The last one...I promise

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Kate's sweet little foot.

Harry and Dad

Kate and her Dada

The water being poured over Kate. I did pull out her organza bow at the last minute. She did not utter one sound as the water was poured over her head.

My side of the family

Dave's side of the family

"Uncle Neal"

"Aunt Tessa"


  1. What great pictures. I had to take a double take at your church. It looks A LOT like the church Ryan and I attend. I could only tell the difference because our priest looks different. :)

    Wonderful family pictures.

  2. This was a BIG day for your family, and technically it was two separate events so it makes perfect sense to me that you've wanted to share photos. Did you see how many times I mentioned my Disneyland trip? You had to include photos of the baptism, that gorgeous dress, Kate, Kate's foot, Kate's wardrobe change, and all your family & friends. (and if it makes you feel any better I posted a new and revised Disneyland video).

    Let me know if you had any problems with the attached background photos that I emailed you. Since I'm on a mac now I'm nervous sending things.


  3. And I changed my blog to I figured since I only have one fan (you) that now would be the time to do it. Technically, a mocha isn't an ice blended and the name just wasn't working for me.

  4. Those photos are so precious! She just looks so happy!

  5. Everyone looks happy and relaxed! Wonderful family memeories!

  6. What wonderful pictures! Kate Emerson is so beautiful and your whole family is just glowing.


  7. What a beautiful day you had! I am sure all of your family fell in love with her. She is just a little doll! Love all of the pictures, my motto is you can never take too many! Leslie

  8. The pictures were all beautiful! So happy you shared them.

  9. I love all of the pictures... your family is so beautiful. I love the photo of Kate's little foot and the one of Harry and Dad.... priceless...
    Can't wait to meet you in Hilton Head.

  10. I love the picture with her holding out her hand to Jesus and the one of her little foot! Beautiful - we have not had Hannah dedicated yet, but plan to in the fall. Hope you are having a ball in Texas! Enjoy old friends and making new memories.
    Blessings, The Beals

  11. What wonderful pictures. My favorite is the one of her little foot. So prcious. thanks for sharing your special day.

  12. All these pictures are beautiful! It was a VERY big and SPECIAL day for your family, so you deserve to put all the pictures you want! Miss Kate looks so precious in her little dress!

  13. Kim,

    The pictures are great! Kate looks so precious. Hope your trip is going well.

    Aunt Dooney

  14. No need to apologize!!! These pictures couldn't be any cuter.

    I love Kate's sweet little shoes.

    Mother to Lindy Li-Xiao
    Paperchasing for her mei mei

  15. What a sweet precious baby you have. Your family is beautiful.


  16. Wow! I missed alot while I was gone! How beautiful everyone and thing (especially the cake) looks! Enjoy!

    Mae says to tell you that she really likes that shoe "So cute" and yes that it a direct quote from the 3.5 year old! She is getting very specific tastes in clothing!

    Julie H

    ps - Episcopal or Catholic? Looks like our church

  17. Kim,
    How wonderful...I'm so happy for you all to be a family ~ you all have blended so well. Kate beams with love received from her family. Kim ~ you also beam with pride and joy.


  18. This day will never come again :D It's not everyday that you get baptized and celebrate a first birthday! Keep posting pictures and savory the memory! She is beautiful :D

  19. What a cute little pumpkin! Congratulations on such a special occasion.

    Beth in WI

    (I missed you over the past couple of weeks. It was good to get on tonight and catch up a bit on Kate.)


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