Here she is!

Monday, March 26, 2007

I prayed for this child and the Lord granted my request.
1 Samuel 1:27

Daddy and Kate Emerson at the Gotcha moment.
Look at those tonsils! Or is it an uvula? Now, big brother has her laughing and smiling but there were lots of tears at first.

Will, Kate and Dave.

I have waited three long years to write those words at the top of this post. Those of you who know us well know that we came up against virtually every obstacle possible during this adoption process (including one falling through completely). So, today we rejoice in this miracle.

I have so much to tell. Kate cried a lot for about the first 6 hours but she is calming down now. She doesn't want the bottle but is loving solid food. Dave said she ate an entire bowl of congee (rice porridge) for dinner. She has four teeth. These pictures do not do her justice. She was very scared and now her face is so much more open and relaxed. I will post newer photos the moment Dave send them.

Will has been able to make her smile and laugh already! Dave will be sending those pictures soon. He is trying to get them all cleaned up and into pajamas and ready for bed. The poor guy is exhausted. Right after they got Kate, he had a full day of meetings and paperwork. He had a major panic moment when he could not find the most important document (the one is which I give my permission for him to adopt her without me). He said it took about 4 years off of his life but he did find it and all is well!

I have had the luxury of seeing my gorgeous daughter by videophone and it is AMAZING! To see her move and hear her gurgle and see Will roll around with her and make her laugh is absolutely priceless. They are in bed now or else I would be staring at her on the screen.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for our family during this journey. Please continue to pray that she attaches well and that Harry and I can make it another 9 days until we meet her!




  1. Kim my god daughter is positively beautiful. I can not bear to look at the first pictures of her crying but I love the last one of her with Dave and Will. I will be checking back often to see all of your updates. I love you Kate Emerson and can't wait to meet you! love, Staci

  2. Oh Kim! She is precious!!!!!!
    I stopped at my favorite internet cafe to see if you had posted yet!
    What a relief to know she is safe and with her Daddy and Will! You quoted my favorite verse for this very moment, so I will just close by saying CONGRATULATIONS on your precious daughter!!!! Soon you will have ribbons and bows everywhere you turn! And, lots and lots of pink!!!
    Blessings my friend!

  3. Kim,

    She is so beautiful and so big and healthy looking, too. It's great that Will got her to smile. He just might be your secret weapon in getting her through her transition. Congratulations...enjoy this amazing day!

    ps..Emma is a tiny 14.6 lbs and only a few weeks younger than Kate...your lucky Kate's an eater. Emma has no teeth and eats very little other than her formula/rice. I can't wait for her to gain a few son weighed that at 2 weeks!

  4. Kim,

    She is so beautiful!! I could not wait to see her face this morning! What an amazing Daddy and big brother she has! I am sharing in you joy this morning! Can't wait to follow the entire journey!

    Stacie Hrabe

  5. Kim,
    I've got goosebumps! Congratulations!

  6. Yeah! Congratulations - I am so excited for you - she is precious!!!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is SO beautiful & perfect! She is simply gorgeous! I am sure you will be counting every second until she is home in your arms but you must be so relieved that she is with her dad and Will. Many blessings to all of you!!! Prayers that the next 9 days fly by for you until Kate is in your arms. Congratulations again!!!



  8. Kim, just look at your baby girl- she is AMAZING!!! So beautiful- your daughter, your family, your whole story!

    What a gift to have been able to hear the gotcha moment by cell phone and to be able to see the other half of your family by video... It's all so sweet!

    Shana :)


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