Let it Snow...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Today as Kate and I were headed out to mail our Christmas cards, I noticed it was snowing (our first of the season). So, I scooped Kate up and took her out quickly to see the snow. I have no idea if she has seen snow before. I think it snowed the week she came home (April) but we did not go out then. So, I am counting this as her first snow!


At first, she was intrigued.


But then, she was ready to go inside!

As a side note--Kate DESPISES coats. And for the record, her Mommy doesn't like them either and rarely wears one. Kate throws a full fit whenever I put one on her. I keep wondering if it reminds her of how bundled up she was in China?? So, I did not make her suffer for this one minute in the snow.

My creation

Yes, these are the pinnafores. I ordered them here on Etsy. I have the red damask one coming too. They run a little small (these are 2T) but they are reversible and wash very well. We love them with leggings or jeans.


  1. I can relate! I hate coats too. I love Kate's outfit. She looks adorable!

  2. What fun -- Kate's first snow! Her outfit is adorable and very festive. I'm sure she'll get used to a coat eventually, if not for just keeping warm. Sarah didn't like coats last year, but now she's fine with them and even pulls her hood up to keep the cold away.

  3. Funny, I don't like coats either!

    Thanks for the computer help...I may try to post later today~

  4. awww love her outfit of course. I don't do coats much either. I have never bought any of the kids a very expensive one, we just don't use them enough here.

  5. Too Cute! I love her outfits. That is the one thing Taylor misses about KY is the snow!

  6. Mine hates coats too, snowsuits are not much fun either, but with minus 17 degrees where we are, snowsuits are a must. Plus the winter hat, scarf and mittens. Brill has size 4 feet and needs proper winter boots, but regular winter boots just don't go on her little feet (unless I snap her poor little ankles trying to get them on her feet!) I have better boots for her now! :)

    Let's just say that when I say we're going out, she runs the other way!!! Only 5 more months of this!! Ack!! And we go out at least 8 times a day. Double Ack!!

    Darling dress. Where'd you get it from. I *must* have one! :)

    Snick :0)
    dd Sunshine 6 1/2
    dd Brilliance almost 18 months

  7. Kim - I am a fairly new visitor to you blog. Kate is just darling. What a blessing to you and your beautiful family.


  8. Oh goodness, I love what she is wearing. Is that the pinafore you were recently talking about? Too cute! Where did you get it? :-)

  9. that red damask is so so cute.
    i;d love a slip covered chair in that fabric please!
    i was so glad she makes a style for my "big" girl.
    thanks so much for the link

  10. How fun.... soon she will be making a snow man. Hannah is just now the last week or so letting me put a blanket on her at night. It used to freak her out. I think for the same reason as Kate.
    Love the penafores.... I need to make a few of those... just darling.

  11. New reader from CT and I hate coats as well!

    I've been reading through your blog and I have really enjoyed seeing your family and reading about your journey to get your beautiful little girl! I've always wanted to have biological children and adopt a little Chinese baby girl (I'm only 22 though, so I need to get married and whatnot first!). I think they're adorable and I love the idea of giving a child a loving home. You have a beautiful family and I look forward to reading more!

  12. love the link and love how Kate looks in them!!! It is so nice to see her in the snow!!! We are counting the days to go to the snow, 10 more days to go!!!

  13. We got our first snow today too - 4 inches. The boys were out first thing this morning before school, and never even made it in until after they had been home for an hour+ after school.

  14. I will chalk up another comment to hating coats. I prefer vests, if anything! I love the picture of Kate running back for the door; can't say I blame her!

  15. Not sure what happened to my first comment?

    Kate is my kind of girl! I despise coats and snow. That's why I'm about as far south as I can go to escape both!

    ~~~love her clothes.

  16. Love the outfit....went to the site....i don't get where it asks me the size i need. It only says one left in stock for the two I am looking at. What am I doing wrong?

  17. Kim-I have been a long time reader of your blog -- I found your page because a friend of mine in adopting from China. I love reading blogs about all these beautiful families! Your blog is one of my favorites. I finally decided to post a comment -- I'm very new to the blogging community. I'm a brave reader -- but not as brave of a poster! Your family is beautiful and your faith is humbling. I'm 27 and single -- I only hope to have a family as beautiful as yours one day. Keep up the great work. You are truly and inspiration! Thank you for giving me a beacon.

  18. Oh, her FIRST snow! That is exciting (even if only for a moment!)

    Lily isn't crazy about coats either - she will tolerate it to go outside, but as SOON as we set foot indoors she rips it off and any other layers she might have on!
    I never made the connection to all of the layers in China. Hmmmm.

    And, her outfit is darling, as always.

  19. You have such a beatitul little girl! I love the pinafore...
    Happy Christmas.

  20. Love the outfits! How exciting to have snow. My kids would love that. No chance of that here, though. We're still in the 70's.

  21. I noticed the pinafore right away.
    I used to have this pattern when G was a baby. I made them for summer with bloomers to match.
    Mama Bear

  22. Too funny. I put a coat on Mia yesterday in a store (thiking I needed to get her one for the winter--not like it is much of a winter here in So CAl but it does dip into the 40's sometimes)and she freaked. She fell on the ground and was trying to get it off. What is it with coats. I think you may be onto something with the bundling thing in China-- they remember!!

    Christy :)

  23. I bet Sara will love these pinafores for her little Mya. I know I'd love to see her in one!

  24. Snow!!! You are so lucky! It's been in the 80's here, and it doesn't feel like Christmas!

    The look on Kate's face is priceless! So sweet in the snow! Your kids will have so much fun this winter- I want to see the boys help Kate build her first Snowman!

    xoxo, Shana :)

  25. Just checking in - I love those little outfits.

    I'm sure Kate will have fun playing in the snow. I'd love a white Christmas...

    At least it is cooling down a bit over here.

  26. I have bought Lindy pinafores from the same place. I went to go back and get the red damask one because I got distracted last week and now it is gone. :o(

    I am so thrilled Kate got to experience her first snow. I can't wait until the day Lindy gets to see it for the first time. I think she'll love it but you know the chance of her seeing it here is pretty slim.

    Love all the fun holiday pictures.


  27. Hey!
    Just checking in to say "hi!" Good thing Kate is not here, she would be very unhappy about the coat I would have to force her in to!! Hat and mittens another story! Anyway, those pinafores are adorable!!!! Can't wait to see her in the red! You are doing a great job on re-living Christmas past! I hope you get through all of them! I hope you have fun plans this weekend!


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