Twas the night before Beijing

Thursday, March 22, 2007
And all through the house...everything was being packed--even Scout!
Seriously, Scout knew something was going on and she snuck up the stairs and peeked into Kate's room to see what we were all doing in there. Then, when we brought the luggage downstairs, she hopped right inside Dave's suitcase and parked herself there.

Dave and Harry having some fun with Kate's toys instead of packing.

Will and Harry spent some "brotherly love" time together too. This morning they crawled into our bed for one last family cuddle before China. It was Will's idea.


  1. AWWW...too sweet. I know you will all miss each other during the trip but oh the fun you'll have when you are all FIVE together!!

  2. And they're off!!!!! Praying for all of you!!! I am so excited, I can't imagine how you feel!!! Soon Kate will be the fifth snuggler in your bed!!!! Hang in there Kim, soon you will have incredible news from afar!!!


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