Wednesday, March 21, 2007
I know.... what am I doing writing about Scout when Dave and Will leave in 24 hours? Well, people keep e-mailing me asking for a Scout here it is. I figured once Kate enters our life, I will not be posting about Scout.

Our little Scoutypants is now 4 months old and 10 pounds. We have had her two months. She is completely house trained and the sweetest dog in the world (and I am not a pet person). She is pretty mellow for a schnoodle puppy. She loves to cuddle and play fetch. She comes when called (most of the time). She has not ruined anything in our house unless you count the leg amputation of a small green army man from the boys playroom. She likes to sneak down to the playroom, grab a toy and bring it up to show me that she has one. She is fond of army men and legos. Scout also loves the blow dryer. She comes up to my bathroom when I get ready in the morning. As soon I turn on the blow dryer, she runs over and jumps up for me to shoot little warms puffs of air at her. Isn't that funny?

The boys love her and Will is really helpful in caring for her. Scout still thinks Harry is a chew toy but we are working on that. He will have to help a lot more while the Dave and Will are in China.

The "non-Scout" scoop is this. We are finishing up packing today. Everyone is SO excited. The boys fly from Richmond to Newark and then Newark to Beijing tomorrow. Please pray for safe travels and good health throughout their trip. They will post daily from China. Kate, your Daddy will have you in 5 days!


  1. Dave & Will,
    Have a wonderful trip. Our prayer are with you during your exciting adventure to Kate!
    The Chew Family

  2. Have an uneventful flight and a wonderful time in China with your new girl! Oh, we had a snoodle when I was little..great dog!

  3. Hi,

    I just recently started reading your blog. Good Luck on the upcoming travels to China. I'll definitely be following along.

    With regards to Scout...its a good thing she likes the blow dryer. If you ever decide to have her groomed like a schnauzer... liking the blow dryer will go a long way.

  4. I am so excited for your family! I have been praying for all of you, and will pray for very safe travels, good health, and a wonderful adjustment for little Kate! I hope your mom is doing well.


  5. Scout is so cute! I love dogs--I have to REALLY love dogs...Benjamin (our Saint Bernard) is HHIIGGHH maintenance :)

    Praying for safe & comfortable travels!


  6. Hi Kim,

    I will be praying for Dave and Will and before you know it they will be home with sweet Kate.

    You, Harry, and Scout have fun holding down the fort!

    May the days pass quickly until you have all of your family together.



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