just me what herbal stuff you are taking to acquire all this energy??? ;)

  37. Absolutely precious!
    I just wanted to check in on all of you...after the strong storms/tornadoes that were in Va last night...I was concerned!
    I pray all of you are safe and unaffected by them!
    I will be in prayer about Miss Kate's Test on Thursday!
    Hugs & Love,

  38. Is it wrong to buy a bathing suit for a little girl that I don't have....? That's adorable.

  39. I am off to find that adorable suit. I love Katie Mack suits.

    Kate is in our prayers. :)

  40. Many blessings and good thoughts sent your way for Kate's appointment:)
    Whew! You have been busy...those are all the things I should be doing! With a new puppy in the house I am sooo far behind!
    Kate's suit is adorable! I love simple backyard birthday parties. My kids are all summer birthdays and I have always had backyard parties for them. Oh, how I would love to have those cupcakes for Faith's birthday, but the latest is she has informed me that she wants to have a "bug party!" And I was hoping for a girly tea party! lol!Enjoy planning Kate's day!

  41. I am tagging you for a 6 quirky things meme...see my site for details!

  42. You've been one busy lady. What a cute invite and swimsuit! I will be keeping Kate in my prayers this week.

  43. Way to go Kim! You are making good use of your time... that's for sure! I love it all! I am glad to know that the tornadoes missed you, and hoping fro good news from Kate's Dr. appt!

  44. I'm a huge loser, I owe you a quilt square and I'm sorry. I have everything and every weekend I mean to sit down and do it and craziness happens and I lose track.

  45. Kim, I'm glad you are getting so much done! I just went through the boys closets (again!) this morning and it's such a good feeling to weed out stuff! Now on to the
    Kate's party will be wonderful~ everything is just darling!
    I will be thinking of you all tomorrow. (hug)

  46. I love your birthday ideas... such a cute suit! I have to say that is one gorgeous cupcake. I would hate to destroy it! Good wishes being sent your way for Kate's EEG.
    ps...I would love a quilt square from you! Do you still have my address from the mag subscription?

    Have fun planning your party!

  47. Simply perfect.. All of it! I wish Ruby could come!!!
    LOVE that swim suit!!!! I know it will be a very special day! I can't believe she soon will be two!

    I thought you were taking a break?



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