10 things I love

Tuesday, July 3, 2007
Heather initiated a photo challenge to post 10 photos that depict what "I love..." Since I am really trying to become a better photographer, I decided to participate this month (better late than never). Although, I did cheat a little. The rules indicate that all of the photos must be new (mine are not). Also, Elissa took one of mine. Hey, I have 3 kids...this is the best I could do;) Here are some things that I love.
I do love orchids and anyone who has ever been to my house can see that. I have them all over the place.

I love going to the beach with my family every summer. We go to Hilton Head each year and this picture is much lighter and cuter than it scanned. It was taken a few years ago (before I had digital). But I love it. The boys are being silly and having fun!

I love Christmas and decorating the house and the tree.

I am "slightly" addicted to this lemonade. It is very refreshing.

I absolutely LOVE peonies and I grow them in my yard.

Will's gorgeous eyes! Elissa took this one but it really shows his eyes.

My husband and our marriage ( and my front porch). I love them all!

Harry's freckles--they kiss his adorable little nose!

Kate's dimple (and smile)

I really love my kitchen. When we built our house, I spent tons of time thinking about all of the finishes and the design and the ceiling. We literally drew what we wanted and the architect created it. Although I love it even more when it is filled with good food, family and friends.

I also love my family, my friends, movies, books, libraries, decorating, gin and tonics, dark chocolate, whole foods' potato chips, pedicures, sterling silver, shelter magazines, cookbooks, the seasons, monograms, champagne, good food, the beach, hosting dinner parties, pizza and art. I absolutely love when Kate takes a nap (which she has not done for 3 days now) but I am too chicken to take a picture of that for fear of waking her! Check back tomorrow to see the 3 peanuts in their red, white and blue.


  1. Love the pics - new or not! Can't wait to see the next challenge!

    BTW - your check is in the mail today... the blog looks great. Sorry I couldn't get a better idea of what you were looking for....

  2. Beautiful pictures.... wonderful post...

  3. What a great entry! These are such beautiful photos. You have a lovely family and a gorgeous house!

  4. I love your list!

    What great picture ~ when ever you took them (mine were not new either :D) My favorite is Harry's freckles!

    Can you send he a sneak peak of Miss Kate Red, White, and blue ~ or a hint where you got it. Haven't found a thing I like for LiLi :( Not even Gymboree!

  5. Love your list, they are all perfect! What I really love is your kitchen! I love, love, love your kitchen....I want a tour of your house, oh won't you take us on one?

    Also, I totally get the nap thing. My day is just not the same without the little guy taking a nap.

  6. Kim,

    Great list. I also love Christmas (as you know), and orchids are my favorite flower.

    I also love your house and Kate's dimple too :) That is one of my favorite photos that you have posted of Kate (the one with her sitting in the Tiffany box would be my other favorite). She's so cute!

    I'm at my boyfriend's new apt right now waiting for him to get the keys. I got my new mac so I can stop obsessing, and we're back in LA on Thursday morning. It is SO hot here. So thankful for AC.


  7. I'm getting caught up on your blog! LOVE the new look--very pretty. I love your kitchen! It gets me excited to think about ours. I'm currently in the cabinet planning stage.

    Happy 4th! God Bless America!

  8. Terri (Daisybox)July 5, 2007 at 9:45 AM

    Happy 4th of July! I am contemplating building a new house...may I clone your kitchen? I love white marble.

  9. Oh man! I didn't know you were doing this- Heather and I were the first to "sign on" and I missed yours... so cool! I think mine are buried in the June archives somewhere... now on to read more of your blog. Love the look, and I don't care where peanuts/legumes come from. It's ART, not fact at the top of your header :O)

  10. Just found your blog. You take such beautiful pictures! Kate is absolutely a doll! Congrats on your beautiful family!


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