Kate and the road trip

Monday, June 18, 2007
Okay, so people keep asking me how Kate Emerson did on our 40 hour (20 each way) road trip last week. Well, this is how Kate's car seat looked. I realized that if I kept feeding her Ritz crackers, she was quiet and content. Now those of you who know me know that 1) I am a clean FREAK so you can imagine how I felt about these crumbs in her car seat and 2) we don't even eat Ritz crackers (they are NOT gluten free). But desperate times call for desperate measures.
One other little story...About an hour after we pulled out (kids all bathed and in their jammies), Kate got sick in the car. We were in a one lane construction zone and there was nowhere to pull over. I started to panic and made Dave pull over into the grass on the left side. I pulled off Kate's PJ's and Dave cleaned up the car (I would gag). I said we would have to toss those jammies. Will said, "Mom, you cannot throw those away. They are the first pajamas Kate ever wore in China." I quickly explained to Will that we have two pairs of the exact same jammies and I am sure that it is the other pair that she wore when they first got her. Isn't my son the sweetest?


  1. Oh, My Gosh! Ya'll are too cute! Looks like Hannah's car seat. I think she saves stuff to snack on later... lol
    What a sentimental sweet heart your little guy is.
    Can't wait to play on the beach in August... we will have a grand time.
    P.S. Are you DRIVING? LOL

  2. Kim,

    I'm a bit of a neat freak too but sometimes you just need to let go. It's so sweet that Will was so sentimental about Kate's pjs.

    Email me a backround photo any time and l'll edit your blog for you.


  3. Oh ~ I would have died! I am such a neat freak and so is LiLi! She would have thrown a fit having crumbs in her seat. There is no way I do throw up either! What a sweetie Will is to want to save the PJ's that was a real "awe" momment :D

  4. Oh....poor baby girl....that sounds like something Emmie would have said about Sophia.

    Thanks for your kind words. I'm hoping they are just about to Germany.

  5. How darling that your son remembered what his little sister wore. That is just priceless. Our carseats look like that on road trips too. I don't like the children eating in the car but when you are on the road you don't have much of a choice.

  6. Will has the sweetest heart! What a great story.

    I would have been the same with cleaning out the car. I can clean anything but that.

  7. What a sweet boy....glad you got her all cleaned up : )

  8. From one neat freak to another, I get it! :) We take road trips to FL several times a year and my kids can vouch for what a freak I can be. Before the suitcases can be loaded, the car must be detailed clean (and the house immaculate). On the road, I am constantly gathering crumbs, garbage and organizing clutter. When we stop, everyone must either clean their area, or stand with dad while I clean it. And it doesn't get any better when we get to our destination. Something about traveling brings out the OCD best in me. :D

    Will is a sweetie to want to save the jammies.



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