Thursday, January 17, 2013
I cannot believe that it is January 17th  and I still never posted Harry's birthday (December 8th!)  And I have not posted anything about Christmas Day or the New Year.

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement regarding my new office space.  I cannot tell you how much that means to me.  I have had my Ph.D for 20 years now!!!!  Yes, I did get it at a ridiculously young age (not kidding--I went straight through from BA to MA to PhD-- even summers).  I have been a college professor and a speaker and a counselor/marriage and parenting coach for a long time. However, I never had the guts to rent my own space. I intentionally chose to really be there raising my kids at home and do other things and the timing never felt right.  The one time I almost signed a lease (about 9 years ago) we  decided to move to Virginia.  So, off and on over the years, I saw clients in a home office or I sublet from someone part time.

I have always wanted to do this.  Always.  But I have always been afraid.  What if I don't have enough clients to pay the rent?  What if I fail?  What if I cannot manage being a good Mom with being a good business woman?  Being a good and present Mom always came first for me (and it still does). It was easy to work from home and do my public speaking when invited.  There wasn't a whole lot of risk involved.  I could always say no  to a new client or a speaking engagement if I felt overwhelmed.

 I know I am good at what I do. I know these are the gifts God has given me to share with others.  I know that deep inside. Other people give me that feedback constantly as well.  People refer clients to  me by word of mouth all the time.  But I don't market myself or advertise and sometimes business is slow.  I was okay with that as I have always had lots of other things to do.

There is a really cool small office building on my street about 3 blocks away. The location is ideal as I can be there in mere moments.  Lots of small business owners in our neighborhood office there.  It has stained concrete halls and seagrass carpet.  It has exposed brick.  It is exactly where I would want to office.  I have even sublet there before.  But all the offices were occupied and there has been a waiting list for years.  Plus, I was not sure my current client load could pay the rent.  I put my name on the list a few years ago just in case something opened up.  And it did in November.  They called me and I hesitated a little bit and lost the office.  I expressed my regret about taking a day to think about it to the leasing woman and I think she really felt for me.  Days later she called to tell me she thought someone else might be leaving in January.  This time, I did not hesitate.  I just leapt at the opportunity.

And you know what?  Since I took the leap, I have not had one bit of worry or doubt.  Over the Christmas break, I spent a lot of time trying to pull together furniture and art for the office.  It was so much fun.  We had these old tables in our attic and I decided to paint them with Annie Sloan chalk Paint (another post coming on that).  We had a lot of old artwork crated up in the garage that we hung.

At one point Dave teased me asking if I was starting a furniture refinishing business or getting an office set up!

After a few weeks of work, I saw my first clients in the new office last week.  Then, the night before last, a few of my very close friends came to my office on our way out to dinner to have a champagne toast and see the new space.  It was so fun.  Our plan was to have a glass of champagne, some cheese and crackers, say a prayer and move onto dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday.  But honestly we talked and laughed for almost 2 hours there. In fact, my girlfriends want to have a weekly happy hour or Bible study there! My sweet friend, Bagel sent flowers which was SO sweet and thoughtful!  It was a very special night for me.  And as promised here is a look at my small, new office space...



On my first day seeing clients, my sweet hubby sent me these gorgeous flowers.






I bought the desk at a local charity guild resale shop.  It was in AWFUL shape but I painted it.




I REALLY need a good desk chair.  This one is temporary.  I am thinking about this one from Overstock but am open to suggestions.  I want it to be chic and comfortable as I plan to do some writing there with my laptop.  Anyone have one like this that they like?



I painted this old table and LOVE how it turned out (I will post before and afters this week)



I painted this one too.  Like my gold peanut?



And here are some phone shots of my friends stopping by...






I am so blessed.  My friends have been so supportive and encouraging.  We gathered in a circle and prayed that God would bless this space and use me and it for His good.

When hands reach out in friendship, hearts are touched by joy.

My heart was so touched by joy!

Please e-mail me if you would like to schedule a session or know of anyone needing my services.
 I see clients by phone or skype too.

I will post details about the furniture that I painted etc. in the next post.


  1. I love the space and would feel so comfortable in it if I needed to visit someone with your specialty. Good Luck!

  2. How did I know that it would look so perfect and comfy?

    The peanut jar is perfect, hopefully it will remind you of all the support you get from 3 Peanuts.

    Very proud of you for taking the leap, which is often the hardest part!

  3. aaahhhhhh!!!
    freaking out excited for you!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations Kim! The office is just beautiful! I love all of the decorative touches you have put in your space!

