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Thursday, October 25, 2018
My apologies for not posting for a week.  I have been battling a serious illness for over a year now.  I was completely better and now I have regressed again.  So, I am trying to post 2/3 times a week.  Keep checking back but please understand If I have not posted, it is due to work and doctors and health stuff.  I plan to post a few recipes next and then another installment in the college application process.

I read a ton. It is one of my favorite things in the world to do.  I am in 3 book clubs and I read all kinds of books.  I also like almost everything I read so I hesitate to write critiques but I'll try here.

This week, I have already read these two books:

As the titles imply, these are about a Southern family of three sisters and their Mom and Grandmom.  They live in a coastal town in Georgia and the story revolves around their relationships and trials and tribulations. These are the first two books in a series of three.  I loved them.  They are light, easy reading and I felt like I knew each of the characters.  I want to be friends with this family in real life.  The characters are likable yet flawed and the story keeps you hooked.  I seriously cannot wait for the third book.  If you need something easy to entertain you, these books are great. I highly recommend them especially if you like beachy, Southern Chick-lit (which I love!).


Now, if you like suspense and mystery, I read this one a few weeks ago.  It was Reese Witherspoon's book club pick a month or two ago. If you liked Gone Girl and those other twisty, turny dark mysteries, this is good.  Sometimes I like them and sometimes they make me too jittery.  I liked this one.  I like to completely mix up the types of books I read so this is completely opposite of the light ones above.  The plot kept me interested and even Dave (who doesn't read much) read it on a long flight and enjoyed it.

I also really enjoyed this book this month.  As you know, I am afraid of flying and I was not sure I could handle this book because there is some of that in there.  But I ultimately really liked it.  It deals with injury, love, recovery, family secrets, strength and redemption.  I read this book in about 2 days.  I enjoyed it a lot.

These next two books are so good.  I read Beartown at least a year ago for one of my bookclubs and I am currently reading the sequel, Us against You (also for bookclub). The author, Fredrik Backman (A Man called Ove) is such a gifted writer.  He takes a long time to set the scene and introduce the reader to the large cast of characters in this novel but once he does, you cannot put it down. You feel like you are living in the town and part of the community.  Beartown deals with a sexual assault in a small hockey town and is very timely given our current political climate.  I read it before the Brett Kavanugh hearings but one of my other bookclubs read it that week and we had quite the lively discussion.  I honestly had no desire to read this book given the description but it draws you in.  I think this author is so gifted at writing three dimensional characters that the reader grows to love.

Another book that dealt with teen issues and community was All we ever wanted.  I like Emily Giffin for her light chick lit books about marriage and motherhood.  However, this one was different in that the subject matter was much more serious.  It takes place in a wealthy suburb of Nashville.  A mother is faced with the possibility that her son (who is headed off to an Ivy league college) has done something horrible.  While the subject matter was heavier than her usual books, I really liked this book.  It is timely as it deals with sexual misconduct and social media.  It deals with all of the pressures that today's teens face.  Having a senior in high school, I could empathize with many of the characters.

I have also ordered several books for Kate from Amazon recently.  I typically read on my iPad but I get her the physical books and that is what she prefers.  I took a chance on this series and she has loved it!  Kate is kind of sick of reading your typical "middle school" books.  She has flown through this 3 book series though.  It is probably on the easy side for her  as it is recommended for 10 and up and grades 5-6.  She is 12 and in 6th grade but she loves them. I love that they have a brave young female as the lead character.

I could go on and on but I am out of time and energy.  Let me know if you like these posts and any of your favorite books in the comments please.  Have a great weekend!!!

Disclosure:  Some of the links on my website are affiliate links. Many links on this blog are not.  I like to share with you where I get the things I love.  I have done this long before affiliate links existed. This means that if you purchase an item from an affiliate link here, I may receive a small commission.  I only link to products/companies that I like and use. I have never been compensated in exchange for a blog post.


  1. I just added Bear Town and All We Ever Wanted to my list! My favorites lately are:
    Girl at War - about a girl living in Yugoslavia during the civil war in the 1990's, her life during the war and an escape to America.
    Pachinko - about a family living in Korea in the early 1900's and how the family grows and evolves eventually moving to Japan.
    Homegoing - follows half two sisters who didn't know about each other and the generations that follow them in Ghana and eventually America.
    A Place for Us - an American Indian Muslim family of 5 living in CA and their lives.
    I thought these were all amazing and have characters that you continue to think about after the book is finished! Not exactly beach reads...

    1. They were really good. I look forward to looking up yours. I have been reading mostly light stuff to distract me from the heavy stuff I deal with in my office etc:)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love to read also, and just read The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell in one of my bookclubs. I really enjoyed it!

    1. I will look that one up. i am always looking for new reads. thank you.

  3. I sincerely hope that you get over your illness. I am praying for you. I love your blog and your honesty. I started reading your blog because I have a 13-year-old adopted daughter from China too. Her name is Kyra and other child Joseph is the same age as Kate.

  4. I hope you are well. I am thinking of you.


Thank you for your kindness.