Thank you Danielle and 3 overdue memes

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Warning this is a very long post! This morning was crisp and cool and so I decided to take Miss Katie Ru to the park. She looked SO cute in her little skirt and denim jacket. We were having a great time and had the park to ourselves (so I thought). I did have the feeling someone was watching us though. I also kept smelling a cigar. Well, lurking in the shadows underneath the tress was a creepy man drinking cofee and smoking a cigar (at 9 a.m.?). My gut told me to leave, so we did.

Now onto overdue business..... I need to thank Danielle from the bottom of my heart. She knew that I wanted to brighten up the colors on my blog but I really did not have time to do it myself. Knowing that I was kind of down this week, she did this re-design for me. I love it! It is exactly what I needed. I am so grateful for her kindness. It was a ray of sunshine. THANK YOU!!!!!

I was tagged by Lori, Debbie and Danielle for 3 different memes and I have not done them because I have not had a chance. I will squeeze them all in here. Then, I am becoming a "meme free" blog. I love reading others but I don't enjoy doing them myself. I want to focus on the peanuts here.

Lori asked about my favorite things:

Sound: Children laughing, silence and like everyone else...the ocean

Late night snack: Something salty followed by chocolate. Usually Whole Foods chips followed by dark chocolate

Smell: Fresh flowers, clean laundry, Henri Bendel vanilla bean candle (the only candle in the world I can even tolerate), fresh coffee and lavender

Nut: Cashew, pistachio, almond

Color combination-Pink & green, white & ivory (same as Lori). I also love blue and chocolate brown.

Time of year: Fall and Spring

Author: I read 1-2 books a week (more before Kate came home). I could never narrow it to one author. I have enjoyed all of Jodi Piccoult's books though.

Vegetable: Blanched asparagus

Actor: Jack Nicholson, Greg Kinnear and Robert Downey Jr.

Actress: Gwenyth Paltrow, Diane Keaton

Flower: Peony

Vacation spot: Paris and St. Lucia

Pizza: Oh this is hard... I LOVE Jersey shore Boardwalk pizza but I have not had it in years! I LOVE good East Coast Pizza.

Sports to play: I am not good at any sports

Subject in school: Psychology

TV Channel: HGTV and ABC

Radio station: XM 155

Holiday: Thanksgiving through Christmas

Perfume: As with candles...I cannot tolerate most scents but the only one I can wear is Bobbi Brown Beach

Shoes: I am a ballet flat and loafer wearing kinda gal. I do not own one pair of high heels (and never have)

Candy: High quality dark chocolate (with almonds)

City to shop: Please! Beggars cannot be choosy! Our quaint little town has horrendous shopping so any "city" will do. I do love Houston shopping though.

Beauty products: I can be fickle about these but Bobbi Brown is a constant and L'Oreal Blackest Black Lash Out Mascara

Item to shop for: -Oh please! I LOVE to shop! Right now I must confess that my favorite thing to shop for is beautiful clothes for my sweet Kate Emerson. However, I also love fine linens, books, house stuff, plants and art!

Debbie tagged me to use 7 "P" words to describe myself:

The Princes (Will and Harry) whom I love.

Their little princess sister-Kate




Pink is one of my favorite colors.


Danielle asked me to do a very long "random" meme. Here it goes:

Favorite movie(s) - As Good As It Gets, Something's Gotta Give, Love Actually.

Last movie you saw - Oh I cannot remember the name but it was SO funny...Katherine Heigel is in it. Knocked up? It was very crude though.

Favorite TV show(s) - Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Two and 1/2 Men, BB8.

The one show that you didn't want to end - Seinfeld--I still miss it!

Do you have a favorite type of pen? - Blue ink, extra fine point

What do you struggle with - Being a perfectionist, worrying about things all the time (same as Danielle).

How many siblings do you have? - 2 sisters--one older and one younger. I am the middle child.

Pet's names - Scout

Favorite breakfast - A savory breakfast strata or an omelet with spinach, black olives, tomatoes, red onion, and cheese, with Tabasco and a side of very crispy bacon. I cannot do "sweet" things for breakfast.

Favorite salad - I love all salads but ones with apples or pears, gorgonzola and candied almonds are my favorite.

Favorite desert(s) - Chocolate Souffle. Apple pie (my husband make the world's BEST) and molten chocolate cakes, pot de creme.

Favorite holiday - I like all holidays but Christmas is the best!

If you could do anything - This is too big a question for me. There are so many things. Of course I would want to end all kinds of suffering. This one requires more thought than my sleep deprived little mind can handle right now.

The one living male and female celebrities you would meet - I have no burning desire to meet any celebrities. I would love to go see Oprah's show and I like celebrities but they are mere people just like everyone else. I'd rather meet nice down to earth "real" people.

The one deceased celebrity you would meet - see above.

Your birthday - In November and it is a BIG one:(

Favorite pie - Apple.

Favorite pastry - Croissant

Favorite Christmas song - I LOVE all Christmas music and I listen to it all year. Seriously my kids think I am nuts. Last year I bought the Vince Guaraldi (Charlie Brown) Christmas CD's and I love them. Kenny G Miracles is good too.

Favorite soda - I despise soda and have never had a Coke or Pepsi in my entire life. I will have a ginger ale or root beer once in a blue moon.

What do you despise? People trying to be something they are not. Pretentiousness.

Most annoying thing people do - Compete, use poor manners and gossip.

What did you do last night - I can barely Big Brother 8 and work on these LONG memes.

Pierced ears? - Yes. One hole in each ear.

