Will's Birthday Party

Monday, June 25, 2007

Will had his 10th birthday party yesterday! It was a good old fashioned afternoon of pizza, watergun battles, slip and slide, water balloons, root beer floats (instead of cake-- Will's choice) and baseball! In this day and age, I think the art of the simple backyard birthday party has been lost. I was thrilled that this is exactly what my son asked for to celebrate his birthday.

Will is such an awesome kid. I plan to write a special post about him this week. But after a month of birthdays, a baptism, a big trip etc...I am exhausted. So, that will have to wait a few days. Sit back, pour yourself a root beer float and enjoy the slide show. I did.


  1. Looks like a lot of laughter!! Boys are so much fun!!
    Happy Birthday Will!! I look forward to your special post!

  2. ps I didn't have a root beer float although I wish I did, sounds quite good right now! But I did enjoy the slide show!!

  3. What a great party! I want a root beer float too. It's nice to see kids having some old fashioned fun.

    Happy Birthday Will! Congrats on entering double digits! That's quite the accomplishment.

    And Kim--thanks for agreeing with my last post. I always appreciate anyone who values my opinion. (just kidding).


  4. Root beer float...YUM!! Looks like a great time.

  5. Happy 10th birthday to Will! What a great celebration!

  6. Happy Birthday Will! Rootbeer floats are my favorite!

  7. What a fun party!!! Ten is a great age - I am enjoying my boys around that age as well - Will looks like such a sweet kid - both of your boys do - I think we need to live closer!!


    What an awesome party! I love it that Will is still playing with Lego’s ~ Ian does too. Has Will discovered the Lego Robotics yet ~ big time fun! From looking at these pictures, I think that Will and Ian would get along about as well as we do :D

    Ladybug hugs,

    BTW - You once mentioned that you have a porch like mine ~ well it looks like our backyards are pretty similar, except our lake is so sad because of the drought!

  9. Happy 10th Birthday Will....so glad he had a good time. I love RB Floats! ;)

  10. What a wonderful party! Everyone looks so happy. I love the backyard birthdays too. My son Zach usually chooses to have his friends come out and spend the day here on the lake. Tyler always chooses to go somewhere.
    Have a great day. Kate Emerson always melts me. She is just beautiful.

  11. That is the BEST kind of party. Good ol'fashioned fun. It looks like everyone had a good time, even Kate. I love her little outfit by the way.

    Happy belated birthday Will!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Will !

  13. What a funfilled, happy day for a wonderful boy. Looks like a blast!
    Happy Birthday Will.
    I am certain he will remember his special day for the rest of his life. Good for him!

  14. Kimber,
    I have a question for you! :)

    I was looking through your baby shower posts and I noticed that you received a giant play mat that is a brown color and it's quilted. Well, I absolutely LOVE it. Could you tell me where this was purchased please? Thanks SO much!!

  15. Happy Birthday to Will! It seems as my boys get older, parties at home have become their first choice, I love that too! (and Rootbeer Floats :)

  16. Lilly,
    I could not locate an e-mail for you. The playmat is from a comapny called Plain Mary. They are awesome. They are quilted ultrasude and Kate uses hers everyday. They are machine washable. Apparently they are all the rage among celebrity Moms and have been on E!

    You can find them on-line. It was an awesome shower gift!

    Let me know if you get one.


  17. Kimber,

    Thank you SO much! I just ordered one, it is just what I will need! Thank you again. :)


  18. Will,

    It looks like your party was so much fun. Wish we were there. I can't believe your 10 Will! Your such a amazing young man, so sweet and thoughtful, kind and caring. I could just keep going on and on... We are so proud of you!
    Happy 10th Bithday!

    Ashton loved talking to you and Harry the other night, he misses you so much.
    Aunt Dooney, Uncle Moon & Ashton

  19. Happy Birthday Will! What a cute kid he is!

  20. Happy Birthday Will!

    Now I want a root beer float and I don't have any root beer or vanilla ice cream . . .

  21. HAPPY B-DAY WILL! Great pic's and great party! Check my blog for my surprise!!!

  22. I LOVE rootbeer floats - but they are so... well, I save them for very special treats! Looks like everyone is settling in well - what a great idea for a 10th birthday party!! My FCC is planning a retro-halloween party for our tweens and teens! I can't wait to see them bob for apples!!

    Missy - mom to EFP

  23. Kim,

    Happy birthday to your Will :)!


  24. Happy Birthday Will! Slip n' Slides and water ballons sound like a VERY fun party!

    Julie H

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