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Friday, January 25, 2013
I joined Pinterest when it first started...they sent me an invite and I joined but did not pin right away.  That did not last long.  I LOVE Pinterest.  I love visual beauty.  It speaks to my soul.  So I am quite the pinner now.

On thing I pin a lot of is food and recipes. And the thing is y'all...I actually try a lot of the recipes.When I have the time, I really enjoy cooking for my family.  Most of the recipes on Pinterest so far seem to be very good.   Some are not.  So I am going to let you know a few of my pinned recipes and my reviews.  Hopefully this will help you as I know I am trying to be better about both menu planning and cooking at home more.

I made this for our family a few weeks ago.  It was super easy.  I made it with gluten free penne (our favorite brand is Schar).  I loved it.  The kids liked it.  They are not huge artichoke fans but everyone ate it without complaint.  I would make it again.

I also made this mac and cheese a few weeks ago and it is okay.  But it is not nearly as good as my mac and cheese and my family agreed.  If your kids are used to box mac and cheese, they'll like this I think.  My mom always made homemade mac and cheese and my kids love it so I never made the boxed stuff (not that there is anything wrong with it).  Someday I will post my mac and cheese recipe because seriously everyone who tastes mine thinks it is the best!

I made this a few months ago (the stovetop version).  It was good but the tomato flavor was somewhat bland or very mild.  I used fresh herbs from our garden but I would definitely add tomato paste next time to make it more tomatoey.  You also do not really need to add the cream at the end.  I used my immersion blender to smooth the soup a bit.

Sorry for the tiny picture...

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

This sausage with penne and spinach was very good and super easy.  I used gluten free pasta and fresh spinach and basil and mild Italian sausage.  I will make this again.  Everyone really liked it a lot.

Here is another one that was easy and delicious.

I almost forgot about these as I made them a long time ago but they were really good.  Some of the peanuts love greek yogurt and some don' I let them add the sauce if they wanted to but it was yummy and easy.

I made these green beans one day last year and they were so good and so easy.  Will definitely make them again!  Everyone liked them.

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

I made this one not too long ago and Dave and I really liked it a lot.  As always, we made it with gluten free pasta.  The kids did not love the peppers but they all ate this one up.  It is a keeper.

I cooked this one just last week and it was quite good.  I will say this that I have made it once, I would not  follow the instructions exactly as written.  It is a very basic dish but the recipe steps make it seem way more complicated than it needs to be.  I would make the sauce in the blender first.  Then I would cook the chicken and once is it cooked through, add in the veggies.  DO NOT boil or steam the broccoli will be mushy.  We made that mistake and then added fresh veggies for the last 2 minutes of stir frying and they were much better. Everyone liked this one too. I served it over rice and used gluten free soy sauce (tahini).

Here is a crockpot one that was really yummy...

Everyone ate this up and really liked it! My piece of pork was much bigger than the one she used but I adjusted all the other ingredients and the cooking time.  My house smelled SO good this day...  like a Texas barbecue.

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

One day a few weeks ago, I was over my friend Amy's house and she made these.  I used to LOATHE brussel sprouts.  I made them once for Dave but never for our family.  I LOVED these roasted brussel sprouts and my kids ate every one on their plate.  The house smelled cabbagey for a day but I will make them again in a heart beat.  Ina Garten also has a roasted brussel sprout with balsamic vinegar that I will try soon.  I just ahppen to be out of the world;s best balsamic vinegar at the moment... which is this in case you were wondering...


Seriously y'all!  This stuff is SO amazing.  It is syrupy and phenomenal.  I get it at Central Market here in Texas.  In fact, I need to go there today just to get more cause I have been out of it too long.
Who thought I would ever gush over a balsamic vinegar?

Speaking of Ina Garten, I was planning on making this penne with vodka last week but did not have the time to have it sit in the oven for 1 and 1/2 hours as the day got away from me.  So, I made a similar stove-top version.

