Prom 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015
To say it was a busy weekend would be an understatement.  Friday night was Will's prom.  I was supposed to host the pre-prom dinner for 12 kids and all the parents.  And we were going to do photos at our house and the park nearby.  We were really looking forward to that.

However,  Will's group of best friends are all on the varsity baseball team. Will is not on the baseball team.  He plays water polo.  Anyway, the baseball players had a playoff game on prom night.  So, Will and his date were solo for the pre-prom activities.  I know they were disappointed initially but they ended up going to a very nice restaurant and then meeting up with their friends at the prom.  Then they had a short after party at another one of our friends' houses.  But due to another baseball game the following day, they were all home by 12:45!  I was glad about that since the next morning was Kate's first holy communion.


We were thrilled that my Mom flew in from PA to be with us this weekend for Will's prom, Kate's Communion and Mother's Day!

She is very proud of her grandchildren and they were so happy to have here here.


Dave and Will goofing around.


Kate and Will goofing around!


And Elizabeth arrives...


Elizabeth is beautiful inside and out.

This one cracks me up.  It's like Will is thinking "Please don't stab me!"



The Moms.


Elizabeth and her Mom.



One quick one with little sis before we head to the park...






Will said they had an awesome time at Prom.  He had lots of fun candids from the photo booth.  


  1. Oops, I don't know if my comment went through or not or if this is a double, but if it is than just delete it! He looks so handsome and she is so lovely. He looks so much like you! I find the one where she is pinning his rose on him hilarious! Dad is a wise cracker too! Must be a little bittersweet as this is his last prom-no? Is he graduating this year or next! Anyway, I am sure you can remember the day he was placed in your arms as if it was yesterday. Babies sure don't keep! Great photos!

    1. Thank you Kelleyn. Will is a junior so we have one more year with him:) He could be a senior but he gave him an extra year in PK.

  2. Sweet couple! Must have been a really fun weekend for the whole family! Love that your Mom was there!

    1. Thank you Janet. it was a lovely and exhausting weekend. Hope you and a lovely Mother's Day!

  3. Wow--what a busy weekend you had! Will and his date are a great looking couple. Her dress is a beautiful color, and I love that she kept her look simple and classic. When she looks back at her prom pics in 20 years, she will be so happy she chose this look! Unlike the rest of us haha--mine was such a disaster

    1. Danielle, Thank you. Elizabeth and Will are equally as beautiful on the inside. And yes, her look is gorgeous and classic and mine was not for prom!

  4. Love the color of his dates dress. Will looks so mature!

    I had a lacrosse playoff game the night of my junior prom. I will say, it didn't make for great pictures! I was still red from running around!!! (and my dress was red - and so was my dates hair - ha.)

    1. MCW I am totally picturing the red face in the red dress.

  5. So fun! They look gorgeous together and so lit up inside. Sounds like a very special weekend. I look forward to hearing more.

    1. Thank you Cyndy. Will said hey had a great time

  6. Beautiful, they look really great. We don't have prom in France. We miss it !!!

    1. Thank you Anne-Laure! No Prom in France? That is a shame. It is a fun high school milestone here:)


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