Spring shorts

Saturday, February 28, 2015
I really hurt my upper back somehow.  I am not really sure what I did to it.  I might have injured it in my Barre class.  I have stuck with the bar method now for 18 months. Can you believe that?! I try to go 4 times a week but this week, I have been in bed with heat or ice on my back.  I am having muscle spasms next to and under my shoulder blades in the mid back.  It literally hurts to breathe sometimes.  I went to the doctor yesterday and he gave me muscle relaxers but they knock me out cold.  Which is fine if I want to sleep all day but that is kind of hard to do with 3 kids and a practice to run.

My back feels feels fine when I wake up and then as soon as I start moving around the spasms return with a vengence.

Anyway, I have spent a lot of time in my bed surfing the internet, reading and watching TV.  That's not always good because I like to shop via the internet.  My husband some people might even say that I have a slight internet shopping addiction. But for the sake of this post, let's just ignore those people.

So, I needed some new shorts.  I was wearing my shorts kinda long.  But now that I actually have muscle tone in my legs (and the style is shorter), I decided to freshen up my short wardrobe.  Keep in mind that Summer last about 6-8 months in Houston.  So, I wear shorts A LOT.


I ordered these and they arrived the other day.  They are so cute.  The fabric, colors and fit are awesome. They are longer on me than the model  (I'm shorter:) They run a tad big. Although it is so hard to tell with vanity sizing these days.  I am typically a 2 or 4 in shorts.  I do not like them tight. The 2 was perfect for me in these.

I also ordered these.  This length is a little more modest but still looks fresh and not dated (like my old shorts).  I love these.  They fit perfectly and will match a lot.  They were very flattering on.


Finally, I ordered these.  I was hesitant as I thought they might be too similar to the top ones.  But they are my favorite.  The material is a pique and the pattern is so cute in person. The lengths on all of these are perfect.

I am 47 years old so I do not feel comfortable in  really short shorts but I also was feeling frumpy in my longer (7 inch) shorts. These all seem to be the perfect compromise.  They are a classic cut but look on trend.

I also spotted these on sale and grabbed a pair in pink and white.


I bought the 5 inch length but they also come in 3 and 1/2 inch length. 



Usually, I am not a fan of denim shorts.  But these are the MOST comfortable shorts! Between my reward points and the sale, they were so inexpensive, I decided to give them a try.  And I am so glad that I did. I already wore them once and got compliments on them.  You might want to size down one size as these are loose fitting.



And finally for Kate, this is the BEST purchase I have made.  It is her favorite article of clothing right now  In fact, I went back and ordered it in the lighter wash since she loves it so much and wants to wear it everyday.  If it came in my size, I'd order it for me.

Oh wait, They did just get a adult version! 


I might have to try this one.

These shorts for girls are really cute too.


These are all GREAT deals right now.  If you have a card use code STYLE for 40% off and code PREVIEW for 30% off if you don't have a card.  I rarely shop in stores anymore.  I hate driving around town and have limited time between working and mom/family stuff.  Plus, there always seem to be great sales online that are not necessarily happening in store.

I think we are all set on shorts for now.  But since I am kind of bed bound until this muscle stops torturing me, I'll probably do some more pretend internet shopping posts.

Disclosure Note:  This post contains some affiliate links and if you purchase items after clicking on links I may receive a small commission from the company (at no cost to you). I only link to products or companies I have used and loved. Thank you.


  1. I'm so sorry you've been in pain :( I can also relate to your internet shopping "issue." It's my favorite way to shop, which is good for me (even if my husband disagrees)!

  2. I wear skirts in the summer that are made of light weight cotton. I don't feel comfortable in short shorts and like you the longer shorts just don't seem kind of frumpy and masculine.

    1. I use to wear skirts all the time too Kelleyn. I even got an adorable navy pleated polka dot one from Old Navy this month for like $8. But I have found as much as I am on the move, driving and running around, sitting watching lax games or water polo, riding bikes with Kate etc.now I prefer shorts.

  3. So sorry about your back pain. I struggle with back issues, lower back and certainly know the pain. Hope you get some relief soon. Great post on shorts! It has been a cool Florida winter and I am ready to break out the shorts!

    1. This is upper back muscle spasms and it is driving me NUTS! I am sick of sitting at home but when I move around the pain is unbearable. I am ready for shorts too!!! We have another COLD front coming our way this week though. So glad I don't live up north.

  4. I hope your back feel better soon!! That is awful! Those new shorts will look so cute on you! Love the patterns. I know you work out with your barre class but do you follow any dieting rules to keep your great figure?

    1. Thanks Chrissy! Well, it's funny you asked about my diet. I bounce back and forth between eating very healthy and avoiding gluten (which is really best for me as I get a lot of inflammation from it) to getting in a rut where I don't eat healthy. Due to this muscle spasm in my back, I am going to be very disciplined and not eat a drop of gluten all of March and see if it helps. I have gained some weight over the last 5 years and it bothers me but I love food and I try to make good choices. It's so hard though.

    2. I hear a lot about avoiding gluten and the benefits of it. Do you count calories?

    3. I have a gluten sensitivity that is quite debilitating. It gives me nerve inflammation so it is something I avoid for health rather than weight. I have to admit that I am kind of lucky that I have a decent metabolism. I don't count calories. I would not even know how to. I pretty much eat when I am hungry and aside from gluten, I eat what I want. I am not a huge snacker and I don't like feeling full. But I also don't have good willpower so I will eat ice cream and chips a few times a week. Honestly, the less I think about food and weight, the better I do.

  5. If you got the legs...flaunt them! I wish I did! I wasn't blessed with good legs, no matter how much I work out. Plus my knees are usually swollen, which means I rarely wear shorts. Certainly not ones with a pattern. I need to go to the Loft...just not for shorts :)

    1. I am not sure I'd say that I have good legs MCW but for someone my age, I am OK with them. Plus it is so stinking HOT here int he summer, I don't have much choice. I would bet you look fabulous in shorts . You are in great shape. I fear that I ma going to lose all of my muscle tone since I have to stop working out for a little while due to this muscle spasm issue.

  6. I'm so sorry about your back pain! It's the worst--there is literally no activity it doesn't affect. I hope you find some relief soon. I love your fashion posts! I am a huge online shopper and Old Navy fan as well. I just can't imagine dragging my 4 year old and 18 month old all over a mall to find something, especially because I am also petite, so finding bottoms is always a chore. I usually do my online shopping when they are in bed. Recently, there was a commercial on TV that talked about a mall, and my 4 year old said "Mom, what IS a mall?" My husband thought it was so weird that he didn't know, but I actually was kind of proud! I don't know how moms did it before the internet!

    1. Danielle, I always really enjoy your comments. I loathe malls. I really do not like shopping in person. I much prefer internet shopping:) I don't mind running things back to the store but luckily I am brand loyal so I know my sizes in particular brands. So funny that your son did not know what a mall was.


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