I used gluten free pasta and a little less vodka as Kate and Harry don't like that taste too strongly.  It was very very good and I made it in like 20 minutes while they were here working on our flood.  I will definitely make this again. I will try the longer Ina Garten version someday as people rave about it.
But my time is too limited for now.

I made this meatloaf last night for dinner.  It was fairly easy to assemble (I did not grind my own mean though).  It smelled divine.  And it tasted okay.  My kids liked it and ate it.  I ate it even though I am not a meatloaf fan in general.   I would say that it was good but not delicious. Here is what Will said,  "This is really good Mom but I don't think you should add it to our regular rotation."  Which tells me that it was a good change but they don't LOVE it.  I am not sure if Dave liked it as he worked late and ate leftovers.  I'll need to ask him as he is a meatloaf fan.

And finally,

I am making this right now in the crockpot. I don't use packets of taco seasoning as many have MSG and gluten.  We make our own with a mix of Chili powder, garlic, onion powder etc. This one is good. It is super easy and healthier.  I will let you know how this one turns out.  I  imagine that anything with chicken, cheese, tortillas and ranch will be delicious!

UPDATE:  This was really good.  Here are my tips. Save the broth from the crock pot after you shred the chicken.  I put a couple of spoonfuls over the chicken to keep it moist.  Then when I assembled the casserole...  I  put some broth in the bottom of the casserole dish, the tortillas, chicken, cheese, a few drizzles of ranch, more tortillas, chicken, reserved broth, cheese, ranch, more tortillas, reserved broth and cheese.  It was fabulous.  I think if I did not use the reserved broth it might have been a tad dry.  My kids LOVED this.  It is not healthy but it is filling comfort food and easy to make.  We used white corn tortillas so this was gluten free too.

I will say this about Pinterest...most of the recipes here are not super healthy....I mean the veggies are but  I struggle to find healthy recipes on Pinterest.  Heck, I struggle to find healthy dinner ideas anywhere really.  So, I would not cook all of these in a week.  A lot of these recipes are kind of a once a week deal for us.  I would LOVE you to share any links to your favorite online or Pinterest Recipes (healthy or not).

Also, I mean no disrespect to any of the creators of these recipes.  I am so glad to have the variety out there and so thrilled people post their recipes.  I just wanted to tell you which we like and which we would make again.

Oh and feel free to follow me on Pinterest.  Just click on the P at the top of my sidebar.  And let me know if you are a pinner and your name. I need to start following people.


  1. I'm seriously refraining from grabbing a fork and POKING my monitor!! My PALATE IS PANTING!! Gotta try some of these recipes!! All look yummy! I gotta get on Pinterest!

    PS PLEASE POST YOUR MAC/CHEESE recipe! Save my family from "THE BOX"!! :)

  2. Thanks for the reviews. I would love to read your mac n cheese recipe.

  3. I love Pinterest reviews becaues I never know if something is really good or not. I made a lasagna soup a few weeks ago- it's on my blog- and OMG it is so good. Like you, I adjust recipes to fit my needs and what my pantry has in it all the time. I made another batch of that soup last night but also added a big bag of frozen spinach and it was awesome.

    I grew up with homemade mac and cheese too. It was one of the few things my dad made, actually. I think I was in college before I ever tasted the blue box stuff.


  4. We've had our hits and misses too. If you see the recipes for oven roasted endamame and oven roasted okra, they are really good.
    I look forward to trying your mac & cheese recipe!

  5. Thanks for sharing I think we will try the shrimp tacos. I always forget that is an options. Love to order in restaurants. Have a great weekend!

  6. i need a good mac and cheese recipe! please post soon!! these look yummy!

  7. Mmm, those sound really yummy and are not any that I have pinned. We are trying to eat more healthily but then I see all these recipes smothered with cheese and gravy and heavy sauce and that is what I end up pinning because they look so stinking good!

    I would also love your mac and cheese recipe. I have two good ones (one stovetop and one in the oven) that are my go to's right now but I am always up for a new recipe!

    I just started following you and am having fun looking through your boards. My pinterest account is at It's just so much fun...and maybe a wee bit addictive?

