First time at Church

Monday, April 16, 2007
Kate and Mommy just before we left to go to Church for the first time. It has been cold and rainy here and Miss Kate Emerson does not really have cool weather clothes. It had better warm up soon so she can wear all of those beautiful dresses!

As we sat in Mass for the first time with Kate I thought of all of the years of Sundays I sat there and prayed for our daughter, prayed for her birth parents, her caregivers. I prayed for orphans and the families waiting to adopt them all over the world. I literally would state these intentions in front of our whole parish some weeks (sometimes embarrassing my kids and husband). My prayers have been answered. It was incredible to be holding her in Church this Sunday. I cannot tell you how many Sundays over the years I wondered if it would ever really happen. It has finally happened and it is wonderful. She was so sweet during the whole Mass. It was extra long because of a special choir and she had missed her morning nap, but she flirted with the young college men behind us and took it all in. She is an angel. We are so blessed.


  1. you the first time Annslee was in church with us I couldn't help remembering the months she wasn't. Kate is such a cutie!

  2. Great picture !
    I know exactly how you feel.
    What a blessing.

  3. Kim,

    What a blessing. We are only still in the paperchasing phase, but I sit with friends at church with 2 girls from China whom I adore, and think and pray those same thoughts. Will I one day be sitting here with my daughter (and a diaper bag, and juice, and toys:) I can only pray. Enjoy every minute with your daughter!


  4. I, too, know how you feel. I've sat in church many times thinking many of the same things. It's amazing to finally have Emma home and we feel so blessed as well.
    Kate is beautiful and her mom is sweet.

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to say congratulations. Your daughter is beautiful. Your family is so blessed!

  6. You little Kate just gets cuter by the day!

  7. I think that I love sitting in Mass with LiLi ~ well ~ more than just about any other place. Like Lala said, it is such a reminder of how precious and what a blessing she is.

    I have to share this with you. Before we went to China to bring LiLi home we decided that at dinner each night we would pray for the birth and foster parents. Well, after we came home Ian continued to do so. About two months ago I asked him why he still prayed for the birth parents and not the foster parents, after I noticed that he had dropped the foster parents from prayer. He said that the foster parents had gotten a new little girl to care for ~ so God had take care of them ~ and we send pictures of LiLi to them all the time. The birth parents had lost LiLi forever and he said that he probably would pray for them - forever. My eyes teared and my heart was touched that my little man grasped the magnitude of this.

    Have a blessed day with your angel!

  8. She's so LOVELY! Such a blessing, congratulations!

  9. Can't sleep so I am checking in on all of you! Kim - she just keeps getting more beautiful every time I open up your blog. They did a great job on her hair! Thanks for your message yesterday!


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