Kate's 7th birthday {finally}

Thursday, June 27, 2013
Kate's birthday was June 3rd but it was also the last week of school so it was a hectic week and I never found a few hours to upload photos and post about it.

Kate had school this year on her birthday which was a first for her.  In the past, they have always been out of school by this date.  We woke Kate up on her birthday with her traditional doughnut in bed...



Don't you just love that bed-head/sleepy face?!





After that very nutritious breakfast, we let Kate open a few gifts before school.  
Her Godmother, Aunt Staci sent her this cool craft kit....

K7_2832And her fairy godmother, Bagel sent her a fabulous watch.  
It makes learning to tell time so much easier for kiddos...


Then it was time for school.  Our school has a fundraiser where you can buy you child a "birthday gram."  Since they usually are out for summer, Kate has never been able to get one on her actual birthday.  Harry and I hung around for the birthday gram.

Then later that day, Will and I brought Kate Chic-fil-a for lunch.
They are awesome brothers!
Instagram shot

 And we brought Italian Ice for her to share with her class.

Goofy girl with her friends..

So, our other birthday tradition is that the peanuts pick whatever they want for dinner.  Sometimes, they pick something I cook.  Sometimes, they pick a restaurant.  Kate picked my favorite hole in the wall Italian place.  I LOVE this place. They have the BEST manicotti EVER! It is truly one of my favorite meals in the whole world.

{phone photo}

Kate got her favorite spaghetti and meatball here.  Their sauce is divine.  It is kind of a funny story how this came to be one of Kate's favorite meals.  See, all of her life Kate had only ever had gluten free pasta.  She is not sensitive to gluten that we know of but some of the rest of us are so I only cook gf pasta at home. One day we were here and she had "real" pasta and she thought she died and went to heaven.  She even asked me why ours at home does not taste this way:)

Unfortunately, Will had to work so he did not get to go out to dinner with us. Kate wanted frozen yogurt after dinner so that is what we had in lieu of birthday cake.


Then we went home and gave Kate some gifs from family.

Harry gave Kate his electric scooter that we gave him a few years ago:)
It was a very generous"regift" and she was thrilled.






Kate wanted some mermaid stuff from Chasing Fireflies.
About a month before her birthday, she saw the catalog and circled a few little things she liked.
 She was very excited when they showed up for her birthday!


We also finally got her a silver charm bracelet.  You might recall if you've been reading the blog that we give Kate a sterling silver charm each year but we were waiting until she was old enough before we got her the bracelet.  Well, she got the bracelet this week and she has not taken it off. She loves it. I plan to photograph it and post it next week.  I am still waiting for this year's charm  (gymnastics) to come in.

I always write a letter to the kids on their birthday too.  I have another post for that along with a little photo shoot I did and a video too.  I am on a roll posting 3 times  on one week!!!  Does anyone still read?  I sure hope so cause this post took me half the day to get done;)


  1. A beautiful birthday for a beautiful girl!!!!! Well done!! Luv the bedhead!!! So cute!

  2. It looks like she had an absolutely amazing birthday! I don't blame her for choosing that Italian restaurant as it looks super super yummy!
    Also, I'm kind of obsessed with Kate's bedroom walls - I'm inspired to paint mine pink and white stripes now :)

  3. Love the picture of Kate with her regifted scooter. Sweet smile!!

  4. i can't wait to see your post on the charm bracelet...i've been wanting to start one for my 9 year old granddaughter but afraid she'll "outgrow" the size...i guess i'd have to start another one for her then! any suggestions on where to get started with the bracelet and charms?

    looks like kate had a fabulous day...please wish her a belated birthday from me!

  5. Oh Katie, you are such a beauty! Happy Belated Birthday! I must say, I am REALLY taken with that beautiful mermaid towel! AND your polka dot dress! AND your huge grin with Harry's scooter! And the pasta story! :)
    Can't wait to see and hear more about the charm bracelet!


