A special day.

Sunday, October 21, 2007
During our wait for Kate, I found Rumor Queen. At first, I would check in once in a while to see what her predictions were and learn more about travel and post-adoption adjustments. But after a while, I joined the room for my log-in month. It did not take long for a few of us in there to really form a connection. This is how I "met" Diana, Snickerdoodle, Kim, Christy, Stacie and a few others who don't blog or are more private about their blogging. We would post daily about things going on with our paperwork, decorating our nurseries and life in general. We developed a nice sense of camaraderie. After all, we were all in this together. We cheered each other on as we got our referrals, cried and consoled one another as people were skipped or found out there were complications. We all "got it."

We tried to plan an "OCT 2005 LID RQ Reunion" in DC. However, due to busy lives and distance, only two of us made it. Yesterday, I was privileged to finally meet TJ (aka--Wetbird) and her beautiful family. TJ and I joined RQ about the same time and we faced many of the same issues. We both seemed to lack fingerprints according to the USCIS. We really struck up a friendship through the October room.

Yesterday, our families met at the Hirschhorn sculpture garden and perused the contemporary art museum with our families in tow (such cultured children). Then we had a delicious lunch and wandered around DC for a bit. We really enjoyed our time with TJ, Tony and Lily. They are such a kind and down to earth family. It is our hope that this was just the beginning of many more times together.

TJ brought spy gear and other Halloween goodies for the boys and a beautiful Ladybug jacket for Miss Kate (identical to the one Lily is wearing below). Thank you TJ, Tony and Lily for such a wonderful day and for the fun gifts!


  1. What a fun gathering!!! Looks like the girls sure had fun together!

  2. Fun, fun, fun.

    I really hope that I can get that fabric that you got Kate's jacket in! I will have to email her about it.

    Also, I love the new look!


  3. So cute!!! I am so glad you got to meet your friends.

    I always say the biggest blessing of the journey besides Lindy was making special friends. There are days I am not sure I could've made it without the love, support, and friendship of these special women. I still marvel how I continue to find such special people as the journey continues...

    So happy for you!

  4. What a fun day for your two families. Friends made during the journey to your daughters will always be special friends. I love the pictures of Kate puckering up for a kiss!

  5. Love the girls holding hands in their cute matching bibs. So sweet.

    Glad you had a good time. Hope today went well. :)



  6. with such a monumental event bonding you together, i would imagine that you would all want to keep contact. i pray for all adoptive families. so many people benefit...

  7. Kim,
    I am so glad you got to meet TJ and Lily!!! Oh how, I wish Ruby and I could have been there too!!!! Someday, someday!!!
    This Thursday I am going to remember to give thanks for our Ocotber 2005 Room at RQ!!

  8. P.S.
    Love your new blog design!!

  9. How fun!!!!
    It is so neat to be able to meet ones you share the same journey in life with...
    I can't wait till I get to meet some of these amazing ladies..
    Love the pictures...
    They are both sooo adorable..
    Have a Wonderful Sunday..

  10. Oh how I wish I could have gone on this trip! I would love to have met in person. It looks like it was a wonderful time!

  11. It sounds like you had a great time today! I would have loved to have been there with you! We October Gals have to stick together, after all we've been through!!

    I love the pictures!

    Snick :)

  12. How adorable!! That is great to have made connections and friends like that! What a blessing for you and especially for Kate.

  13. Beautiful pictures, beautiful families.. What a blessing to have those moments!


  14. Kim,

    We had such a wonderful time yesterday! I love, love, love the pictures!

    Hope we can get together again soon.


  15. Oh I love reunions! So glad that you were able to meet, cute pictures!

  16. What a nice reunion..... I just love how adoption brings friends together like it does. Love their matching bibs!

  17. OH HOW COOL!!! I would love to meet up with people from our OCT DTC group!! THat would be so much fun!! It looks like you guys had a great time and the girls are just adorable (moms dont look too bad either :) I am so glad you were able to meet. That is just very memorable!!

    Christy :)

  18. That was great....so glad you finally got to meet your friends! That's special!

  19. Oh my gosh, those pictures were sooo cute! (and your commentary was awesome)! I'm so happy you got to meet your good friend and now your kids also have a new friend in Lily. (lifelong) Very, very sweet.

  20. They are both so cute! I love the matching bibs.

  21. I'm so glad that you had a support group while you were waiting and that you all are still friends now.

  22. I just read that you appreciated my feedback! Thank you. :)

    After I posted that comment I thought it sounded too harsh, I didn't mean it to be like that, and I couldn't edit it. I am really sorry about that!

    I love the blue on the sides. The header is precious. Danielle does a fabulous job! I am debating starting a blog as we begin the adoption of our third child from China, and I think I will employ Danielle for the job.


  23. oh how wonderful. The other families with my agency that were dtc when we were for Caitlyn had a litle yahoo group and we are still close today. I love them all and consider several of them to be my closest friends. I love to hear the little things of the day that are going on with the sweeeties that were in China with Caitlyn. I have met one of them, but hope to have a reunion where we can ALL get together.

  24. Kim -

    So glad you and T.J were finally able to meet. I know how important your support was to her during the long wait to bring Miss Lily home to our family. Your family is beautiful and maybe on one of your next visits you could come meet the whole crazy extended family.

    Patti (Aunt Pappy)

  25. Very hopeful to see all of them together! Sounds fun!

  26. Kimber,

    I read in one of your posts about a month ago that you will be creating a video for Kate's adoption. I am currently working on my daughters' video, as well! They came home in July. I look foward to seeing your finished product, I find watching other peoples' videos gives me ideas. Send me an email one day if you ever have time. I would love to chat, I think we have a lot in common. :-) coturetwinmama@aol.com

    Mom to Hubei twins, Olivia and Harper (14 mo.)

  27. That's nice Kim, that you could finally meet! I'm sure it's a very special bond for all of you to have gone through so much together!
    The little narratives are so adorable with the pictures, so sweet that Kate and Lily too!!

  28. How fun! I just loved the fun captions on the photos. Both gals are so cute.... I do have to mention the handsome boys too! Live the LB jacket and the personalized bibs!


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