An brief update on Jude

Thursday, August 23, 2007
Handsome little Jude is still fighting for his life. According to the latest updates, all of the swelling is gone but there is still no brain activity. He was initiating some breaths yesterday but I did not read that today. Today is Jude's parents ninth wedding anniversary and their two older children plan to dress up as french waiters and serve them a much needed nice dinner. I am glad they plan to celebrate their marriage even with what they are going through. Today is one week since Jude's accident. Please continue your prayers.


  1. Hey Kim, thank you for the update. It is just so sad. How sweet their children are. I pray little Jude will get to dress up and participate in his Parent's 10th anniversary festivities.

  2. thank you for the update. I so pray for a miracle. I am so in awe of their strength. I admire their faith, and I know He does as well. With faith all things are possible.


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