The Nursery

Thursday, February 1, 2007
I was so excited to finally have a girl's room to decorate. I loved doing the boys' baby rooms but the opportunity to do something girly was so much fun!
I am now working on her bathroom.

Her crib bedding is pink toile on the outside of the bumper pads and white popcorn chenille on the inside. The dust ruffle is a pink gingham with daisies at the border. This is the crib that Will and Harry both used. It even has their teeth marks on it.

Dave and our good friend, Rob hung this chandelier. Rob's wife and I were in DC Christmas shopping and looking at the White House Christmas decorations. They were in charge of five kids that day. Way to go Dads!

Here is her crib. Now we just need her!

These are the prints Dave and I hung yesterday.

I bought this cabinet right after we moved here (2 and 1/2 years ago) and knew it would look adorable in her room. I hope to fill it with special keepsakes. It is cuter in person.

This Aubusson Rug is what I have always pictured in my daughter's room. I found it while shopping a few weeks ago with my friend, Cathy. It has pretty shades of green, cream, and pink in it.

My Mom and I saw this doll when I was home in PA at Christmas and my Mom bought it. She is a Chinese babydoll and our little girl's first doll! Santa brought the doll cradle and bedding for Christmas.

A basket of books on the nightstand. I hope she enjoys reading as much as the rest of us do.

Ladybugs are a good luck symbol in Chinese adoption so I was so excited when I found this pink and green ladybug night light! It was cute, had meaning and fit into my decorating scheme. Red and black just would not have matched!

I re-painted the antique dresser a French Grey color with a light white colorwash over it. I also painted the antique mirror. I found it at an auction well over a year ago. The glass is silvered and distorted from age.


  1. What an incerdibly beautiful room!! It looks like a lot of love went into puting it together. What a luck girl!

  2. I agree! Her room is beautiful! I just came across your website (found the link on RQ) and wanted to see a picture of your baby. She's absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!

  3. Kim,
    You did a beautiful job on the nursery. I can tell that a lot of careful consideration went into every decision. The walls turned out perfect and I love the rug that you picked out! I know this room was a true labor of love and your baby girl is so blessed to have you! xoxo, Nickie

  4. What a gorgeous room... I can't believe the detail that went into it- beautiful!

  5. now that is what a little girl's nursery should look like! you have fabulous taste and that rug is incredible. you really did a wonderful job.



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