Teddy Bear Tea 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013
Teddy bear tea13_5967

I really cannot believe it but this was our 4th year at the teddy bear tea at the St. Regis in Houston.  
I love that Kate still wants to go and we will go as long as she is willing:)

teddy bear13_5972

This year we went again with Eden and her Mom.
However, as a delightful addition,
 Libbie and Shelly came as well.

I cannot even begin to tell you how cute and happy these girls were.

 They laughed and played.  They had a great time!

teddy bear 13_5978

Eden, Kate, Libbie

None of our girls wanted to wear their crowns:)

teddy bear tea_5983


Look how happy my girl is:)

Muffy, the Ice Princess, has been there forever.  She was there 12-13 years ago when I took Will.

teddy bear13_5996
Amy and Eden


teddy tea_6001

Shelly and Miss Libbie


So Libbie is completely out of focus but I love this photo.  Kate was so careful to be sure that Libbie and Eden were equally included ( I gave her a little lesson on that beforehand since Libbie and Eden did not know one another).

Here is Kate is pointing out the gorgeous crystal chandelier to her friends.  She loves sparkly...


For the past few years, Kate has been terrified of the Teddy Bear at this tea.  She actually does not like any characters in costume.  I told her that she needed to not make a big fuss about it this year.  So, I was very excited to see her actually reaching out to the Teddy Bear with a huge smile.



Libbie and Kate LOVED the rocking horses...

teddybear _6011

teddybear tea_6035


It kind of makes me sad because Kate really wants a horsey for Christmas but she is really too old for the ones I have seen.  I wish I had gotten her one years ago as she loves them.

They also decorated t-shirts and cookies...









I know I take and post way too many snapshots of these things but they are the moments that fill me with JOY and we love looking back over them from year to year.



Harry has been really, really sick with the flu.  He had 105 fever last night and I was frantically texting with our pediatrician through the night.  He is still pretty sick but his fever is lower.  I am hoping that he bounces back for Christmas and that Kate and I stay healthy (Dave and Will have both already had it last week!)  Harry also got hurt last week at a lacrosse tournament and separated something in his collarbone/shoulder so he has had a tough time of it.


  1. What a sweet tradition! The girls looked lovely. Hope Harry has bounced back in time to enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

  2. What a lovely tradition! We do our Teddy Bear tea too! I even bring Landon! Hope everyone stays well! Merry Merry! xo

  3. Love all your pictures. Kate looks adorable. What a fun tradition. Merry Christmas and hope everyone is well!

  4. Darling tradition. I hope Harry feels better.

  5. Hope that your boys feel better. Kate is looking so much older! Merry Christmas!


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