Christmas Past~2004

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I found these cards at Steinmart but they did not have 150 of one style. Yes, that is how many I send and this year I have run out and I feel awful because I wanted to send some more out. Anyway, I had to split up my cards between two styles. I loved them both though. Santa's hat and the candy cane have glitter on them. Once again, I took this picture at the beach.



This was our first Christmas in the state we currently live in. We had been in our house about 3 months and we did not know a lot of people yet. This photo with Santa was taken at a brunch at our country club. Even though we had only been here a few months, we did have a Christmas party and invited about 40 new neighbors and friends. It ws fun, but again...I don't think I took any pictures.


The boys at our new church on Christmas Eve. They do a children's concert for about a half hour before Mass. Since you need to go about 45 minutes early to get a is really delightful to hear the children perform while you wait.

Hanging the stockings with Dad.


Mom reading the story of the birth of Jesus and Twas the night before Christmas.

A sweet goodnight hug between brothers.

And one more in front of the tree.

Harry opening a sled on Christmas morning.

Will got a sled too. The boys had never lived anywhere it snowed before, so they were very excited to get their first sleds! It doesn't really snow in Houston.


It snowed around Christmas that year and the boys made their first snowmen with Dad. I was inside making the hot cocoa. The quality of this picture is awful but the memories are sweet.


The day after Christmas, we got in the car and drove up north to spend time with my family. Here is our nephew and godson, Ashton.


  1. I love seeing all your past Christmas memories. You really captured each year very well. OK , now on to more trival fluff...I have been eyeing up your living room sofa since Kate's new chair post or longer. Where did you find the sofa and gorgeous fabric it is upholstered in, thanks for the details:)

  2. Lizziefitz,

    All of our living room upolstered furniture (and sunroom too) is from my FAVORITE furniture company. It is called Quatrine. You pick the frame, chair or ottoman style and then the fabrics. All of their fabrics are natural materials silk, cotton. linen) NO polyester here. They are all machine washable slipcovers! But they do not look like slip covers at all. I choose very tailored styles.

    So, people always ask how I can have cream furniture with three kids. I can wash it! The living room one is a scumptious ivory matelasse that is veloury and cottony. I love it.

    They beauty is...when I need to re-decorate...I can just order another fabric for the pieces I own. They are a bit expensive but they have sales a few times a year. I bought all of my pieces on sale and with 25% coupons that I got at a home show. My hubby and I feel since we are a bit couch potatoey---a good couch is a good investment. Sorry to go on and on but I do love my Quatrine furniture.


  3. Love the Christmas past is so fun to see how the kids have changed over the years! You all have an amazing Christmas together!!!

  4. The snowmen picture is my fav! That must have been such a thrill for the boys!!!

  5. You are on a roll.... This is so much fun! I just love all of your cards and I can't believe you don't think you are a wonderful photographer. You truly are.
    So excited to see the return of the Christmas Pajamies. hehee

  6. Don't you just love Steinmart?! I think it is one of my Mom's favorite places to shop!!

    I also love the photo of Dave and the boys building the snowmen! So cute...and what fun memories!! I am sure Ms. Kate Emerson will love seeing a real snowman this winter!

  7. Still loving this look back on your Christmas pasts. I hope all of your holiday wishes come true! Merry First Christmas little Kate Emerson, I can't wait to see the pictures of her and the boys on Christmas day! Hope your mom was able to make it! Have a great time!

  8. That was a great Christmas card of the boys. I love beachy scenes. They looked adorable, down to their cute bare feet! I have many pictures of my boys with no shoes on. I get teased about it, but I think it looks so fresh and care-free.


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