Is 40 the new 14?

Monday, October 1, 2007

I know you all come here to see the adorable peanuts and it actually feels funny to write something that has nothing to do with them but I need help. In about 6 weeks (not that I am counting) I will turn 39 for the second time. Why does it seem like I am 14 again? Today, I have an orthodontist appointment to get a retainer because my teeth are moving. Yes, I did wear braces---when I was 14! I thought the orthodontist visits were far in my past. Now, I will be wearing a set of 3 different clear retainers to get my teeth back to where they once were.

As I look in the mirror this morning...I see a breakout. I expected a few lines at this age but not breakouts! My skin looks like a teenagers! I am surfing the web looking for some really great product line to help my new "shiny, pimply complexion while still fighting fine lines" skin. PLEASE suggest one if you know of a winner!!!! I am desperate. My plan was to age gracefully. There is nothing graceful about bad skin.

Finally, I want to sleep A LOT. And boy could I sleep when I was a teenager. But I did not have 3 peanuts, a dog and a husband to care for back then.

So, here is my 40 the new 14? And what else should I expect?


  1. ummmmmmmm let's see.... my mind is SHOT! Absent minded and forgetful. I also have a receeding hairline; two soon to be bald patches above my temples... the hair seems to be relocating to my face! Is this TMI? lol I am sure you won't have all of this happen to you... it is probably just me.
    Now for the PepTalk... Once you turn 40 it isn't as bad as the preceeding months and weeks. Once it is over you accept and then realize it isn't so bad. Although Jeremy said something a few weeks ago about me being in my middle 40's and I about ripped his head off! I am ONLY 42! Ha

  2. congrats on turning 40---oops, i mean 39. sounds like you are already off to an amazing year, just one filled with maybe a blemish or two & an extra nap now & then.
    i love reading your story!
    oh my!!!---the kitchen....sigh
    entirely too gorgeous

  3. It's the peanuts doing this to you... you'd be flawless otherwise. Ahhhh the stress effects of a mother...

    Wear it with pride, mom... ;)

  4. Well all I have to say is people would love to look like you at 40!

    I need to know what you do for the lines & my parenthesis? I am going to need botox in my right eye real soon with my new camera.

    Try to take a nap when Kate naps, I know it's hard.
    Ashton has sure aged me! It happens but it's all good!

    Love, Dawn
    P.S wait til 42 turning 43 big difference, I see it!

  5. I can't wait to hear the solutions... because I will be there in a few years..
    But I would have to say that I would recommend Arbonne..They have a anti aging set... I have used it for 3 years.. I have rosatua..(Okay I know you are laughing because I don't know how to spell) anyway it has helped a lot..
    Hope all goes well..
    I heard 40 is your prime.. and everyone loves it..
    You are only as old as you act and feel..
    I will know someday...
    Take care

  6. Kim,

    Happy upcoming birthday! I do not think you have anything to worry about as far as aging gracefully! You are beautifly and look amazing- for any age! I love Skinceuticals- I have dry skin that breaks out very easily- I cannot tolerate any oils. I have tried almost everything including Arbonne and they all led to breakouts. The other line that I like is Paula's Choice (I use her cleansers)( it is much more affordable than Skinceuticals.

    Cheers to you!

    p.s. when i get a minute i want to email you about our girls- I would love to have someone to commiserate with during this rough patch!!!!


  7. Happy Birthday to you very soon! I had to laugh because I went through the exact same thing. They actually put me on birth control to help with the acne. (and I never even had acne as a teen). There is a product out there for acne and wrinkles all in one. I can't recall who makes it though. (perhaps oil of olay ??) You should try it out.

    I agree that taking care of 3 peanuts is zapping all that extra energy.

  8. My only comment.... I'd take 40 over 14 any day!!!!

  9. Now only if you could get the energy of a 14 year old! Have a great birthday... 40 isn't as bad as it seems!

  10. My suggestion for the pimples is to use Acne Free 3 Step Skincare Treatment you can find it at Costco or Wal*Mart and it is a lot cheaper than ProActive and works just as well. I finish up with the Olay Sensitive Moisture Therapy Lotion. Make sure to really glop it on so your face feels heavy and will only feel that way for about 5 minutes and then apply makeup. The best way to fight wrinkles and most times acne is plenty of hydration for your skin. Sounds crazy but it works. I am 32 and have fought acne since I was about 13 and only after I started this treatment did it clear up and now I have beautiful skin and still now wrinkles.

  11. Im right there with you. What the heck is up with pimples at 39 (or in my case 35)? I dont get it. I totally feel like im a teen again. You look amazing for 40-- I mean 39 and I do think you are aging gracefully!!

