Tuesday, February 6, 2007
Yesterday we received the translated files regrading "Dan Ru." It was very emotionally overwhelming to read about the first few months of our daughter's life. She was found at about one day old and immediately taken to the Social Welfare Institute of her town. Later that day, she was placed into the home of a local resident. She has been lovingly cared for by a foster Mom and Dad. The report indicates that she is very close to them.

The report said that Dan Ru has a good appetite and she laughs and gurgles loudly and happily when she is tickled. I know Will and Harry will love tickling her! Furthermore, she started uttering "yiyi-yaya" at about 3 months. Maybe that is the Chinese version of "googoo-gaga." When spoken to, little Dan Ru utters sounds in response. Looks like we'll have another talker in the house.

She reaches for toys and other small objects with both hands and tries to put them into her mouth. We will need to keep her away from the Playmobil and Lego pieces. The report says her favorite thing to do is stay outdoors in her caregivers arms.

The last sentence translates as:
"Little Dan Ru is a born happy, active, and quickly responsive baby who is very beautiful and healthy and strong with her limbs."

What more could we possibly ask for?

We need to choose her name today to begin her paperwork in China. I am still struggling with this decision but I will post it after we decide. I think I will probably decide in the bank office just before he notarizes it. It might be Annie Ru. It might be Kate Alden.

We are so happy that she is loved and well cared for. However, I feel sad that she will grieve for her foster parents. I also feel sad for them. They obviously love her very much. Since she is bonded and attached to them, she will know how to trust and bond with us. But there is no doubt that she will miss them desperately at first. Please pray that this transition is easy for her, her foster parents and us.


  1. I have been following your blog for a little while now, and wasn't sure if I wanted to suggest any names, but I almost posted the other day to tell you that as long as you chose a really classic name, like Kate (since your boys have very classic names that I happen to love) that you couldn't go wrong. I think Kate would be a beautiful name (I love it). I also think Emma, Claire...those types of names are really pretty.

    Whatever you decide will be perfect. She is healthy and beautiful, and will be a perfect addition to your blessed family. Congrautlations on your beautiful daughter.


  2. Danielle,

    I have to tell you that your comment really influenced my decision. My boys were lobbying for a trendier name (Georgia) but I am not a trendy name type person and your comment led me back to my favorite classic----Kate.

    Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it.


  3. Kim,

    I'm so glad that my comment helped you decide on Kate. I just had to comment when I read that you were considering Kate since I was going to suggest it the first place.

    I love the name Kate Emerson. It sounds so beautiful and classic. She's gorgeous, and the name really suits her. By the way, I love the nursery. It is really beautiful. I'm sure your boy's rooms are adorable.

    Congratulations again.



Thank you for your kindness.