  6. This reminds me of the type of birthday my parents gave me as a child...such special memories! Even in my thirties, my mom still asks us what we want for our "birthday dinner." :) Kate is beautiful.

  7. So many things to love here! Love Kate's hair, her bedroom, and the fact that Harry gave her such a special gift! =)

  8. OF COURSE we still read! Your Kate is an angel!!!!!

  9. Still reading ... And what a fun bday! She looks like she had a wonderful day!

  10. These pictures are priceless Kim!! She is sooo cute and love her animated expression. love how her day started, breakfast in bed....lucky little lady! It looks like a magazine spread and now I am craving a big plate of spaghetti!


  11. I'm still reading! Kate is adorable! Happy Belated Birthday to her! I had that watch when I was her age. :)

  12. I'm still reading and glad you're still writing!

  13. I'm still reading -- glad that you're still writing!

  14. What a sweet birthday celebration! Sounds like she had a great day! What's the name of the Italian place you like? I'm always looking for new places to try

    1. Katie, It is Romano's Pizza on West Gray on River Oaks. It is right by Home Goods. We LOVE it but part of the reason we love it is that it reminds me of the millions of east coast pizzerias where I grew up in the burbs of Philadelphia. It is cheap and always consistently good. The guys that run it are East Coast Italians:)

  15. Kim, Thank you for your kind words about Cousin Camp! My plan is to do a detailed post either today or tomorrow....I would be glad to share it on The Nurtured Home Blog!

  16. Loving the new posts! I have to confess I was getting a little worried about you all! :)

  17. Awww -- sweetest birthday girl ever! Love that bedhead look - such a cutie! What a wonderful day for your girl! Seven is such a special and sweet age!!

  18. Yep still reading and enjoying each post! I LOVE KATE'S BEDHEAD!!! I had to laugh because her "stuffed PATRICK" looks almost excited about the "donut" as do Kate! Love the CHARM idea. My 23yrold bought Bre a beautiful locket necklace and enclosed is a picture of her and her bio-mom. Such a wonderful keepsake that I only let her wear to church for now until she is older. I have also bought the book "Oh the places you will go" and I have had everyone from pre-school teachers to gymnastic and swim coaches sign inside the book. It's just my small way of remembering some of the teachers and fun activities she has enjoyed over the years. LOVE YOU TRADITION as well.

  19. Her bed head is amazing! So cute...

    Where are the prints from abover her bed? Looking for some for my bathroom....

  20. Kate looks gorgeous in her birthday bedhead! I love the donut, flower, tray... ok, all of it! I love your family traditions and know we have our own... but love the special ways you make your children feel special!!! Kate's smile can light up the state of Texas! I hope someday we can get our sweet girls together! I just know they would love each other!

  21. Love the photos of her bedhead! Happy Birthday Katie Ru!!! That pasta looks delicious, and I love the regifting!

  22. Kate's bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooohhhhh...LOVE! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  23. Lol!! I still read! LOVE K's bedhead and all the sweet traditions ya'll have! :D

  24. LOVE Kate's bedhead and all your sweet traditions! I know she'll cherish that charm bracelet for years to come!

  25. Absolutely, still reading! Love this post of your precioius girl and your family traditions. That bed head and the regifted scooter pics are priceless!

  26. What the service to get a donut in bed for ones birthday! Looks like her birthday was a complete success! Happy belated Birthday to Kate!

  27. Oh, she is so cute with her bed-head! Looks like she had a fantastic time celebrating all day long! But Seven? Really?! I can hardly believe it.

    Gin =)

  28. Love your birthday traditions!! I will do with my future kids!

  29. At what age is it no longer appropriate to have a mermaid towel? So cute- I want one! I love Kate's spirit- it really shows through your photos and stories! Happy belated birthday to your sweet girl.


  30. She's precious. Great gifts!!! Love the mermaid tail!


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