Christmas Past ~2000

Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Christmas card this year was a birth announement!

This was the photo we included. Harry was just hours old.IMG_0009

I cannot beleive I am posting this picture~But here I am VERY pregnant picking out the Christmas tree with Will. I remember being high a top a ladder decorating it too about a week before Harry arrived!

Our outside Christmas decorations were "light" that year. We moved into this house. It was a 100 years old and it was my favorite house we have owned! This photo does not do it justice.

Harry slept through our first photo as a family of four! I know. I look tired.


Oh, Will how you LOVED your little brother. You called him"cutie."


Yes, I am in my pajamas. It's okay. I just had a baby!


Will, the proud big brother.


I do not have any photos from Christmas morning that I can find. But apparently, Will got a snow globe. I remember that he loved it. I also remember that someone (not him) broke it shortly after Christmas.IMG_0012

Me and my boys.


Aunt Susie flew in to visit this Christmas. We had Christmas dinner at Uncle Joe and Aunt Wendy's house with cousins Jamie and Olivia. The only photos I have of the beautiful dinner are adhered to the scrapbooks.

Mimi came for a few days before Christmas to help out because Mommy was very sick and so was Harry. They thought Mommy had MS. And Harry threw up constantly and had other tummy problems. Even with all of that going on, it was a blessed Christmas!

Mimi went home for Christmas but came back in January to visit with Bubba!


  1. your pjs were super cute AND your hair was cute too! Did you really just roll out of bed for those pictures? If that's what you look like not even trying (after just having a baby)-I'm going to quit posting pictures of myself! You are beautiful & so are your boys! Merry Christmas!!

  2. First of all, you look BEAUTIFUL in your pajamas! :)

    Happy Birthday Harry! What a special Christmas that was! I think it's great that you are posting all these memories from the past- it's a great way to make your blog complete!

    I left you a message- so call me when you have a chance!

    Hugs, Shana :)

  3. that will---my goodness, he's so cute i could just squeeze those precious little cheeks!
    love that old home of it!

  4. What a special Christmas!! Our boys were summer birthdays so we never had a new baby for Christmas but this christmas feels that way having Mia home. Love the pj's. Scary about the MS. That is strange. Glad things obviously turned out well.

    Christy :)

  5. I love these posts Kim!!! You looked adorable pregnant!! Both of your boys are so adorable!
    I hope you are having a great Monday!

  6. I bet you are having a blast looking through old photos. Will was such an adorable little boy. Of course, I love the PJs picture since I practically live in my PJs when at home! I have PJs very similar to those!

  7. Great photos! Harry is so cute, what a special Christmas gift! Your previous home is beautiful...I love old homes. The Christmas past photos are wonderful, how great to post for your family to enjoy.

    Happy Holidays.


  8. I have loved all of your past Christmas posts. They are wonderful.

  9. Loving all the Christmas past pictures! And I did not know that Mae and Harry share a birthday! Happy late birthday Harry from Mary Austin!


  10. Thanks for going through your Christmas' past.....makes me want to pull out our old albums too! You looked fabulous for just having had a baby!!!

  11. Your Christmas card/birth announcement was too cute for words.

    I am so enjoying this!

    P.S. You looked fabulous VERY pregnant.
    P.S. again. You looked beautiful in your PJ's.

    You rock, woman!

  12. Happy belated birthday Harry....I love the pictures from the past. Kim you look too cute! Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories with us.

  13. Oh if you could only see some of the funny shots of me in my PJs on Christmas! You were glowing :).

    I love seeing the stork in the yard, too cute! Fun to see how your guys have grown.

  14. I love these pictures, you were the cutest little pregnant lady! Harry was so tiny! My how time flies!

  15. I just love reading these posts! Love the photos! I could never take a picutre in PJ's just out of bed and look as good as you do! Merry Christmas!

  16. How sweet... what special Christmas memories. YOur boys are precious. You look great in all of the pics.... you just can't help it... you are BEAUTIFUL.

  17. I so love looking at baby pics! And you look great for just having had a baby. Part of my reason for not wanting to post past Christmas pics is because of how awful I look...vain but true!

    Sorry I missed your call yesterday...let's catch up soon~

  18. I just love your photos. What a wonderful Christmas that was. I need to e-mail you.

  19. I love sharing these memories! I agree with all the others, you look so cute pregnant, and beautiful in pajamas!!

  20. Loved it Kim....and looked fabo in your PJ's! *wink*

  21. Okay, this has been one my most exciting things to do this Christmas season...check out your Christmas blogs! I don't know if that means I need to get a hobby or if it's just because your blog is so much fun...I think it's the latter! :)

    Your kiddos are SO cute!!

  22. PJ's? I'm in mine all day when I'm not at work! lol. You look smashingly gorgeous. I love the house too.


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