Going on a train ride

Sunday, October 14, 2007
We had such a wonderful weekend filled with birthday parties, shopping, friends, great family time, fireworks, and geocaching (more on that soon). On Saturday, we met our social worker at an outdoor mall for our 6 month visit. A little kiddie train kept passing by and Kate Emerson squealed with absolute joy each time it chugged past. So, after our meeting, we went for a ride!

Waiting in line with Daddy.


Oh, I see it coming!

Finally...it is my turn!




Hold on, Daddy!
Stop by and wish my friend, Snickerdoodle a very Happy Birthday!
Kate's dress and tights are by a company called Deaux par Deaux. I bought them at a local children's boutique but if you google them, they do sell in some on-line stores (people asked).


  1. Oh goody! I am the first commenter. :-) It is quite a pretigous act on the very famous 3 Peanuts blog! I am not even joking...lol. Well, now onto what the comment was originally about. Haha!!!! I think the pictures are darling, and I can't wait to see Kate's Homecoming Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I better hurry and publish this or my comment won't be the first!)


  2. Oh, Kim, these pictures of your beautiful Kate are just precious. You truly captured the moment. She was so excited! Too Cute!
    I LOVE her outfit!!!!!!! It is darling. Who is it by? It's so different, I just love it.
    She looks so grown up with her hair cut.
    Hope all is well with you. Give everyone my love.

  3. Daleea,

    The dress is by a company called Deaux par Deaux and I bought it at a local children's boutique. You cannot see the tights but they MAKE the outfit!

    Hope you are doing well.


  4. Hey Kim
    I had to have a peek after we saw Miss Kate yesterday, Kore and I could not believe how adorable she is.
    P.S The tights really do make the outfit.

  5. Great pictures...
    Looks like you were busy...
    Kate has got the cutest clothes....
    I love it..
    and the colors are amazing against her skin...
    LOVE IT..

  6. FUN photos! The train looks like a blast! Can't wait to hear about your geocaching adventures. If you ever want to go in the midwest, LMK. We're hooked.


  7. Kim,

    I LOVE KATE'S DRESS!!!!!I need to see a picture with the tights, She looks so grown up. Kate is so beautiful.


  8. how fun, I have a little train lover as well. She LOVES them.

  9. How how sweet, you really captured her enthusiasm and it's just precious!!
    The photos are great!

  10. So cute! Love the photos. I always do. Kate is just gorgeous. Glad she had fun on the train.

    That outfit is very stylish. I always love Kate's outfits. It's so cute!

    Happy Sunday to my very first blog reader and friend.

    Ok - time for Housewives!



  11. Kim, I can't believe you've only been home 6 months. You look like you've been a family forever!

    I love little kate's gorgeous outfit... Must know (I know...not supposed to ask) but where did you find it???

  12. What cute pics. Love the dress. THat is cool that you were able to do your 6 month visit at the mall. I would LOVE that!!!!

    Christy :)

  13. What a neat little outing! I am sure everything went seamlessly with the social worker. Kate is obviously flourishing. I remember being so much more relaxed on the post placement visits. However, Lindy did throw a nice tantrum on the one year visit to remind everyone she's 2.

    Anyway, I am glad you had a fun day!


  14. Oh what great pictures. Kate is just the prettiest little thing ever. I love her outfit. When I saw it, I thought that looked like a Deaux par Deaux and I was right. HAHA. I love those colors on her.

  15. What great fun!!! Love the train with daddy!

  16. Kate looks positively gorgeous! I LOVE her outfit. You have impeccable taste!

  17. The pictures are adorable. She is so cute.

  18. I tell you, she is just so cute. I want all of your hand me downs.

  19. What a cute dress! Thanks for sharing where you found it -- I bet they'll be getting lots of orders soon.

  20. So sweet---Do you know how lucky you are? Hope all went well with the social worker... You have a beautiful family.

  21. Linda,

    Thank you. And yes, I do know how lucky I am. God has blessed me unbeleivably and I truly am grateful for each and every blessing in my life:)


  22. Oh Kate looks so happy. Her dress is just darling!!.000000

  23. I love the photo of her when she sees the train coming...she looks soooo excited! Beautiful outfit too!

  24. Kate always has the cutest dresses! She is just adorable.....looks like she sure was having fun on the train!

  25. She is just about killin' me with her cuteness! Love the picture of her sweet smile when it is finally her turn...CHOO CHOO!

  26. She is precious! I just love the picture of her on the train ~ very nice. Wow! 6 months ~ how time flies this side of the wait :D It is funny, but I don't even remember that part anymore!

    Ladybug hugs,

  27. Girl!
    I would love that Mei Tai. I understand that they are expensive though, so I would be happy to send a little donation for it. And I will definitely let you know when I get my referral. I know that we will still be friends through the years and when she comes, you'll be one of the first people I shout it out to.

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