    Christy :)

  12. I think everyone would definitely want to look like you when their turning the big 40! Your are one pretty mama. Sorry I have no advice, I am battling the same thing when it comes to a blemish here and there all of a sudden.

    I wondered maybe if you were expecting since you said you were tired and wanted to nap all the time! ;-P

  13. I am right there with you sister...I am 39 and my skin is awful! I also have my dentist wanting to put braces on me. (I also had them in high school)

    I have 4 peanuts and am waiting on another from China, so being tired has become a way of life for me!

    Happy early 2nd 39th b'day...mine will be here in January!

  14. Plain and simple...yes 40 is the new 14! I still feel like a kid and never want to change that!

  15. Too funny! I feel the same way. Why am I breaking out??? I get tired and have to get to bed early too.
    But, I still can't eat like I did when I was 14! It's not fair.

  16. OK, you hit my this will be long. I will try not to write a novel. From the photos I have seen you are beautiful with healthy and glowing skin and you barely look 30! I remember turning 40 the weather was great and I had the housecleaners come the day before. My snowbird parents went on vacation to Hawaii without me (like snowbirds really need to go on vacation with their 40 year old never been married daughter :-) ). I baked my own birthday cake, stayed home, and had an all day open house. What fun!

    Skin care. I LOVE this subject. I wrote an essay on skin care when I was in 9th grade and have been following the industry and trends closely ever since. When I was younger (and I admit I sometimes still do) I mixed up my own products with strawberries, oatmeal, olive oils, nut oils…all kinds of good stuff.

    But, before starting a new skin care regime, I always recommend that people visit a dermatologist with all of the cosmetics that they use. A close friend of mine in Washington state has/had adult acne and a few problem spots turned out to be cancerous cells. The spots were caught early and she will be fine.

    Next, visit a certified and trained facialist at a reputable spa. The larger spas will have a variety of the latest and greatest products. She will be able to analyze your skin and make the best recommendations for you.

    Here are a few of my favorite items (everyone is different so a facialist will suggest different products for different skin concerns) Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic (antioxidant serum…love it) Elizabeth Arden Prevage, e-solutions vitamin K cream for PM. Villa Floriani’s AHA booster (just a few times a month) And, a good quality spf moisturizer (I like Neutrogena).

    I am going to enjoy reading everyone’s posts.

  17. Kim – you are so funny! I am 36 and in the same exact boat. My acne is terrible again and I have no energy! I always blamed it on working full time and raising two little kids in my 30's. However, I didn’t get married until I was 30 so I didn’t have the option of raising kids at a younger age! Hang in look great for your age. I bet Dave and the 3 peanuts are busy planning something wonderful for your birthday!

  18. Here is my early welcome to the club!!!! A few suggestions from this older Mom:
    1. Arbonne RE9 Skincare line. I have been using it for almost 4 years, and I do think it helps preseve the over 40 skin. Once you get in the groove of using it, you will love it! (Call me if you need a contact for this...)
    2. Pilates - I know you used to do this.. So did I before Ruby Tuesday.....
    3. Sleep - what's that? I can honestly say I have not slept thru the night since I was 36 and pregnant.
    I have loved my 40's! I hope you do to!!! Embrace and Enjoy!!!

  19. Oh dear, I hope not! While my DH hated the whole growing up process, I couldn't wait to be out and on my own. I'm excited to see that Arbonne is so highly praised because I just found out I have a new friend who sells it! Guess whose getting called next...

  20. Kim~you are a lovely woman!!! Hope you have a great birthday! I too have adult acne, at 37. Doctor prescribed BC pills about 6 years ago...if I stop taking it for 2 weeks I am a mess. I have used Principle Secret (from TV) for around 13 years. No animal testing, no color, and no fragrance all things that my skin cannot tolerate! I have tried to get away with stuff from wal*mart but suffer for the effort. I also have a retainer, going on 2 months now. I only wear it at night and now I can't sleep without it! I take Super B Complex for energy! Hope it helps!

  21. I'm giggling like a 14 year old over here! I also have the break out blues and BAD period cramps and took a two hour nap with Lily this afternoon - is 34 the new 14 as well?

    I use ProActiv for my skin and have a permanent retainer-so you are NOT alone, girlie!

  22. Kim~

    I feel the same way about my skin. I always thought as you got older your skin got clearer, NOT! I am going to be 39 (for the first time in a couple of months), and the only thing that works on my skin is Proactive. Your are going to be Fabulous at 40! Maybe because women are looking and feeling younger and better at 40, that we have to put up with all the same things we did at 14. Who knows, but it sounds good!


