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Thursday, October 4, 2018
First a giant THANK YOU!  I simply cannot believe the number of encouraging and supportive messages I got yesterday (mostly through IG direct messages).  You guys know how to make a person feel good.  I truly had no idea that many of you really missed our blog.

I thought I'd give a family update here since many of you said you really miss that. It's long.


(this was at the MFA Houston Bambu exhibit this summer)

Dave doesn't have social media so I try to keep his profile low but he doing well.  He is golfing a bit, fishing and working.  He travels to Spain and France and Israel for work sometimes.


IMG_1142 2
 (Will leaving for his junior year of college in August)

Will is in his 3rd year of college and doing really well. He turned 21 this summer and we celebrated in PA (post to come). He is in a fraternity which I have mixed feelings about but I think he has found a really healthy balance of activities in college.  He is majoring in Environmental Earth Science and Sustainability.  He also has a focus (maybe a minor) in Geology and is usually on the Dean's list. He works in a biology lab doing limnology research.  I don't know exactly what he does but it involves plankton and larvae and water:)  He is involved in some Christian groups on campus and is a Scholar Leader this year. This January he will be doing a J-term study abroad in Italy.  As a science major, he could not really do a semester abroad because they do not offer the courses/labs he needs but this should be a fun experience for him.  He will be in Rome with a short trip to Florence.  He is looking for a summer internship for 2019 in Environmental Science or Sustainability and is willing to go anywhere for the opportunity.  So, let me know if you know of any!  It is hard to find internships in that field. I am so incredibly proud of the man he has become.


(A fabulous event Harry planned and put on last Spring)

Harry is doing great. He finished his 10th and final year at Camp Ozark this summer and had a blast.  That place is etched deep in his heart. He is a senior at an all boy college prep school and ready to get on to his next adventure.  Lots of you asked about his migraines. They are pretty much gone.  He will get one occasionally but overall they are rare.  He has become an incredible photographer and focuses mostly on music/concert photography.  He is also still an entrepreneur and has so many fabulous business ideas going.  Harry is my kid who really did not like reading but once he found books on building businesses and marketing etc, he has his nose in a book a lot. He has applied to 8 colleges (UT, Baylor, Loyola New Orleans, Tulane, Loyola Marymount, University of San Diego, USC and University of Santa Clara).  He is super smart and I think he will have some great choices.  He refused to apply to any of the excellent business schools up north because he hates the cold! I truly cannot believe he will be gone in 10 months but he never really loved high school and is wise beyond his years.  College will be so good for him.

(Harry went to Seaside this summer with another family and lots of friends.)

(Kate's elementary school graduation)


Kate is in middle school and very busy.  As many of you know she quit competitive gymnastics and it turned out to be a great decision (going to write a post on this soon).  She ended up going back to dance and has just flourished.  Last Spring, she was invited to participate in a photography class through Rice University and loved it.  She is doing magnet dance, art and gymnastics at her school and she wants to join everything!  She dances at our local studio and auditioned for the company this year and made it.  She is in 4 company dances this year so she is at the studio 6 days a week.  I was very hesitant for her to dance so much but it is about 11 hours a week which is HALF the time she was in the gym.  She manages it well with homework and has all A's. She really loves dance and there is none of the pressure that stressed her out in gymnastics. She has a fabulous group of girls she dances with and they are all friends. She is so happy.  She still loves to bake but I don't love all that sugar in our house so we have cut down on that a little bit.  She bakes for friends and has a few "customers" who pay her for cookies etc.  She loves to read and is just a happy 12 year old.

(Scout is good too.  She is almost 12 years old so slowing down a bit but such a sweet dog)

I am pretty good.  I actually had a very rough year.  I won't go into specifics but I got very very sick after Hurricane Harvey.  I lost weight, couldn't eat and had some serious infections.  I have worked really hard to get myself healthy again.  I had some relapses and setbacks but I am doing well.  I work part time in my office a few blocks from home seeing clients for marriage, relationship, parenting and life coaching/counseling.  I also speak about once a month at schools, churches and other organizations on Parenting and Family and Marriage.  My most popular talks this year are on Technology and Kids and Boundaries in families. I love my job.  There is no better feeling than knowing you are helping someone make their family or marriage stronger.  And I have the best clients.  I am also in a few book clubs that I really enjoy, a fabulous women's prayer group that meets once a week and I still go to Bar Method for exercise.  I try to go about 3-4 days a week but with my health issues it has been sporadic this year.

So that is where we all are today.  As I proofread, I realized that it sounds like a lot of bragging about my kids.  Let me add...we have our fair share of talking back and anxiety and mood swings and other problems in our house.  We do.  I definitely am sharing the ups here.  And for the most part, these kids are pretty easy and I am super proud of them in their own unique ways.

So far people have said they want to see recipes, fashion, family updates and parenting topics.  Let me know in the comments if you have other suggestions for blogging topics.


  1. You made my day! I have been following your blog since my daughter was a baby, she is now 8! This is the only blog I will come back and check occasionally even though you stop posting! Can't wait to read about Kate's Gymnastics experience!

  2. So glad you are blogging again! I am here are reading.
    Harry and Will look so much alike! And Harry really should have applied to Loyola in Maryland!
    Glad Kate is loving dance and that you are feeling better. xo

    1. He loves the Jesuit school but even Maryland is too cold for Harry;) I have a feeling he will end up in CA!

  3. Thanks for the update, Kim! I've been reading since shortly after Kate joined your family, so I feel like I've "known" your family for a long time. So glad to hear everyone's doing well.

  4. As someone who followed your blog over the years, but never kept up on Instagram, I enjoyed this update. Harry and Kate have grown up so much! It has been fun to watch your family grow :)

    1. Thank you Laura. My IG is private but if you let me know , I will happily approve you. I post much more regularly there.

  5. Although I keep up with you on IG, I'm so glad to get a more in depth update on your family. You have every right to brag..they are beautiful, handsome and talented young people. You and Dave have done a magnificent job raising your children to be contributing members of society. I'm so glad your health has improved, I was worried about you for a while. I wish I lived close enough to be one of Kate's "customers", I'd sure get her to bake me something!

    I stopped blogging 2 years ago and have no plans to blog again...I'm enjoying Instagram so much more. I do hope you post on here from time to time and in the meantime see you on IG!

  6. so nice to hear from you!! missed your blog. also several of my friends work at burns & mcdonnell here in kc & i'm sure they'd give your son a rec on an internship, feel free to email me

    1. Sally, I just forwarded the link to Will. I will email you or Will will. Thank you for the suggestion. he will apply this weekend. His school brings in tons of companies for business majors to intern with but it is harder to find the science ones and a personal contact is always good.

  7. I'm so glad to see you back on blogging! I have kept checking back and hoping that you would come back someday. I love your sweet family and your stories always fill my heart with such warmth and love. Sorry to hear you've been sick--I hope you fully recover soon!

  8. It makes me happy to read this update, although I see you on Instagram all the time. I am glad you have decided to blog again. Just last night, I got "photo" on my Mac fixed finally! I had been having issues with Photo off and on for about six months and put off getting it fixed for so long. I really forgot about it. I plan on getting my blog updated in the next few days. I use it as my family's scrapbook and it makes me said that I am behind. You have a sweet family. I cannot believe how grown the peanuts are compared to when you first started blogging.

  9. I feel like I've come home when I saw your blog was back up and running! I've been reading since your Kate was just a little thing and here she is 12 yrs old! The last thing I read was when Will was getting ready to go to college and Harry was starting high school. I'm so happy to see you all are well! I'll be catching up with your past posts and praying you all stay healthy. Thanks for your catching us up!


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