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Sunday, January 27, 2008
I love when people share some of their favorite finds. So, here are some of my latest great finds.

When winter comes, I crave more fattening foods. I think it is because it is cold and my body craves fat to keep warm. These are SO good that I must share them with y'all.


These spinach, bacon, cheddar and egg souffles are from here. They are so incredibly wonderful. I do not want anyone telling me how unhealthy these are. I love them. So, please do not ruin my love affair. I find myself craving them and making excuses for being near them in the morning. Sometimes as Kate and I are patiently waiting in line, they sell out of the last one. My heart just sinks. That is how good they are. If you are worried about fat, don't try them. Because once you try them, you will be hooked!


Dark Chocolate Almond Laceys
I have always loved this style of cookie and I want to learn how to make them. I get these at Whole Foods and they are delish! I could eat a whole container in one day (but I don't).


I got this sweater in navy blue here. It is SO cute. The buttons are white knots. I love all of the navy blue that is out for Spring. This color is cute too...I just have a lot of green and I am trying to expand my horizons.

And of course, I need to share one of my favorite little girl dresses. These are from Princess Linens.


Kate has this dress in chocolate and blue corduroy (see below). It is adorable and we will be getting one for summer in the pique fabric. Apparently, Suri Cruise has the one above (but hers is not monogrammed).

They do run small, so order a size up. I will be getting Kate a size 3 and most of her clothes are either 24 months or 2. The one she has on below is a 2 and it fits perfectly but there is no room for growth.


And last but not least...I know I am really late to jump on this bandwagon but I LOVE this show.


Jon and Kate plus 8

Whenever, I feel overwhelmed, I just go to my DVR and watch how overwhlemed Jon and Kate are. They make me laugh and they make me feel so much better. Actually, I am in complete awe of how Kate manages to get everything done. I think she is a great Mom. How does she do it? I also love to watch Jon and Kate snap at each other. They love one another and they get over it so quicly. They seem very real. And even with all of those kids, they eat organically. Kudos to them!


  1. Loved this post! I also crave fatty foods in the winter and LOVE Panera...I'll have to try those.

    Cute sweater for you.
    Adorable dress for Kate!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show too - can't get enough of that family. I find them all amazing (especially her) She is my hero. And the two of them ARE hilarious to watch together.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The dress is darling, but all of Kate Emerson's clothes are so beautiful. I am up late tonight. Tim is away having a sleep study done because he may have sleep apnia. I hate it when he's not home at night. I'd better get to sleep though.
    Have a great week Kim.

  3. I love that show to. I don't know how they do it. I will have to try the Panera goodies and order Lilly Rae one of those sweet dresses.

  4. Totally with you on the Panera souffles . We have a Panera literally about 3 minutes from our house and I find my self craving them. Kevin takes the boys to Panera every Friday morning before school and each of the boys get a souffles as well as a bagle-- they eat a ton!!

    Also love JOhn and Kate plus 8. It is a great show and I also feel better after watching them. They are amazing parents but how crazy is their life??? When I feel overwhelmed I just watch them and feel much better.

    Christy :)

  5. I love, love, love John and Kate! They make my one little set of twins seems so nothing. My favorite recent moment was when they were at the eye doctor and she was telling the ophthalmologist to hurry up. It was hysterical because she was going to stick to her schedule and not even a thorough doctor was going to mess her up.

    And watching her potty train those kids made me feel guilty for ever complaining about potty training two.

  6. LOL - We go to Panara every Sunday after mass and that is my FAVORITE too! They are SO SO yummy!

    I sometimes think that you are my lost twin:D My friend Mary Ellen told me about Princess Linens and I got the Garden Princess dress for our cruise! Li Li's is in the Hibiscus green - I did get it monogrammed! I ordered the 4t and it fits her perfectly!

    Ladybug hugs,

  7. Okay, now I am going to Panera's for breakfast this morning! And I am quite sure that the spinach negates anything bad in that souffle, so enjoy without any guilt! ;)

    Love the list. Thanks for sharing.


  8. It's a good thing that the nearest Panera is 100 miles away from me! I have been there though. Next time I'll have to try one of those. All the clothes are pretty, especially the dress Kate is wearing. She looks precious in anything!

  9. You are too funny! I just LOVE Banana too!

    Have a good Monday.


  10. That souffle sounds amazing!

    The dress you got for Kate is adorable!

    I love John and Kate plus 8 also! The kids are adorable and it amazes me how she keeps everything together!

  11. Great list! I will have to try the goodie from Panera! I haven't seen that show yet, I will have to tune in.

  12. I have a Panera's just around the corner and have never been - which rock have I been hiding under because those look amazing.

    Jon and Kate plus 8 is a must see around here - although sometimes I don't get to it until the re-show in the wee hours of the morning - not good!

    My secret obsession right now is Entenmenn's holiday cupcakes - the Valentine's version is in the stores. I'm always happy to see the holiday go away so the temptation to buy them goes away!

    Have a happy week!

  13. Num! After a 45 min commute to work...I see that wonderful souffle on my screen. I think I will eat my lunch now.

    I must be completely "out" of it. I have never heard of Jon and Kate plus 8. time to google

  14. I love all your finds!

    Can someone tell me when this show comes on? I have no clue what station, day or time and I really want to see it since everyone is raving about it.