  23. Kim,
    I have to agree with some of your other readers...Arbonne!!! I love, love, love it! I had a teacher friend that started selling it because she wanted the discount and we all got hooked. I'm not quite 40 yet....36, but I started using it about 3 years ago and won't ever use something else. I use the RE9 line that is the anti-aging product line. They have anything you could imagine to choose from. I have recommended it to several of my friends and once they start it, they also love it. Let us know if you try it, how you like it!

  24. Arbonne works great for me! The line in the silver bottles for acne prone skin. One good thing about oiler skin that my dermatologist told is that you are less likely to get deep wrinkles. Hope this is true. This year I did not acknowledge my birthday and in doing so I stayed 34!


  25. What? I just turned 29 for the 9th time so I have a little while before I have to worry about turning 39 again :D

    Ladybug hugs,

  26. I just got home from getting a pedicure -- how I love the man I married who watched the merry twosome and gave me a break tonight -- and while I was there I was reading the current issue of RealSimple magazine. There is a fairly long article about 40+ acne and there are tons of product suggestions in the article. You may want to pick up a copy.

    And I don't think you look a day over 30!

  27. Congrat on turning 40! I can relate to everything you wrote plus some. I think you look great and are adorable looking in your pictures! You have great style and elegance.

    One thing I did that I think helps is switching to Bare Escentiuals (San Francisco) Make-up. ( I did spell it correctly) They just started selling it at Nordstroms. I stopped having breakouts and my skins feels better.

    Have a great Birthday Kim.
    Your friend in Denver-Lisa

  28. Let me start by saying you are so beautiful,no matter what age you are, you are and always will be a timeless beauty! Unfortuantely, I am headed in the same direction, I just turned 37 and Mark will be 40 in May, I have noticed changes in both of our skin, his seems to look better with age and mine worse! Men. I have also made him promise that if I ever end up in the hospital for some reason, he is to shave the little hairs that have popped up on my chin off! Where did they come from? I am glad you posted this, I have learned alot!

  29. I had to laugh at your post.

    1. Because I feel like this everyday - I look in the mirror and say, "Who are you?"

    2. Because it seemed so funny coming from one as beautiful and organized as you are.

    I have heard wonderful things about Arbonne - haven't actually tried it yet. I have used Proactive and had good results, but I have big ol' pores, so nothing really helps that!

    I want to look as spectacular as you when I am (ahem) 39.


  30. You make 40 look like the new 14!

  31. I havenever had a "major" acne problem, but Emmie and I both use ProActive. My face looks great and her teenage acne cleared right up. I've tried Mary Kay, Clinique and Estee.....and this is the best.

    I feel like I am seeing major wrinkles on my face as well.....

  32. Ohhh, Kim... you are reminding me that I will be turning 34(+6 shhh) in 11 months! Yikesss!!!!

    I some of the same products as Terri (Skinceuticals ferulic acid and Prevage especially)... to me it's all about the antioxidants!!! Plus prevention w/ sunscreen of course. But I'd recommend the Prevage MD- it's stronger than the Elizabeth Arden version (Terri probably also uses the version I use, I'd guess).

    You look GREAT, like everyone says, though! The sleep thing... well... let me know when you find a solution (I need one)!

    With love, your very tired friend,
    Shana (I just tried to call you back) :)

  33. Kim...
    You don't know me, but I'm a friend of Ron, Beth and Hope Heutmaker. I just read your post about Kate and wanted you to know I'm praying for you as you work through this. Also, I'm so thankful that Kate has a Mommy that saw the red flags. Kate is a blessing to you, but YOU are a blessing to HER as well!

    Now, about the turning 40 thing. It's really not as painful as it seems. I turned 40 on Sept. 18th and so far it's been pretty darned good! Granted, I just have a 2 year old daughter (also named Hope---we call my Hope and Hope H "double trouble" at church---LOL) so I'm not dealing with the after school thing yet, and I only have one, so that makes life a little easier. But right now we're in the midst of getting our house ready to sell and I'm pretty much doing everything on my own since my husband is at his new job--4 hours away from where we currently live--all week. This has been a week where I've thought a glass (or two) of wine or some other drink would be a very good idea, too. So welcome to 40-hood! C'mon in...the weather's fine!


  34. You may want to have your thyroid checked if you are tired and your skin is different, it is likely your thyroid is not functioning well, Oprah had a show on it this week. It also happened to me in my mid 30's. Love your blog take care.

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