The teacher

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Harry is great with Kate.**  He can be a bugger sometimes too--like yesterday when he told her we leave to go home tomorrow!

He teaches her a lot of things though and he is very patient while doing so.  Harry spends a lot of time on vacation skim boarding so Kate decided she wanted to learn how to skim board too.  It looks easy but trust me--it is NOT!  Dave, Will and I have tried it.  Since we value our limbs, we did not continue.

So, Dave, Harry and Kate went shopping for a beginning board for Kate.

Then, the other morning, Harry set out to teach Kate.


He was so incredibly patient.  He started at the most basic point --just getting her comfortable stepping on the board.  Then she practiced that for a looooong time.



Next, he just had her toss the board.  They just skimmed it back and forth to one another for another long bit of time.




Finally, she was ready to throw, run and jump on.  She had a few tumbles but she got the hang of it.  And now she and Harry spend hours at the little tide pool skim boarding.


And Kate is determined.  She is the only girl out there most of the time with a handful of boys.  She has made HUGE improvements.  And yesterday two 12 year old girls asked Kate to teach them how to skim board. And she did!!!

And here is a tiny bit of video from the afternoon of day one...

And now she is trying little tricks....



**I don't want to give the impression my kids are perfect or that they never fight.  I think they fight less than most kids but they do criticize and bicker sometimes too. They are very normal.


  1. Your vacation posts are making me wish I was taking a trip to the beach this summer! Still, I'm enjoying them very much :) Glad you're all having fun in the sun!

  2. It was so nice to meet you today! Thank you for bringing your beautiful daughter over for me to meet!
    Diana Jackson

  3. Sweet! My second is a lot like that! He is so good with the littles!


Thank you for your kindness.