Thankful Thursday

Thursday, December 6, 2007
Last night we had nothing planned to cook for dinner so we spontaneously went out for a casual family dinner. On the way home I thought..I love my little family.

I am thankful to Dave for packing the boys lunches every night before he goes to bed and for driving the morning carpool duty. It makes a huge difference in my life.

I am thankful to Will for walking Scout whenever I ask him. You are a good and responsible young man and I can count on you. I am also grateful that you still hug and kiss and snuggle with us even though you are 10 and 1/2!

I am thankful for Harry's deep spiritual soul. Harry is our prayer warrior and is always sharing lessons from the Bible or Saint stories with our family. He has a generous and giving heart.

I am thankful that Kate is leaving the Christmas decorations alone! I have always had a large antique wooden bowl (Chinese, in fact) filled with mercury glass ornaments on my coffee table. Dave warned me not to put it there this year because Kate loves to play with stuff on the coffee table. But I told her no once and she has not touched them since. She also leaves the tree alone.

My sister bought Kate this nativity set and she LOVES it! It plays "Hark the Herald Angel sing" when you press the angel!




The tempting ornaments.


  1. Love your list! I would be tempted by those beautiful ornaments too :) By the way, I ordered a pinafore last night! Thanks for the tip!

  2. good girl kate!
    i'd be tempted to touch those pretty ornaments too!!

  3. Great list...:)

  4. Kate is such a blessing! And I completely relate to being thankful for Will taking the dog out! Our oldest son is a blessing for taking care of our dog too!

  5. I loved your thankful list and the pictures. It has been a while since I've visited here. I'm going to go back and read some of your earlier entries.
    Kate is growing so much. Will this be her first Chrismas with your family? I know it is a special blessing.
    Mama Bear

  6. I love the music on your blog!

    Love your Thankful Thursdays-
    Love your family-
    Love Kates Wardrobe-

    And envy that she uunderstands No and follows your instruction so well- Jack wants the one thing in the room that he cant have- whatever that may be- Maybe next year?

  7. What a beautiful thankful list and especially regarding your sweet family. And, we have the same nativity set for our little girls and they love it!!! What a blessing for them to have these special toys that remind us all of Jesus birthday.

    Many blessings to your family this Christmas season.

  8. What a beautiful daughter you have. I think I would be tempted to touch those beautiful ornaments =))) Have a great day.

  9. That Nativity scene is so cute and what a sweet way to get children interested in the birth of our Savior! I'm glad Kate has other things to keeo her interest besides the ornaments, too. I always had more to worry about from the dogs. One of the biggest reasons they have been relegated to the family room.
    Love your list of thanks--you have a great family. I am especially impressed by the boys. They seem very mature and responsible...

  10. Where do I start... your list of things you are thankful for touched my heart. Your home is beautiful, your tree is beautiful, your tempting ornaments are beautiful, you are beautiful and oh, how your family is beautiful.
    Love the nativity set... too sweet.
    Kate looks absolutely darling as always.... best dressed baby girl ever.
    I miss you all

  11. Beautiful thankful list, sweet blessings to your family.

  12. I love your header. It is so Christmasy! Also love the Christmas tree pinafore. She looks so cute in them.....

  13. Kim, You crack me up with your side notes. First it was about the knife that wasn't sharp and now the no coat for just a minute.:)LOL! You are such a wonderful mom and your parenting choices are always smart and loving. Keep up the great work:) PS The skirt site I mentioned last post is I forgot that Will might be allergic to the Hedgehog chocolates...ooopps:0

  14. Great list...esp. the part about the hubs packing the lunches! I so want to ditch that task.

    I thought Weston was being good about leaving the tree alone until I went to pick him up from preschool. He had stuffed his pockets with 'treasures' aka: ornaments. Only one was broken, not to bad for spending the day in a toddlers pants.

  15. I love the little Nativity that Kate has! That is too cute...especially for this time of the year! What a sweetie! I also love the previous post of the pictures with Kate in the snow!! She has on such an adorable outfit!...We too had a light dusting of snow really felt like Christmas!

  16. Good luck with the ornaments. I know that with my boys, I could have never trusted them.
    I need to remember that nativity set for Maggie next Christmas...or look for it on sale this year...always looking for a bargain!

    Thanks again for your computer help...let's try to meet at some point during this crazy month.

  17. Great list - I love that Nativity set. Our favorite part of setting up our tree is doing our nativity which we save for last with the Angel topper. Your ornaments are gorgeous and I'm glad Kate is just admiring them!

  18. I just purchased that same nativity set last week for my little grandaughter. I think she will enjoy it, maybe not this year since she is only 2 months old, but it wont be long.

    Kate is such a cutie. I know you are really enjoying her!

  19. Kate looks just adorable in all of her holiday pinnafores! You do fun the cutest things on Etsy Kim!! What a cute nativity set too! Christmas is going to be so special this year!

  20. Hi Kim, when dd1 was old enough to touch the ornaments, I taught her the "one finger" touch hehehe :)

    I showed her how to touch with her pointer finger, ever so gently, tapping it a few times on the ornament. She's never broken one, or anything fragile.

    So now dd2 is home and we now have the tree up. Brill just was in awe of it, when she woke up from her nap. She smiled and laughed and just gazed at it. And there weren't even any ornaments on it then!! I showed her how to do the "one finger" tap on the branches and she did it too!

    Next day, the ornaments went up, and Sunshine showed her how to tap the not-so-breakable ornaments. I hope I can get it on film!! Of course, all the ornaments from my childhood, and the special ones I've ordered from VN are waaaaaay up high, but I'm so impressed with Brill. Give it a try with Katie Ru. It might work. hehehehehehe :)

    I love the dresses, as always. Brill is more of leggings girl, unfortunately. :( Sunshine had some gorgeous smocked dresses that Brill will just outgrow...sniff sniff sniff....
    Snick :)

  21. wow I am impressed by your good girl! My tree looks very shabby already :(
    Love your entire list...

  22. Just LOVE that nativity . . . what a great set for little hands and hearts!


  23. I love your Thankful Thursday list this week. You do have a great family! Kate looks adorable, as always! She is the best dressed little lady in Blogland!

  24. Love the pictures...
    And I love your list..
    Have a Great Weekend

  25. Thanks for sharing your thankfulness. Santa brought that Nativity Set to Lindy last year and she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it.

    These are fun times!

  26. I think Kate is just one of the most beautiful children...ever! She always pulls on my "I want to adopt to little girls from Asia strings of my heart." thank you for sharing her and your sons and your precious thoughts and images of your family with all of us.


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