Eye color - Green/hazel.

Black or brown accessories (shoes/bags) - Both, but not together of course.

Favorite color - Green

The walls in your bedroom are - The very palest and calmest blue.

You can't wait for this show to start this fall - Grey's Anatomy

If you could have one skill it would be - I would love to be able to paint or have any artistic ability. I have a good eye but NO artistic talent.

I am finally caught up:) Sorry for the outrageously long post. I more memes for me.


  1. You are very welcome! I'm just glad you're happy with your blog and that I could brighten your week a little bit. Now if only I could help you get some rest...

    I didn't know you didn't like memes. You didn't have to do it, but thanks for the loyalty

    Great answers though. I'll need to pick up those Christmas CDs.

  2. Kim & Danielle,
    LOVE the new look! I loved the old look to, but this looks beautiful. As Ainsley would say, It is "so fancy!" A little color is good when you need a pick me up. Fun to learn more about you too Kim! I guess I better get my answers done. But honeslty, I am too blurry eyed today! What I need is a nap, but it is just too beautiful here for that today!

  3. I'm glad that you left the park, I believe in following your instincts. Kate looks darling as always!
    Man, those are some memes!!
    The new look is darling, love the bright colors.

  4. I like the new look!!! Thanks for sharing. I know they can be time consuming but it does give another glimpse of who one is!!

  5. Hi Kim -

    Kate looks adorable, as always. We are certainly thinking of you as you navigate sleeplessness.

    I think I already posted that I love the new header, but if I didn't now you know that I do! Danielle does really super work.

    Liked reading through the memes, lots of fun things to learn about you.

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Kim,

    Oh how I wish it were cool and crisp here in Southern California. The 95 to 105 degree heat is getting really old. Glad you left the park. Always go with your gut. Love the pics of Kate!!


  7. Kate looks so cute. Darling pictures, as always. I love your new look, and love that Danielle :)

  8. Kim~

    Your new blog looks very nice. Danielle does lovely work.

    I truly enjoyed reading the answers to your questions. It makes me feel like I know you a bit better. I know you don't like to dwell on yourself, but who you are is a big part of who the 3 peanuts are, too. :o)

    Kate looks so cool in her denim jacket. Sorry the creepy guy disrupted your trip to the park. :o(

    Never apologize for long posts; they're great!!!


  9. Your BIG birthday in November is a gift, as they all are! I hope yours sparkles in every way! Kate is too cute!!!

  10. I like the new look too, I loved your old one as well, I know its nice to change with the seasons.
    loe all your answers. Its nice to learn about others through these little meme's.
    I can't tolerate alot of candle scents either. I will tell you one mild one I found recently that just makes the house smell fresh and clean, sun and sand yankee candle.

  11. Wonderful pictures... as always.
    Glad you followed your instinct and didn't stay with creepy man watching on.
    Love the Memes... you are just wonderful.
    Hope you are getting more sleep and feel better.
    Sweet Dreams

  12. Kim, I realize you will not want to post this on your blog, but where in Texas do you live? Feel free to email, the link can be found on my profile. Thank you. :)


  13. Kim,
    I love the new look and I absolutely ADORE the new picture of the three kids! So cute!
    Good luck catching some (or a lot of) sleep tonight!

  14. What adorable pictures, too bad about the creepy guy, I would have left too. Love learning more about you I know they are time consuming. She looks cute in her fall clothes, I need to shop for some, the weather is getting cold quickly! Your new look is sweet just like you. Been thinking about you this week, hope things are getting better. Sending hugs your way!

  15. I had to pop in and out throughout the day, but I finally read & enjoyed your entire post. Yikes to the creepo in the park.
    Kates first fall with leaves! How wonderful. That little red rocking chair on the porch is adorable.

  16. Oh Kim! I've been catching up on your family and I'm so sorry you're having sleep trouble! Hope joined our family on June 4th and slept through the night a couple of times in China. Then, after we arrived home, she didn't sleep well until the night before I went back to work for the school year! So, all summer we struggled with long periods of awake time, sometimes happy, most of the time not. Sometimes we'd be able to rock and snuggle back to sleep. But as soon as I'd try to sneak out of the room she'd be up again. It is so hard! I also believed that Hope was having attachment related issues and not terrors. I did some research about different methods for improving sleep. EVERYBODY has an opinion. We tried different things with bottles and food before bed/not before bed/bottle in the middle of the night/no bottle. We tried different routines with books/no books, songs/no songs, music/loud/soft/none, bath at night/bath in the morning, crying for various lengths of time, co-sleeping... you get the picture. (Ron had to handle a lot of the screaming time. It just broke my heart!) You'll find what works for you. Trust yourself and believe that you and Kate can figure this out. We'll all continue to pray for you in the mean time.

    Thinking of you in WI.


    P.S. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying that Hope is sleeping well now. Knock on something for me would ya'? :)

  17. Oh, and I love the photos. Love new profile photo of the 3 peanuts.

    Diana - glad you love it. I emailed you - I want to make yours just a little better. I definitely want to change it to this format.

  18. The blog looks great! Too cute. The pics are cute too. I can't wait for Greys Anatomy too!

  19. Kim, your blog looks pretty and fresh!
    I'm glad you left the park, I don't like creepy guy lurking!!
    Haha, I just finished some long-overdue memes too and I'm memed out! Though I enjoy reading others and I enjoyed reading more about you!
    I hope the sleep thing is going better for all of you. :)

  20. ps Kate looks so sweet in her little jacket!


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