Tuesday, November 27, 2007
There is a children's book called Lily and the Purple Plastic Purse. We read it to both Will and Harry and even though it is about a girl mouse (and partly about her purse) they both loved it. In several parts of the book Lily says "Wow, that was about all I could say, WOW!"

That is how I feel about the amazing comments and kind messages people have sent. WOW! Every single one has lifted me up. I have forgiven this person and I am praying for him or her. I know by her IP address that she has been back again reading in the last 24 hours. So I want her to know that I forgive her.

She actually gave me an incredible gift. I had no idea how this blog has touched people. Last night and this morning, I received personal e-mails from birth Moms who have given up children for adoption who find solace here. Plenty of families waiting to meet their precious angels thanked me for giving them a place to come. Furthermore, people who have nothing to do with adoption or parenting contacted me to say that they enjoy checking on the 3 peanuts. And of course there were those of you who appreciate the shopping tips:) I had no idea. I was incredibly touched and humbled. So, I will not go password protected for now but I am moderating comments.

The day was not good yesterday. I woke up to a flat tire, Kate and I were both sick, I got my computer back only to have it crash the minute I turned it on to retrieve my address list. Can you believe it? After its' little spa holiday in Kentucky, it crashes as I turn it on! It is back at the computer spa!

But today is a new day and I am blessed beyond measure. I am putting out positive vibes. I will continue to be myself here and share honestly from my heart. That is what I do in real life and it seems to work. Thank you again!

Here are a few photos since that it what I like to post:


Harrison has a birthday coming up and Aunt Dooney, Uncle Moon and Ashton gave him this great Star Wars Lego thingy. Harry and Dad had an awesome time building it (all 571 pieces) on Sunday (instead of putting up the Christmas decorations).

This is Kate's new "lounge set." Since we had a flat tire, we "lounged" around the house yesterday. I have become completely addicted to Etsy and bought this from Dilly Bop Designs. It is so cute and so well made. I want one in my size! I also got some adorable pinnafores that I will post soon from another vendor!

The last words of my computer before it departed last night! We took this to show the people at Best Buy if need be. They did extract my Christmas card list before they sent it off again!


  1. God is so good. I am so thankful He showed you from one bad thing how many good things are surrounding you. I am so glad. Love the lounge set and the legos wow! Sorry your computer is spoiled now by the spa life.;)

  2. Oh Kim.....I am so glad that today is a better day! There is certainly strength in numbers.....and they sure were showing on those comments yesterday! :) Guess it goes to show that you have a very supportive fan base behind you and your family!

  3. I find such joy and happiness everytime I read your blog. I keep you and your family in my prayers. I am grateful for your generosity to share.:)

  4. Kim, your post just goes to show everyone what a kind and forgiving person that you are. You live your life with such grace and I truly enjoy following along your families journey. Thank you for sharing!

  5. What a positive post :D I am so glad that today is turning out to be a good day! Sorry about the flat, but maybe that was God's little way of saying slow down. Love the pic's - but I always do :D

    Ladybug hugs,

  6. Okay, seriously, I don't think I've ever seen cuter clothes for a baby girl! The "lounge" outfit did me in. :)

    We're hoping for another baby and, for the sake of my marriage and not getting a 2nd mortgage on our house, I hope God gives us a boy...I would HAVE to get all the outfits, aprons, chairs, etc. that Kate has! (actually, I'm secretly wishing for a girl but don't tell my husband). :)

  7. Kim,

    I am glad today is a better day and terribly sorry yesterday was not so good. However, you found the blessings in the day, right? Your ability to forgive, confirmation or revelation that your blog has more impact than you realized, and FAR more than 11 positive comments to erase the negative... (or whatever that stat is)

    Glad you got the Christmas card list before your PC made another trip to KY!!! I know you're anxious to get those done...

    Take care, my friend...

  8. I discovered your blog by accident and have truly been inspired by it. I have a sweet 3 year old girl who is my life. Due to some health issues she will be our one and only. I am so sorry that someone could be intentionally cruel about your generosity. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. By the way I think what really caught my eye is that my little girl wears pretty much the same dresses and outfits as your little one. We have that exact Christmas dress!!! Thank you again and please don't let someone who is so bitter cause you one more second of worry or unhappiness. Sheila

  9. Wow, what an example of God turning a bad situation into good. I'm glad you are at peace.


  10. Oh you poor thing......however...I am soo excited that you posted another cute clothing site! I love that! ;) Sophia is all about dresses right now and i have been buying them right and left. Keep the suggestions coming!

    hugs......hope today is better!

  11. Dang it is hard to be the bigger person sometimes!! But that is what our LOVING GOD calls us to do!!!! Kim, I love your willingness to share your heart, your home, your kids, your awesome husband, etc...... And, I am so proud of you for gracefully handling whatever was said to you! Forgiveness is a gift!

