Cotillion 2015

Saturday, February 7, 2015
A few weeks ago, Will was invited to go to Cotillion with a friend of his.  I love Will's high school friend group.  He went into his high school not really knowing anyone.  He did not come from one of their typical feeder schools and I was concerned about him making friends. (BTW--Harry will likely be in the same situation and I am praying about it already.)  But, Will has found awesome friends who, for the most part, have the same values and morals as he does.  They are good students, dedicated athletes and responsible kids.  They are respectful.

As these dances roll around (homecoming, winter formal, cotillion, prom), it seems that it is always the same group of guys and girls going together.  I have gotten to know a lot of the parents as there are always little parities or dinners before hand and the parents have always been invited. I love that.  And our kids actually seem to enjoy us being there and taking photos.  In fact, Will has already asked us to host his senior homecoming dinner.

This one was hosted by some parents at a beautiful country club.  They had food for the kids and cocktails for the parents.  It was lovely.  I cherish all of these moments of Will's high school life.  As I write this, Will is at school taking his ACT.  I have one more year with him at home.  Only one more year of these dances and memories. I know there will be college memories (parent's weekends) but I am soaking in as much of this as I can.



Will's date, Elizabeth is such a sweet person.
They have been friends for a few years and I really like her.

I took a few photos of Elizabeth and her Mom.





These are a few of Will's best friends, Caroline and David.



Thomas, David, Gunther and Will

DSC_9637 cotaut_9651

Will is good friends with both of these girls and their Moms asked me to get a photo…

Tori, Will and Elizabeth

I love these candids too…



DSC_9658 DSC_9657 DSC_9659

One of my favorite parts of this night (and something I want to remember) is that many of the Moms, Dads and girls went out of their way to tell me how much how highly they think of Will. It warmed my heart to hear that Will is the respectful gentleman that we raised him to be and that these friends and parents see that in him.


  1. I love how the girls dresses are modest. Beautiful! Fun times! Going to Cotillion were some of my funnest memories!

    1. Me too. I have noticed that at all his dances. There are dress codes as these are private schools/functions.

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  3. Wow -- what sweet photos of Will and his friends! So nice that the parents are involved and the kids enjoy having them around. Hope the ACT went well for Will!

  4. I love her dress!!! Beautiful couple! I can not believe he's almost a senior!! So many amazing things ahead for your handsome boy!!!! It really does go to fast!

    1. Thank you Diana! I do love how involved the parents in Will's friend group are. We have an awesome gout of kids who are doing amazing things. I could not be more proud of Will's heart and faith.

  5. I love the pictures! And it truly is the ultimate compliment that your teenager wants you to host his homecoming dinner!

    1. Aww I know Danielle. Will and I are pretty close. I am very thankful for the relationship we have.

  6. I wish I looked half as good as these girls do in high school!

  7. Elizabeth's dress is stunning! It's always nice when parents get compliments on their kids. Parenting is such a hard job, it's good to hear, "job well done".

    1. I agree… this parenting stuff is so much work. And I LOVE Elizabeth's dress too. I think it was one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. And she wore it perfectly.

  8. How lucky are they to have you take such beautiful pictures of them?! Beautiful pictures and beautiful kids! I have a technical question for you - did you use an external flash for the pictures inside? Great job, Kim!

    1. Yes Catherine. I did use an external flash. It really makes all the difference. And thank you for your kind words. I love this stuff.


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