I didn't want to do it...

Monday, September 17, 2007

I love putting Kate in a dress everyday. Every morning we walk into her closet and she touches all of the dresses. She loves picking out what to wear as much as I do. However, my Mom pointed out the other day that Kate Emerson didn't have any pants. In fact, she went all summer with only one pair of shorts (and they were a gift). With cold weather approaching and football games to attend...I thought it was time to get some pants. We even got teased a bit at the Little Gym for being overdressed. I didn't want to do it but I got Kate her first pair of jeans! I have to admit, they do look cute. But she will still wear dresses most days:)

So many people (in comments and e-mails) have asked where I got this shirt--OL*D NAV*Y! Can you believe it? And it was on sale (25% off)! It is not a sweater but more of a cotton tunic. I have a onesie underneath for warmth. I just got it on Sunday so I am sure they still have them. Let me know if you get one!

What are these funny things Mom put on my legs?

Hey these clothes are easy to run in...

And bend in.

When I picked the boys up at school, the first thing Will said was "Mom, why is Kate in jeans?"
Kate is sick again (nasty cold and stomach bug) but before these illnesses emerged she did sleep though the night TWICE in a row. Unfortunately, the sickness has her waking up again. Oh, the joys of motherhood:)


  1. Hang in there my friend. Kate looks darling. I am struggling for clothes with Sophia right now. I bought her all these beautiful long dresses with leggings for warmth for preschool..... NOT even thinking how hard that would be when going to the potty. So now I have been searching for easy pull down pants with cute tops. Not an easy task. Any suggestions?

  2. Mae did not get her first pari of jeans until last fall! I am debating on getting Jane soem this year. Usually talbots kids will have some cute pull on ctoon knit pants that are thicker than usual. I also got Jane some cute lined cords from Mini Boden. Mae has trouble with tights and the potty so I am praying for a milder winter!
    Sorry she is sick! Hang in there!

  3. ADORABLE!! It seems that it is the exact opposite for Z!! I was such a tomboy and so is she! She does not appreciate dresses and i think i have only had her in a couple (with out pants underneath). Kate looks so tall and thin in her jeans!! I love that top- would you post what brand it is?

    Hope sweet p Kate is feeling better soon!

    Stacie and Z

  4. LOVE her in jeans! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SHIRT?????? That is the cutest thing ever (besides her). Sorry to hear she is sick. It seems no one can escape that this time of year. Best wishes that this week is a good one for you and your family!

  5. Stacie and I think alike! We both want that shirt!

  6. I love putting Ava in dresses as well! Love having a girl! Boys clothes are cute but there doesn't seem to be much of a selection for Cameron.

    Katie looks adorable in her jeans! May I ask where you got the top?

  7. Kate look darling! Love the sweater and jeans :D You know me and how I dress LiLi, but there are just time when you have to do it :D I bought LiLi two pairs of jeans at Talbot's Kids this year and she loves them. One has a princess on it and the other pair has butterflies. I had to get her something for bonfires and soccer games.

    I am so sorry that Kate is sick :-( Hope that she is not something serious and she bounces back in a day or two!

    Ladybug hugs,

  8. Miss Kate sure looks cute in the jeans -- actually, she looks cute in whatever she wears! The little Crocs are very cute, too. Hope she's feeling better soon.

  9. I love these pictures. She looks so darling. Hannah wore her first pair of jeans on Sunday. I love dresses too but they looks so cute in their little jeans.
    I am so sorry Kate is sick. Poor baby. Will be praying for you all.
    Miss you!

  10. She is so cute in those!!! Annslee will have to wear dresses this winter b/c she is so short and pants are too long!

  11. Kim,
    OK - I think the jeans are absolutely adorable on Kate. And, I love love love that sweater on her! She is ready to come to MN now, so jump on that plane will you! The fall colors are starting to pop here! I am so sorry to hear she has the crud again. YUCK!
    Hugs from Di and Ruby!