    Now to change the subject, let me tell you why I love Kate's new lounge outfit... Ruby's car seat is made out of that adorable brown fabric!!! Her car seat cover is from if anyone wants a fun new car seat cover!!! I am going to start a new shopping folder called Kim & Kate for my personal favorites! You know I think the world of you my friend!

  12. Kim, I am glad that all the postive comments made you feel better about the one "mean" person's comment. You have a happy,beautiful and loving family and I am glad you can share that with the rest of us! Elise

  13. Kim I can't believe that someone would say something nasty to you! I come to your blog all the time and all though I don't comment often your blog is my absolute FAVORITE!! We have a LID of Aug 29/06 and a long wait still ahead and one thing that perks up my day is to go through blogs that I love. I actually sent you an e-mail a while ago to tell you how much I love your blog and how much it helps to ease the wait (I hope you received it). Hopefully that person will see how much others love your blog and admire the person/mom/wife that you are. Thank you for sharing you family blog :)

  14. We love you Kim.... we think you are wonderful. Thank you for letting share in a small part of your life. I am glad you are feeling better and your post touched my heart. I am touched that you have birth mothers visiting and finding comfort in knowing that their child is with the loving family they are suppossed to be with too... what a special legacy you and your 3 Peanuts are living.
    Harry's Star Wars "Thingy" is way cool and I am in love with Katie Roo's lounging outfit. I must find fabric like that. I love it but it is hard to find. I just love your taste!
    Hope you girls are feeling better.
    I miss you

  15. Kim, I happened upon your blog through a friend of a friend of mine, as yours was linked to hers. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am about someone's thoughtless comment. Honestly, I can't understand it, since I find your blog so enjoyable! I love reading about you and your family and am envious at how "together" you are and how easy you make it all seem. Take care, and have a great day!

  16. Dear Anonymous,

    Oh how you are mistaken! I am not "together" and it is not easy. I think it used to be (with 2 kids in school) but now I am a mess like all the other Moms of toddlers! Thanks for the nice words though!

  17. I am so glad that the comments made you feel better. I hope you have much better days ahead. And by the way I like that you have forgiven that person, that is the hardest to do sometimes.

  18. Glad you are feeling better. My son wants that same Star Wars thingy, along with a lot of other Star Wars kits. Great pictures! Oh, by the way you have another twin - my girlfriend Lisa who lives in Westchester NY. The resemblence is amazing!

  19. Digging her duds there. Very hippie chickish.


  20. Dear Kim,
    As you know, your blog means so much to me too. Your visits to and comments on my blog were so appreciated. I seriously don't think I would have coped with this HUGE wait if I hadn't been part of this blog world. I have also found other blogs I love through yours, so thank you for that too.

    I am in the process of taking my blog private, asking for email addresses so I can have invited readers only (come on over if you would like to), as I have readers I don't know too.

    To be honest, I found your post on Kate's indiscriminate attachment issues to probably be the most helpful thing I have read yet. And with your professional background I could really respect your opinion too. It has helped confirm to us the importance of certain behaviours in the first few months home. I was able to explain your post to my mother as she is struggling to understand the issues involved woth attachment and adoption.

    Thanks agian, and I'm sorry for you add to experience such hurtful comments,


  21. Oh Kim! I haven't read your blog in a few days because I was sick - I usually check it every morning over my cup of coffee! I didn't see the rude comment before you rightfully removed it and it is probably just as well - I would have been really angry! I guess it is always a risk when we put ourselves out there and are honest and open with our feelings and share our lives publicly. It leaves us vulnerable to those who, for whatever reason, seem to take pleasure in tearing other people down.

    I am a waiting mom and I have been so grateful to read about your experiences and your honest comments on the process of Kate Emerson becoming a part of your family. You are a gifted photographer and you have been richly blessed with a lovely home and a beautiful family whom you obviously love deeply. You also have a great sense of style that shines through in your pictures. I feel like I know you through your posts and I think you have a heart of gold. I hope that you will be able to continue to share your lives with us, but I understand if you decide not to.

    The fact that the hurtful poster was too ashamed to put her name with her comments speaks volumes about her character. I can recommend some good reading for her - Proverbs Chapter 6 (she should start around verse 12).

    Hugs, Laura Beth

  22. What an inspiration you are!!! I would hope that I would be as good a Christian as you are, if the same thing happened to me. Thanks for sharing your message.

    BTW-I have enjoyed your blog and love your photos! Your children are just precious. I have a 9 year old sister adopted from China. She is such a blessing to me. (I am 30 "something" and wish so badly China would allow single adoptions. However, God blessed us tremendously with my sister!)

  23. Okay - if you go private you have to let me in! I get tid bits of parent advice from you! I love the way you parent the boys and Kate!

    Plus - you have such great taste that I "borrow" style ideas as well!

    Please know that there are probably more people out here that think you are a wonderful person than those who do not!


