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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Despite our heavy hearts regarding little Jude, we are enjoying our first vacation time as a family of five. Please continue to keep Jude and his family in your prayers (see previous post). He is making small advances and the family remains very hopeful. Tomorrow is an important day for the family and for some medical decisions so please continue your prayers. I want to share my favorite images of each peanut from yesterday. Moms, hugs your little ones tonight and pray for Jude to hug his Mom!

Katie Ru


This is "Chiquita." She is a banana spider that has taken up residence where we are vacationing. The maintenance man here is quite attached to her and he feeds her daily. Apparently, banana spiders are venomous but not deadly. Yeah! They must be common in this part of the US because I remember Daleea posting about one in her backyard.


  1. Beautiful photos of your children. I am still praying for Jude. And that spider is spooking me out : )

  2. Kim, all the photos are beautiful!
    I don't care for the spider, but you did a good job capturing him! ;)
    I haven't seen any of those around here, but I'll keep a look-out! :0
    I'm glad you're enjoying your time. it's not always easy when our hearts are heavy and thoughts are with those that are hurting.

  3. Praying for Jude - thanks for posting his story yesterday. My heart has been heavy all day - especially while watching my son and his best friend swimming in our pool today. Praying for a miracle. Your pictures are beautiful - enjoy your vaca!

  4. What darling pictures of your kids!! I just read Jude's journal today. My heart and prayers go out to them!

  5. Love the photos of the kids! I am glad that you are all enjoying your trip. Sorry to say it but I hate the spider photo. Sorry Chiquita.

    I keep thinking about Jude. I am glad you are still enjoying your trip and that you are making memories with the 3 peanuts.

    Hopefully we can chat when you get back.



  6. Kim, the girls are all so cute. Are they all the same age? How old are they? I just love their cute little faces.

  7. Hi - absolutely fabulous photos! You have to admit though, you have some pretty amazing material to work with. (ummm, except Chiquita - as Em puts it "everyone should be bug-phobic")

    Jude, c'mon kiddo - you can do it - we are all praying for you and your family. It is so humbling to watch God work through all who have been praying for a precious boy we do not know. Fortunately, He knows him well. Thanks Kim, for making us all aware. I hugged a little harder and held on a little tighter today...

  8. Oh my gosh that spider picture is gorgeous - a little scary, but gorgeous! And of course, Katie, harry and Will look as aodrable as ever!

    I just went to Jude's website and it just totally broke my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

  9. Discovered your blog through RMJ and Jewels of my heart.
    You have beautiful children. Looks like you all are having a great time on your vacation.
    Praying for Jude. That just breaks my heart.

  10. Love the pictures! I miss sweet Katie Ru, she is just amazing! I am so glad that you guys are having a wonderful trip.

    I am still praying for Jude and I am linking my blog to his.

    Ladybug hugs,

  11. Cute pics. We have those spiders here, but I can't say that I enjoy them.

  12. What a beautiful crew you have...including your spider LOL

    Glad you are having fun and I just sent out a prayer request to all my prayer warriors...come on Jude..wake up!!

  13. Nightmares I tell ya! Your giving me nightmares....from the spider of course.

    Great photos! Had a heavy heart while watching my 2 yr. curly headed boy swim. Thanks for the update.

  14. As always, gorgeous pictures of your family. The spider picture was good but may keep me awake tonight. :o)

    Thanks for the reminder to hug our children extra tight!

    Glad you're having fun together.

  15. Those are soem awesome photos. Very colorful. Must be an awesome camera ;-) (wink) JK.. I think every picture I've ever seen of yours is always really good! Looks like everyone is having fun.. Even that banana spider..ewww!

  16. Kim, the photos of your babies are breathtaking. You are quite the photographer! What does the maintainance man feed Chiqueta? A baby GOAT!!! Oh, how I dislike those things but your picture could be in a magazine.
    Still praying for Jude and his family and for a miracle!
    Miss you all so much!!!

    Hugs and kisses and more hugs

  17. oooooo ~ she's a beaut! We had a black widow in the garage a couple of weeks ago...Angela and I LOVE to examine cool bugs & spiders!

  18. Beautiful children you have...all of them. We enjoyed the pictures and are also praying for Jude's sad for them.


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