Winner and Santa

Thursday, November 27, 2014
Congratulations to Allison F. for winning the Minted Giveaway for $250.  Minted did not let me know the winner right away so that was the reason for the slight delay.  We contacted Allison and she was thrilled.  My cards from Minted arrived this week and they are so cute.  I cannot wait to share them here. If you still need to order, click on the ad on my sidebar, there are lots of discounts and specials.

So, as I write this post I realized I never posted about Halloween. Yikes. Going to try to squeeze that in this week.  I love looking back at the holiday events from year to year on the blog so I don't want to miss it.

Yesterday, we followed our annual tradition of going to see Santa.  I despise crowds and I am not a fan of malls either.  So, we have always tried to go the day before Thanksgiving right when they open.  It is usually not crowded at all.  Then we go to the food court and let the kids eat whatever they want. I always try to suggest a nicer restaurant but they like the opportunity to eat fast food;)

As we were half way to the Galleria, I realized that I left my fully charged, good camera sitting by the front door at home.  So, all I had was my iPhone (which I vowed never to do again after last year!).  I let it go pretty easily though realizing it is not about the photos but the experience and the tradition (that is HUGE progress for me BTW).

While I was fine about it yesterday, I am a little disappointed today.  I must be shaky cause these are all blurry.  Will has promised to go visit Santa with us until he goes to college.  And Harry promised to go until Will stops.  So I am pretty sad to say that next year is likely the last year for our whole family to do this.  I am sure I will take Kate for as long as she'd like to go though.


I always take a couple of photos waiting in line.  We got to see Santa arrive too since we were early.


Harry and Will kept wanting to mess with Kate's bun. 


When Santa greeted Kate, he complimented her "beautiful dimple."

He also asked Harry if I was his sister.  Wish I had that on video.  Santa's quite the charmer!
And he has a Southern accent.


Kate asked Santa for a beam.  She wants a gymnastics beam for our house.  Santa did not respond so she is concerned that he thought she said "beans."  Harry wants a go pro camera and Will said he doesn't need/want anything.




After Santa, we went to the Tesla store.  Harry and Will enjoyed playing around there.  I realized that in exactly a year, Harry could get his driving permit!!!!!  Can you believe that?!





I feel very blessed and full of gratitude this year.  I have everything that matters in life...God, a fabulous husband who decides to love me everyday (even though I am sure it is very hard some days), three kids who are faithful, smart, funny, and kind.  We are surrounded with good and caring friends and family. And we have our health.

I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. I love this tradition!! And I just can't believe that Will is now a MAN! With no shave November? Such handsome young men and a beautiful dimpled princess!! Happy Thanksgiving and a very blessed holiday to all of you!

  2. Where did your babies go?!?! Love this tradition. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Such a cute photo. I cannot believe Harry will be getting his permit in a YEAR!

    Every once in awhile my mom asks how people are doing that she saw commenting on my blog. This past weekend she got an update on the Swales family ;)


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