  8. Mmm, those sound really yummy and are not any that I have pinned. We are trying to eat more healthily but then I see all these recipes smothered with cheese and gravy and heavy sauce and that is what I end up pinning because they look so stinking good!

    I would also love your mac and cheese recipe. I have two good ones (one stovetop and one in the oven) that are my go to's right now but I am always up for a new recipe!

    I just started following you and am having fun looking through your boards. My pinterest account is at It's just so much fun...and maybe a wee bit addictive?

  9. Kim .. thanks for sharing these recipes. I do not eat most of these type meals, but my family sure does!
    I do have lots of healthy recipes from pinterest .. most are salads and vegetables though, not family meals:


  10. Pinned the ones you like!! Thank you!!!

  11. This is a post worth keeping. The first and last recipes in particular are right up my families alley!! Yum.....thanks for this, I will absolutely be referring back to this next week when my family asks whats for dinner!

  12. Kim, I love pinterest, and I love finding yummy quick, healthy meals on there! I just started to follow and and am excited to see your pins, especially decorating and fashion ones, because I love your style! Any how here's my interest account,

  13. Such wonderful recipes you've shared! I've been experimenting with the gluten free products and they are a fine replacement for the real deal if that's what you need to have.

    Thanks for sharing!


  14. Thanks for this post! Last night, I made the sausage with penne and spinach pasta and you were right, it was easy and tasty. I could probably halve the recipe since I was cooking for two, but I don't know what'd I do with the leftover onion half, canned tomatoes, and spinach, so I made the whole thing and will eat leftovers this week. Thanks again for reviewing. Pinterest makes everything seem so easy so it's nice to read reviews instead of the text below the image.

  15. I eat brussel sprouts like candy...LOVE LOVE them.
    Roasted is the only way! I know your experience with relationships would you be able to check out my latest blog post? Relationships with women I think can be harder than some other relationships!

  16. Thank you for sharing. I agree alot of the recipes are not healthy but I find I can make adjustments. Many times butter and olive oil are not necessary and you can do things like sautee onions in vegetable broth.

    My favorite recipes have been Quinoa and a simple strawberry dessert recipe - flavor creme cheese with vanilla, fill strawberries and dip in graham crackers.

    I almost feel pinterest is more exciting then getting a new magazine in the mail. I use it mostly to make me feel good but its hard not to get sucked in and waste time!

    Pin Handle: Katie Anne

  17. LOVE Pinterest ~ use it ALL the time, so many wonderful ideas!! Am drooling over the shrimp & Greek yogurt flatbread ....yum!!

  18. ps am a big fan of balsamic vinegar, i think i might need to try this one you recommend ... am not familiar with central market, can it bought anywhere else?

  19. I love visual things too! I just followed you on Pinterest...I am LOVE BEING A NONNY...of course!! :)

    How is Kate's foot?

  20. i love this!! all the recipes looks so pretty and yummy in the pics, but you often wonder if they will translate in the kitchen. i have only made those roasted mushrooms and green beans and they were delicious!

  21. Loved them ! We tried the spinach and artichoke pasta and green beans this week ! Shrimp tacos next week for sure , all the recipes we did this week turned out great!!
    Thx for sharing , next step Pinterest :)

  22. Made the spinach and artichoke pasta for a group of friends and it received rave reviews ... Thanks!

  23. Here are two recipe round-ups I've done on my blog:

    I do have to say that we just made the cream cheese spaghetti again this week and it was NOT as good as either of us remembered. I'll never make it again. The mongolian beef remains one of our favorites. We add steamed broccoli and red peppers to it as it definitely needs veggies. The sauce is SO good. We also add a ton of peas to the two Indian crockpot recipes we've made. The dairy free choc granola bars are incredible, seriously!!!!! I now make them with regular chocolate chips as Peter (my baby) can now handle dairy in my breast milk, but they're still a fabulous thing to have in our freezer for a quick lunch treat or a sweet bite after dinner. The choc granola itself is so good (I love mixing it into greek yogurt!). I'm going to make that pork tenderloin you posted this week! Can't wait!!


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