Our Peanut's Orphanage

Saturday, February 3, 2007

I found this photo of the orphanage that our daughter is registered with on-line. However, it appears as though she is in foster care. When reading her documents it looks as if she is in foster care and the information on the orphanage states that most of the healthy babies go home to live with the nannies. So, we think she probably is at the orphanage with the other babies during the day. But she might go home with one of the nannies at night. It also said that her adoption files will be kept forever so our daughter will always be welcomed back to see her first home. The orphanage director encourages adoptive families to send pictures and updates of the babies to the nannies as they grow to love the babies very much. The small town where the orphanage is located is known for orange orchards. They produce a very small, sweet orange.

We also found out that our little pumpkin eats CAKE! A friend of a friend was so kind to translate some of the Chinese paperwork for us. He informed us that our daughter eats every three hours. Her diet includes fruit juice, mashed vegetables, rice soup and cake! This report was made when she was almost 6 months old. The report also stated that she laughs and giggles when played with and that she rolled over at 3 months old. She also uses baby talk with adults. We are so grateful for every little bit of information we get about her. We will know even more on Monday when we recieve the official translation.
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I will post more information in a day or two when I get it.


  1. Kim, I see you are becoming an expert on placing pix on your website. Congrats!

    Having that information is fabulous! Are you planning on sending a care package? Have you ever heard of the Blessings lady who sends packages from inside China?


  2. Snick,

    I did find that and I might do it. My agency is checking if we can send our own. Thanks for teaching me how to save these pictures! I would never have known how to do that.

    We get our translation tomorrow so I look forward to learning more about my daughter.

  3. CONGRATS!!! Our daughter, from Nanfeng, went home with her nanny at night. The nanny (Hu Shui Jing) was kind enough to give us a photo album with a nice letter for our daughter. We also sent a letter about a year later and she sent us a letter back. We included a voucher for postage from China to the US. She was very well cared for!
    Robin from Indiana


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