Kate's Garden

Thursday, May 1, 2014
There are things that Kate just has in her.  I don't know how else to describe it.  But she is drawn to things on a visceral level.  And these are things that she totally did not get from me.  Like she has this strong desire to sew and knit.  I am completely hopeless at both.  She has also always dreamed about a garden.  She loves to look at photos of gardens in magazines and books.  She told me that when she is a grown-up, she will have a beautiful garden with sunflowers and other flowers and vegetables. I love that she has these strong desires for sewing and knitting and gardening.  It has just been hard to follow through with teaching her.

It's HOT in Houston in the summer and it is mosquitoey (yup that's a real word) too.  Dave and I have never been people to enjoy yard work too much.  Maybe it is that we have not had the time.  Anyway, Kate has begged for a garden for years.  And this year, we planted one.  We have a very small yard (we live in the city and the lots are not huge).  But we sectioned off a piece of yard and planted tomatoes, green beans, bell peppers, lettuce, and cucumbers.  And so far our little garden is doing well. We're hoping the critters stay out and it thrives.

I know this is picture overload.  I don't care.  I loved watching Kate and Dave working in the garden.  They are so cute together.  Dave is such an amazing father.  Our children are very blessed to have him.


I know Kate and Dave are not in "gardening clothes" (someone commented on this on FB) but it was after school/work. Kate's schedule is so busy with her gymnastics team (and ballet and violin) that we have to squeeze these things in when we can.










Kate has been doing a GREAT job looking after her garden.  It is growing well.  The lettuces are a bit slow but everything else is looking great.  She checks it everyday and waters it.  Here are some phone snaps of her in the last few weeks tending her garden.

After ballet one day, we noticed tiny lettuce leaves starting to pop through.  She had to take a picture of them for Dave!


And watering another day after school...



I will keep you posted on what we yield in Kate's first garden!


  1. Love this post! We are having a garden next year when our new house is built and I can't wait!

  2. How completely sweet! I love Kate's interest and how Dave was right in there, digging in the dirt, helping make it happen. You truly have the BEST family!

  3. Love, love the photo of Kate taking a picture with the phone! Very sweet times!

  4. I'm like you. No desire to sew, knit or garden. My mom does love to garden and my grandmother sewed. I have no interest. Can't wait to see what she grows!

  5. The thing I love most about this is that Kate is learning that not everything in life is INSTANT GRATIFICATION. She is learning to work for things and wait on them to happen. A life lesson for sure!

  6. Oh fun -- we need to start a garden and start sewing! Hoping to learn to knit soon! :) Kate and Dave are adorable!

  7. How fun!!

    I always begged for a veggie garden as a kid. Begged and begged and still remind my father. Ha. But my dad is this amazing landscape architect. Our landscape design was made for a magazine and our visions are so different. (we love each others designs but he is all about ornamentals and I only get excited about edibles for the most part) So having my first "big" (in quotes because by most standards it's actually rather tiny) community garden allotment last year was a dream come true. I love to see Miss Kate so excited about her garden. And there really is no better flavor than a home grown t'mater. Mmmm! I can't wait to see how it progresses.

    Unsolicited advice: once everything sprouts, add mulch. I prefer straw because it's light and doesn't tramp down plants. But it works to keep the moisture in the soil. With your hot summers, you are going to want that extra help. For me it cut my water needs at least in half. For you it might mean you only need to water once a day instead of twice at your hottest months. It also keeps the weeds down! Actually, specifically what I do for weeds is I first lay down several layers of newspaper on the soil. Wet it. Then mulch with straw. But that's just my method- there are plenty of others. The point though is to keep weeds out and moisture in.

    Happy gardening!

  8. Libby and I planted a garden this year too! It is so fun! Darling photos, and your family is just inspiring!

  9. Libby and I planted a garden this year too! It is so fun. Your family is so inspiring!

  10. Just for the record - Kim spent a few hours digging up the little area, mixing compost in to our local clay soil, and putting up the border to make it all happen! In case anyone wondered.

    1. Ha ha "crusher" you are quite the comedian! Actually, my hardworking husband Dave did all of the above:)

  11. Love those photos of Dave showing her what to do, and her listening so intently. Those pictures speak a thousand words about what kind of Dad he is.

  12. Can't wait to watch the progress! We have such a deer issue we have finally given up in planting a garden. We loved doing it as a family when the girls were younger.


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