Five things

Saturday, July 28, 2007
I am not too good at these memes. But since my good bloggy friend, Debbie tagged me, I am going to participate.

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. I had a one month old with horrendous colic! Changing diapers, midnight feedings, etc.
2. Visiting my mother in law in the hospital everyday (she was dying of cancer).
3. Trying to decide if I should go back to work as a professor at the University of Houston or stay at home with my new baby.
4. Seeing my son smile for the first time!
5. Just hanging on. It was a tough summer.

Five favorite snack foods: ( I will just add here that while I LOVE these foods, I am not a big snacker and we don't usually have these in our house. Two of the peanuts are allergic to wheat, dairy, soy, gluten and nuts, so we eat awfully healthy here)

1. Pizza
2. Whole Foods lightly salted potato chips (we always have these)

3. Dark chocolate
4. Ice cream

5. Good cheese and good pate

Five songs I know all of the lyrics to:
1. These are the days-Natalie Merchant
2. The National Anthem
3. Anything Motown
4. Something Beautiful--from Debbie's blog. It plays in my mind constantly.
5. I love the way the river goes. (Laurie Berkmar--Kate's favorite song. She hears it and sings it 100 times a day) Thanks ELO !

Five things I would do with a million dollars:

1. Give some away. Breast cancer research maybe. Help others adopt maybe.

2. I hate to talk money so I am skipping the rest.

Five Bad Habits:
1. Blogging ( my husband thinks so)
2. Expecting too much from myself and from others.
3. I probably spend more time on the computer and the phone than I ought to (although not really since Kate has come home--I have no time now.
4. Staying up too late! This is very new. I used to be in bed early but the past few months, I have been a night owl.
5. I am "refreshingly honest." Some people like this but others think it is "brutal honesty."

Things I like to do:
1. Shopping
2. Decorating and reading decorating magazines.
3. Entertaining (having other families over for dinner mostly)
4. Reading
5. Taking photographs (this is a new hobby).

Five things I would never wear again:
1. A bikini
2. A bikini
3. Purple Eyeshadow
4. A bikini
5. A thong (they are NOT comfortable)

Five people I tag:
Danielle, Lori, Jennifer, Daleea, and Lala.


  1. Kim I always love looking at your site and I love learning more about you. Wow a professor! What were you a professor of? My old neighbor's son had all of those allergies too, it was really hard to find snacks that we could serve him while he visited, I can imagine you eat very healthy. I loved the video of Kate laughing, she has a husky voice like Myah, it is so adorable. Hope you are having a nice weekend!

  2. I love these meme, nice way to get to know some facts about someone!

    BTW, those photos are all of Mali (

  3. Thanks for the insight...
    I also share some of your habits...too much late night blogging for me too -- can't seem to stop myself!

  4. Very's always interesting ro read these. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  5. I love your list! I can't believe some of the respomses you made. I brought you so much closer, like you are on old college friend and we were catching up! I especialy love it that pate is on your top five ~ it would have made my top 10! I LOVE a good pate, don't know to many people who do :D

    Oh and yes ~ I did e-mail Daleea!

  6. Me too. I am brutally honest. IF you don't want to know, don't ask me! lol.... Love the list.

  7. I love brutal honesty myself. Great list and I think you could rock the bikini world just fine sista!

  8. Love your list! It's so much fun to share with each other. No wonder when any of us finally get to meet we feel like we have know eachother forever. Thank you for tagging me. Things have been crazy this weekend, Hannah is super needy so I will post as soon as I get a chance... I also want to give witty answers but unfortunately my witt seems to have deserted me quite some time ago.

  9. Thanks for the tag! I just noticed that our "like to do" lists are similar! That's funny! I promise I didn't copy!!

    So getting you a thong bikini is out of the question?
    What if it's toile print?


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