  12. The jeans are adorable! Sophia has a couple very cool pairs, but she and I both prefer the cotton, pull on pants w/pockets. Easy to get up and down, and now that she's potty trained, that's a must! Her jeans have a little belt, and she can't do her 'business' by herself if she wears them.

  13. I just love her in dresses.
    She looks darling in her jeans though, and that shirt is very cute too.
    I hope that she is back to feeling better soon. It is so hard when your children are sick.

  14. What a doll baby she is! Old Navy is great place for children'clothes...they have a ton of super cute things this season for playwear.

    Too cute! Hope Kate feels better soon.


  15. Kate and my daughter, Kamree, were in the same boat this summer. Kamree only had one pair of shorts, which were a gift, and a closet full of dresses. We do like capri pants though for cooler days. Let's face it -- Miss Kate looks adorable in everything she wears -- dresses or jeans! I hope she is feeling better soon!

  16. Kate looks adorable in her jeans and crocs and her cute little Old Navy tunic. She really does look precious in those little dresses and hairbows too! Sorry she isnt feeling well.

  17. She looks adorable in those jeans! Sorry she is sick. At least you had a couple nights of sleep! Hang in there.

  18. She looks adorable in her jeans and she will be nice and warm!

  19. I feel the same way! I am always looking for a sweet outfit versus jeans.
    I hope Kate feels better soon.

  20. Oh my goodness, Miss Katie Ru looks good in anything! :-) She makes wearing baby jeans look gooood. Heehee. I am a dress girl, too, but Kate may have swayed me to buy a few pairs of jeans for my girls!



  22. Ok, where to begin. Love the jeans (you knew I would, right?). You know how I feel about little ones in crocs. Too cute. Does Kate now like wearing shoes? If so, has she gotten her first pair of Uggs yet? Can't wait to see that!

    I do appreciate dresses. I got a new one today. It is very cute. But, I enjoy jeans as much as the next girl, and it's about time that Kate joined in on the fun.

    I'm so glad Kate slept through the night, but I'm sorry she's sick and is back to waking up.

    Thanks for calling today. I always love hearing from you.



  23. That is so cute (and sounds so familiar)...Lily wore a dress EVERY DAY this summer, and we are just now breaking out the jeans...I have to coax her into them! Kate looks darling in them.

    Hope she is feeling better very soon.

  24. She looks adorable in her jeans. I didn't get to Old Navy yet, maybe today we will venture out! Love the new "look", I bet Dave likes it :) I can't believe how tall she looks! Have to get that shirt!!!! Myah loves her crocs too and begs to wear them morning, noon and night! I see they have winter crocs now. Hmmm, might have to have those too! She loved her playgroup by the way!

  25. I love the jeans...but, I also love little winter dress with tights. I'm sure we will see Kate in both and she will be equally adorable!

  26. Kate looks just adorable in her new blue jeans and crocs!

  27. So funny - I feel the same way - I LOVE The dresses after having three boys!!! But yes, I guess you have to throw some jeans in there too for variety - AND I just bought the same shirt this weekend - too funny!!! We just have good taste!!

  28. Oh, a girl after my own heart, loving those dresses!
    She looks absolutely adorable in those jeans and the top is darling!
    How fun it must be to dress your little Kate!! She's always looking darling, you do a great job!! :D

  29. Awwww, I love little girls in jeans. Too cute. I love the dresses more because less clothing and easier getting dressed. But during the colder months I can see where tights and dresses might not be a great choice. She is cute.

  30. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to find yours!
    I also dress my two year old in dresses. People often ask me if she is having her picture taken when they see her dressed in dresses. We are only going to be able to dress them like this for a short time.
    I have decided that she does need some pants for the fall. I am trying to find cute tops to go with them.

  31. she is darling in her jeans and i will admit I covet the jacket too!
    BUT I will admit she is so beautiful in all of her dressess so what is a girl to do???
    She is beautiful in anything!!
    Still that jacket is gorgeous isn't IT!?? (LOL)
    Forgive us LORD for Coveting!!!


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