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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
I am not usually a fan of Survivor but I will definitely be watching this season. I was so excited to find out that it is being filmed in the province Kate is from in China (Jiangxi). I look forward to learning more about my daughter's birthplace and seeing the beautiful landscape. It starts this Thursday night!

I am working on Kate's videos (a few people have asked) but since I did not go to China...I need some help from my hubby identifying some photos. Also, I am still having trouble with the music. So, once Kate is healthy and sleeping I should have more time to work on them. I am still open to suggestions on how to get music on there. Everything I buy on-line is protected. I guess I have to go buy all the CD's?


  1. I haven't really watched Survivor either, but I will NOT be missing this one.

  2. Kim,

    I too am looking forward to Survivor. Although Mia is from Hunan, it is only one province away.

    I wanted to ask-- where did you get crocs that fit Kate? Mia still wears a size 2 (moving slowly into size 3) and crocs are too big. Am I missing something or do they make them smaller?

    Thanks tons,

    Christy :)

  3. I can't do Survivor and since there is no commercial tv at Casa Layden ~ the only way I see it is if someone tapes it for me and I don't think people tape shows anymore, they tevo :D

    I can tell how to get the music :D Call me when you get the chance and I will share the secrete.

    Ladybug hugs,

  4. We have watched Survivor for years, not the last few but we will be back to watch this one for sure!

  5. Kim,
    I will have to ask Chris if he knows what might be wrong with your music on the video.....he does our videos and he always buys the music online.....hmmmmm....

    I have yet to watch a Survivor....but I will probably not miss a minute of this series! Sophie is also from Jiangxi.


  6. Hey Kim, I am so excited! I am a big Survivor fan and the fact that it is in Jiangxi has me elated. I know it is going to make me sad when I see the wonder and beauty that we were only about 30 miles from and didn't get to see in person. But I can't wait to see more of Hannah's birth place too.
    Music- I burned the songs onto a CD and then downloaded them to my computer.... don't know if this will work for you but it might. I was using windows movie maker.
    Have a beautiful day...

  7. I can't wait to see the video when it's done. Can't help with the music though. I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to those things.

    Looking forward to survivor also.

  8. I haven't watched survivor since the first episode, but I am going to try and watch this season too :)

  9. If it's not too late into the editing may want to consider using instead of Windows Movie Player...I think it's extremely easy to use and free.

    They will publish to a movie for TV if you wish, or you can share with your friends through e-mail or the blog. I use it all the time and highly recommend it...very user-friendly. I had the best time putting together Leah's video.

    Link to check it out:

    As far as music goes, it's complicated, but very doable. If you purchase music through itunes, you will have to burn it on to a CD and "rip" it on to your windows media player, you can download a .mpeg3 converter for free off the internet (search in google will bring up tons of free converters). From there you can be able to upload any song.

    If you burn a CD, it will just need to be also uploaded into a .mpeg3 converter.

    Hope this information helps you and others...ff you have further questions, just let me know.


  10. I am really looking foward to the videos, but I don't have any knoweledge on how to get the music to work. :-) Sorry!

  11. Looking forward to Survivor, in fact, I hope I'm not missing it as I write! :0


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