  24. I'm so glad you are having a better day!

  25. So happy you are having a better day. I love the photos you take and all of the fancy outfits Miss Kate wears. Plus I love her name. Keep the post coming.

  26. Yea Kim! I'm glad things are a bit better today. :)
    I think it's wonderful that you were able to feel everyone's love and support and that you could see the good in this situation. :)
    Kate looks so adorable!
    I showed Elliot Harry's new Star Wars thingy, he stared at it for a bit and said "Woooww...I want that." :)

  27. I love your blog Kim. I think that you are such an incredible woman. A true blessing to everyone who reads your blog. You are always supportive and truly interested in other peoples lives. Big Hug.

  28. Kim -- I am so glad you are having a better day. As you can tell, you are adored in blogland!

    I love Kate's lounge outfit too. It couldn't be any cuter on her!

    Also, I am glad you at least have your Christmas card list now.

  29. Everyone can serve a positive purpose in life...can you introduce that mean person to your flat tire?

    I really appreciate your blog.

  30. Kate Emerson would look so adorable in anything...especially items from the plaidgiraffe @ etsy. I just stumbled onto super cute orange polka dot pants with a ruffle. Check it out:)

  31. I have been away from my computer for days now and come back to find these last few posts! I can't believe it! I know how you feel- exactly. We open our hearts and our lives to others so that they may share in the beauty of our families and it is SOO hurtful when someone acts out due to their own sick mind, heart and soul. Their goal is to make you feel the way they do! Don't let that happen. They want what you have (not material but spiritual). I am with you, though, ultimately you need to protect yourself and family from such people.

    I am glad you had so many of your "fans" reach out when you needed! Wish I would have been here sooner!

    P.s can you tell me how you are able to tell who is visiting your site??? I need that. Also, your family and kate looked so lovely and happy at thanksgiving!!!! I love her lounge set!


  32. Glad things are looking brighter for you! I hope whoever that was that left you the ugly comments has read all these wonderful comments people have left you. Maybe his or her heart will change from all of this. Thanks again for sharing your blog. Its one of my favorites and I looke forward to checking it everyday. I'd be sad if you went private!

  33. Hey! Just read about the nastiness that took sorry to hear that. You handled it with grace, which is true to your character.
    You already know how much I love reading about your sweet family.

    Hope you and Kate (and your computer) are on the mend!

  34. Kim,
    There has to be a shining star at the end of this dark tunnel!!! GOOD VIBES!!!!! GOOD VIBES!!!!

  35. I've been busy getting ready for our annual cookie exchange party - I missed a lot going on on your blog!!!
    First of all, I am so sorry someone upset you so much- some people cannot get past their own jealousy!
    Secondly, I'm so glad you are feeling better - I had to moderate my comments just recently - so glad I did !

  36. I can't believe your computer crashed AGAIN!! How frustrating. I am so thankful for all the people who reached out to you. What a blessing! What the devil meant for harm, God turned for good!! Bryce would love that Lego thingy. He loves that stuff. THe picture is cool.

  37. So glad you have decided to stay. Don't know if I could go on without my '3 Peanuts' fix.
    Congrats to your son for putting that mega structure together. My boys love LEGO's. My youngest is partial to Star Wars.

  38. I haven't been on the blogs for a few days either - so i don't know what the hurtful comment was - but it doesn't matter. Your blog is such an inspiration to me - in so many ways. I hope you don't let one bad seed stop you from helping so many people. You are loved!

  39. Oh gosh - I'm behind on my blogs, and just catching up, but I was outraged to read about the horrid comments on your site. I love reading your blog - you have a beautiful family, and, as a mom to a boy - I love, love, love to see pics of your beautiful little girl!
    Blessings to you and yours.

  40. Now I'm back Kim to show Ethan Harry's Star Wars thingy...both of the boys are really into SW right now. I showed Elliot the other day and was telling Ethan about it and he wanted to see it! :D
    He just was showing me a SW Lego ship that had over three-thousand pieces!!! Can you imagine! Putting it together is the fun part, but when they break....forget it!! Uuuggh :)

  41. Whoa nellie, I have missed alot haven't I? So sorry about your not very nice visitor. My mom always said if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. You handled that with so much grace and dignity, I am proud of you and love hearing about every little detail that you are willing to share. This should be a loving, supportive community, we are all in this together and we have so much to learn from each other. Especially where our little girls are concerned. They are coming to us from situations that many of us cannot even begin to relate to. Once you are in China you realize that very quickly. Each child is precious and has their own set of "rules", we somehow have to decifer those rules and instantly begin to parent this child who has no idea what a parent is. Communicating with each other is a great resource for all of us. Priceless actually. I love hearing about Kate and all of the other little girls and seeing them transform into our daughters. They are a sisterhood and we are their voices for the time being. Bless you for being an inspiration to us all and for being so transparent, adoption has many highs but it can also have many lows, we appreciate your honesty. Love you just the way you are Kim!


Thank you for your kindness.