Kate's First Haircut (and a few other firsts)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007
It was a big day for Miss Kate Emerson! First, this morning as Harry was playing with Kate before school, she said, "Will." Now she has said, "Wi" before but this time she said "Will." I know she said it to Harry but he does look a lot like Will. I am very impressed with her verbal skills.

Then, I had to run something to the boys' school, so we had an impromptu visit to Harry's kindergarten class. She was quite the hit. She laughed and played with the kids and Harry was very proud of his little sister. Kate especially liked Miss Kristi and Mrs. Bear. She reached out for both of them to hold her but we aren't letting go of her just yet so she doesn't get confused about who Mom is. She played with Miss Kristi's face quite a bit though. We did not have time to visit Will's class today because we had to get a haircut, but we'll visit soon.

So, yes, then we went for a last minute haircut for Kate. She had these straggly pieces of "Donald Trump/Old Lady" hair that just needed to be trimmed. Dave was asking me everyday when I was going to get her hair trimmed! My salon is rather particular about children being there at all. So, we opted for the quick trip to the Hair Cuttery. I thought Kate would scream but she did very well.
Kate snuggled in my lap for the haircut.

She did do one little wimper.

They did a great job!


  1. Oh my, she is so beautiful! She looks so sweet with her new haircut!

  2. Oh she is just so cute. I absolutely love her little round face with those cheeks. What a doll!


  3. She is just a beauty. I love her new little hair cut...

  4. So happy for you all...Kate is so precious.

  5. What a princess! I cut my daughter's hair yesterday as well. I don't have any pics up yet. We aren't able to go to the salon anymore as she is 3 now, and knows what is going on. so now I have to cut it in the bathtub with the promise of a cookie later on!

  6. Aw, how sweet! Looks like she did good!

  7. Precious Kate, Aunt Doonie Loves the new "DOO"! You look so beautiful.


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