Kate, the gymnast

Sunday, September 7, 2014
I cannot believe that a whole month flew by without a post here!  All 3 kids went back to school and I ramped up at work and in my volunteer work and life has just been full (trying not to use the b- word).

I hope to post back to school pictures and some other things from summer but I had to post this first.

I don't write much on here (at least I don't think I do) about Kate's gymnastics.  She trains 3 days a week for 3 and 1/2 or 4 hours a day year round.  They never take time off and sometimes train on or around holidays even. She works out Christmas week y'all! She goes straight from school to the gym on MWF and does not get home until 8p.m.  She misses a lot of playdates and some parties and sleepovers but she LOVES it.  She honestly would not have it any other way. She never complains about going to practice or the physical work.  She tumbles all over our house all day long.

One day this summer I was bemoaning the fact that Kate quit ballet with a friend.  I love watching her dance and I want her to be well rounded.  Kate overheard me and piped up saying ,"But Mama aren't I so lucky that I found my passion already at 8 years old?!"  And I said, "Yes, Kate.  Yes you are!"

So gymnastics is different than the sports the boys play because you work and train ALL YEAR for just 4 or 5 (maybe 6 if you go to regionals) meets a year.  And the meets are all in about 6 weeks time.  That makes each meet kinda high pressure.

So, Kate's first meet of this year was yesterday.  She has been working on her routines all summer long.   She was so excited.

They got new competition leotards and warm ups again this year.   They are quite sparkly!





All these are I-phone pics.  I really wanted to just watch Kate and not be behind a big lens.  So, I did not bring my big camera.  I am kinda regretting that.  Also, I asked Harry to videotape.  His battery went dead in the beginning of Kate's floor routine.  I REALLY wanted that video most of all.  Oh well.


{Kate and her friends before the meet}

Kate's first event (and her favorite this year) was beam...

She did great.  She scored a 9.525 (and that was with a deduction for overtime--when they ring the bell).

Next was floor.  She went 1st for her team and I could see that she was a little nervous but she did really well.  I hate that we only got the very beginning on video.

Kate scored a 9.4 on floor and landed a perfect round-off back-hand-spring!

Next up was vault...

Kate scored a 9.4 for vault also.

At this point I thought..wow she is doing well but I was not paying a lot of attention to all the other gymnasts scores.  I was really just watching our team.

Their final event was bars and this is their team's toughest even this year I think.  It might not look hard but they have some tricky new skills (a shoot through and a front hip circle cast).  I hate when they do bars last because they are so tired and bars requires a lot of upper body strength and energy.

Kate was most nervous about the bars.  In practice, she sometimes falls.  Her bar routine was really good but she did not 100% stick her landing causing her to get a 9.3 (which is still really good).

This level is a little different from last year in that there are age groups and placement.  That means, if you place in an event, you get a medal.  If not, you don't get anything.  I had low expectations because Kate did well last year but we never really kept track of placement.

During the awards ceremony they began with vault.  They called Kate to the podium for 3rd place!  We were THRILLED! Last year, Kate really struggled with her vault.  Next, they announced bars and she won 2nd place!  Again, we were shocked and thrilled.  Kate's little face was BEAMING.  Then they announced beam and Kate won 1st place!  I could not believe it.  I was so surprised.  The next event announced was floor and again Kate won 1st place!!  Finally, they announced the all around winners and Kate won 1st place for her division. She had a 37.625!  I was completely overcome with JOY.  It was so unexpected and so thrilling I cannot even put it into words. She got two gold medals, one silver and one bronze.  The trophy was for 1st place all around.


Harry was super zoomed in hence the pixelated poor quality of these shots.





I wish you could see her face better in these she was so overjoyed.

We don't focus too much on winning with Kate.  I want Kate to try her best but there are tons of little girls out there all trying their best, all working hard and training for long hours. Sometimes Kate thinks everyone else is better than her.  Sometimes she doubts herself so this was the best confidence booster for her.

Kate's teammates rushed around her to see her trophy and congratulate her. It was very sweet. I was so shocked and shaking with joy that my photos are just awful.  I was so unprepared.


With her amazing coaches.


Harry was so proud of his little sister.  I loved seeing that!


Will had a prior commitment but he was super proud of her too.

And finally, Coach Andy with Kate and another friend who finished 1st in her age division.


She has another meet this coming weekend and we hope she has another great day.  I will be bringing fully charged cameras this time;)


  1. Awesome!! Maisie and I loved watching the videos. Congrats!

  2. So precious! Good luck next week and keep sharing! xo

  3. Way to go Kate! Congrats! Can't wait until our competition season starts in December. Good luck for the rest of the season.

  4. Love her wisdom, and that she has found her passion at 8! Brilliant!!

  5. Could she be any cuter!!!!! So happy for her!!!

  6. She did such a great job!


  7. Such grace and poise! Her smile and brothers' pride mean everything. 💗 Congrats!

  8. She looks to have such natural talent! And I loved her remark about finding her passion.

  9. Omg, how cute is she?! She's adorable and an amazing gymnast!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  10. Congratulations! You certainly have brag rights! It is amazing when it is your child doing so well (we have the same proud moments with Alyzabeth in her golfing). It is great at this young age to have this high level of competition (and we do need to mention that the outfit is sparkly lovely, her smile and beauty shines through!). Good job!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  11. She looks so comfortable out there! Good for her!


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