Mother's Day-just getting to it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
We had such a lovely Mother's Day this year.  It is our tradition to go out to a big brunch.  I will admit the tradition began in a very desperate/somewhat-selfish kind of way.  On my first Mothers Day, Will was in that very challenging one year old stage where he was not good in restaurants.  He was in that "let me throw everything on the floor and see how many times these crazy first time parents will pick it up" stage.  Most kids go through that phase. Luckily it did not last long.  But around Mother's Day that year, I was really missing eating out.  I missed long Sunday morning breakfasts.  So, when Dave asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day....I told him I wanted to get a baby sitter in the morning and have a long leisurely champagne brunch just the two of us. I needed a few hours "off" to just relax with my husband and not pick up food.  (Will was a VERY active little guy!) And then after brunch, we spent the afternoon with Will as a family.  So, that started our Mother's Day brunch tradition.  I think we only went that one time as a couple.  Because after that first rookie experience, we learned how to get our kids "restaurant ready" much quicker.

Anyway, my boys often say that they're favorite family tradition is Mother's Day brunch.  We all get dressed up (they even enjoy that!) and being teenage boys...they love the opportunity to eat as much really good food as they possibly can in a few hours. And boy do they eat!

I am 100% certain that they do NOT love the tradition of taking a million photos hoping to get one that I like where everyone is looking and smiling. But they oblige because well it is Mother's Day.

So, here are the one million photos we took:)

It's always nice to get a picture of just the two of us.. that doesn't happen often:)


(photo creds to Harry)

Then of course I need to get Dave with the kids...


How cute is Harry in that bow tie?!

Then I hopped in with the peanuts...

Then once we get to the brunch locale, I usually request a few more photos (just in case the ones on our porch did not come out good enough;)  I was secretly hoping that maybe we'd get one I could use for Christmas cards this year (I am not kidding!)





I know this is way too many photos.  But it is not often we are all dressed up and the family cooperates/indulges me so I take it when I can get it (Mother's Day and Christmas Card time!)

I took a few photos at brunch but not many.  They always have a craft spot where kids can make sand art or a candle.  Kate made a candle this year...


Then Harry and Kate got cotton candy.  They are such good buddies.  Seriously, I never would have guessed that they'd be the best of friends but they are.  Harry is going to be an awesome Dad.  He is awesome with young kids.



After brunch, we went home and got changed and the kids wanted to go fishing.  They are obsessed with fishing these days.  So, what's a Mom to do?  We went fishing in a little urban pond.





All Iphone Photos for fishing.

P.S.  The kids got me a great seersucker visor for our upcoming beach vacation too.  I was really wanting/needing a new one.  They also brought me coffee and lovely cards in bed.  It was a fabulous day spent with the people I love so much.

Thank you to my mom for teaching me the values and morals that I pass along to my children and for always being there for us.  And even though she is in heaven, I am so grateful to Dave's Mom as she raised an incredible man.


  1. FABULOUS family photos! What a good looking group. Glad you had a HAPPY Mother's Day! :)

  2. Beautiful family photos! I love that Kate's dress color complimented yours! So adorable!!!

    1. Thank you Chrissy. I hope you had a nice Mother's Day. I need to come check your blog.

  3. What a great Mother's Day! Love how you all coordinated your outfits! You Peanuts are so darn cute! :)

    1. Thank you Janet. I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Love the one of all of you at brunch!

  5. Beautiful family, and I love the tradition. We began doing that with my mom last year (going to brunch), and we all love it.

    That last family photo is definitely Christmas Card material! Looks professional.

  6. Those ladt couple of lines made me tear...your are a beautiful mom inside and out. Even though we've never met, I can just tell :)

    1. Thanks MCW! That os very very kind. I hope we do meet someday!


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