  15. Fun list, Kim! I love Panera and am thrilled they just came to San Antonio. Don and I looked into opening a franchise but alas it was a bit more than we could afford...So we just bought some stock, instead--so keep eating up those yummy eggs.

    Good stuff!


  16. You have some great obsessions on this list! The dress is so sweet. Kate has the most beuatiful clothes though of any girl I've ever seen. :)

    I too love Jon & Kate Plus 8. I always figure if they can handle 8 children, surely I can handle my 1!
    I love Kate's sense of humor too.

  17. Great stuff Kim - I've only been to a Panera once and it was packed. I can see why - that looks yummy! Love the dresses. Oh, I too have no idea when this show airs - I'm going to check my dvr and record one. Sounds like a great show. Happy Monday.

  18. cute post kim!
    my two middle girls love jon&kate and i too get such a kick out of their personalities. kate is a riot!
    thanks for the scoop on the little souffle--have to check that out!

  19. Thanks for sharing your favorites. I've got all your shopping sites bookmarked on my computer! :) I have a Panera right around the corner from my house, but I usually just buy bagels and bread. I'll have to try your souffle next time I'm there. I have never even heard of the show you mentioned--limited basic cable here with no DVR. My kids think we're living in the dark ages! It sounds like a show I'd like, though.

  20. Love the sweater, I might have to get! I've watched many episodes of J&K+8, too funny. God bless them all. I can't even imagine. Poor Jon gets bossed around a lot but I guess it works for them! :)

  21. Yummy!! I am going to try your souffles!! I am going to order Lucy one of those dresses!! They have my favorite combo of pink and brown! I will have to watch for the pique, I didn't see those on the website. I love John and Kate plus 8, it does make my husband a little crazy the way she talks to him (like he's a moron sometimes:), but they really do have a great relationship.

    Thanks for sharing all your finds!!

    P.S. Do you have a favorite place to buy hair bows??

  22. Okay is it so wrong that I want a couple of those dresses for the princesses? I really love the white and fern and the navy and white. Decisions Decisions!!!

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jon and Kate + 8. I totally do what you do - turn it on and think okay we are doing okay while at the same time amazed that she does what she does. They DROVE them all to Disney World! Holy Smokes!


  23. Great list, thanks for sharing. The souffle looks so yummy! Love the sweater, BR has such great sweaters. Adorable dresses for Kate. Jon & Kate Plus 8 is so funny, I love how the parents still have a sense of humor. The episode where they go to Disney is just too funny. Have a great week!


  24. hehe. i love jon and kate too :) and little people big world, you ever seen that? because i love their farm. they are such creative people.

  25. I love that show! I can't imagine how crazy things are there. And Kate's dress is much cuter than Suri's because it's monogramed! lol

  26. Hi Have missed reading what you all are up to!!! Hope you know I just got my computer back Sat night! Or would have been on sooner.

    Kate is so so sweet- I really wish we could meet for playdates.

    I love that dress she is wearing and so funny- Jack is 13 months and in 2T !!!! He is a BIG boy-

    I have never seen that show? What network is it on?

    So glad to be back- you and Lori always bring the best kind of happiness to my day!

    xo Anne

  27. Hi Kim,
    I loved your post today! I felt like I was watching Oprah's Favorite Things, but it was really Kim's Favorite Things. You have such great taste. I ordered Lily a pinafore from Etsy; thanks to you, and a dress from Red Thread. Love your shopping finds and thanks for sharing!

    There is a Panera a few blocks away from us and I am going to indulge soon. It looks so yummy in your photo. I agree with another of your readers that the spinach blocks out all the bad stuff!

    Take care!

    Lisa, mother of Lily Lu and Jack

  28. Well, you inspired me to send my parents out for lunch at Panera Bread and they absolutely loved it! I adore Kate's dress!!! And guess what I had the DVR saving for me to watch later...?!?! Yes, Jon & Kate + 8! I never miss an episode! She's an amazing mommy!
    Thanks for sharing!! It's fun to learn new things about sweet people such as you!
    Take care!!!

  29. I am glad the closest Panera is about an hour away!! (we live in a SMALL town)They have good coffee too!!
    The dresses I am fascinated with!! I loved them! I want to order one but will wait to see if we are adopting again and will get both of them one then!!
    Thanks for sharing your favorite things!!


  30. Hi!
    I have been checking in here, but didn't have a second to type with Ruby climbing on the desk yesterday!!! I love the blog design. You did a wonderful job! I think that is awesome that Kate has decided to potty train already! I am sure you got lots of tips from others. I don't think you will have to do much if she has the will on her own! She is such a Big Girl!!! Ruby will want that Elmo Potty when Kate is done with it! :) Thanks for sharing some of your favorite things again. I think you need to start your own show like Oprah does once a year!!!! Miss you!

  31. What a fun post Kim, thanks for sharing your finds! We love the souffles too! The brown and blue dress looks adorable on Kate!! I got the pink one but didn't monogram yet, very cute!
    I have never heard of that show~ I guess it would help to turn the tv on, huh?! Too busy! :0
    Thanks for sharing all the great stuff!

  32. Kim,

    I just wanted to pass along a site to you that I think you would love. I just stumbled across it and thought of you and your adorable little girl! It is They have some of the cutest things for little girls!

    Julie Reed
    Julianne Originals
    Knoxville, Tennessee


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