  5. What a cozy and beautiful space. Congrats!

  6. I think this beautiful office will be a successful space. Great job and best of luck!

  7. That's awesome Kim! You did a wonderful job decorating it. Good luck with your office - I know you will do awesome. Did you bless your space with Holy Water? xoxo

  8. your office is so warm and inviting! Best wishes on this new stage in your life.


  9. Kim,
    I looks amazing!! So cozy and welcoming. I am so excited for you and know that you will be a huge success!! xoSissy

  10. This is fantastic!! What a testament to following God's path and letting him be the leader! I pray this business is successful for you as it sounds your quite talented I have no doubt it will!

    Would you mind sharing the name of the place you bought the desk? I am always looking for places like that!

  11. Your office is gorgeous. It looks comfortable and inviting. Best wishes to you in this venture.

  12. It looks perfect and I wish you all the best in this new venture! I know you will do a great job!!!!


  13. So lovely! Your office seems like such a welcoming, comfortable space.

  14. What a pretty little work space! You did a fantastic job decorating!

  15. congratulations on taking that first important (yet scary!) step! your office looks so inviting and cozy, i'm sure your clients will feel so much peace in that space.

    i recently retired after 30+ years as a paralegal and sometimes miss having someplace to go every day but i have not lacked for anything to do!

    good luck on this new stage of your life.

  16. LOVE it Kim!!! Congratulations!!! I am so glad you are finally doing this. You are going to be soooo busy!!!!
    I think your office is perfect. I would never leave!

    Blessings to you on your new business!!! I know you will be a HUGE success.. And, along the way families and marriages will be saved by your wisdom, incredible ability to listen, and your gift to heal! Way to use your expertise and your gifts!!!! So proud of you!


  17. This is BEAUTIFUL! Just lovely. I hope to have the faith to take a similar leap someday (entirely different field but you know what I mean.) It must feel so good to follow your dreams. :)

  18. What a perfect spot! You did a fabulous job with it - so excited for you on this new adventure!!
    Many blessings as you continue to follow His promptings to use your gifts and talents for His Kingdom!!

  19. Hi Kim, Congrats on the new office. I love the way you decorated the space. It's so welcoming and cozy! So I couldn't help but notice that you graduated from Ohio University. I graduated from OU in 92.... I'm sure our paths crossed at some point. Isn't is a small world?!

    1. Stacy, I taught communication classes at OU from 89-93 while I was earning my doctorate and my MA. I was also a house Mom for 2 sororities and worked at the hair salon (Attractions) as a receptionist while I wrote my dissertation. SO, I am SURE our paths crossed. My name was Kim Hause back then though. What a small world.

    2. Yes, small world... I got my hair cut at attractions (like everyone else!)! I was a Chi-O but think I would have remembered you so must have been two other sororities! My husband graduated in 93 with an INCO degree so he probably crossed your path!

      Congrats again! I just read the latest post about your office. You did a fab job repurposing items!

  20. What a cozy , relaxing and inviting space! It's beautiful.
    Best of everything on this new adventure.

  21. Congrats!! it looks very homey and inviting! Best of luck!!!!! I'm sure it will be a huge success

  22. I love how homey and warm your office looks...congrats!! I bought a few bottles of that preseco on your recommendation over the holiday for hostess gifts.it's my new fave!

  23. Yay!!!! So happy for you!!!! Best wishes in your space ( it is beautiful!!!) but you don't need that, God has given you amazing gifts and now is your time, Kim!!! Enjoy this new season, relish and embrace it. So many will be blessed by your heart, your mind, your incredible way of reaching people, what better way to honor the Lord and your family than to share the sweet gifts He designed just for you???

  24. Beautiful. Just BEAUTIFUL. I am so happy for you, Kim!

  25. Congratulations on your new venture! A leap of faith that will no doubt bless you as well as your clients...

  26. I'm so excited for you. Your new office space looks fantastic! It looks so comfortable and so well put together. Congratulations and Blessings.

    Gin =)

  27. Congratulations!! On everything! I think saying yes and taking the initial leap is nearly always my biggest obstacle. I'm so thrilled things have fallen into place for you. And holy cow...your office is STUNNING! Loving the gold peanut- is there a fun story behind it?


  28. So pretty and comfy! Nice job! Sure wish I had you just down the street! While long-distance therapy is probably not the way to go, perhaps you could offer advice on breaking up with a therapist and starting over with someone new. I live in a small town and there aren't many to choose from who don't office with my current therapist. Because of seizures, I can't drive and have to rely on almost-free transportation for the "elderly." I'm 48...hah!

  29. Wow a huge congrats to you. When you want to make things happen, you really make them happen! The office looks AMAZING. So beautiful!!! You really did such a superb job. Its such a feel good space...I know you will be very successful there Kim. Best of luck. Very exciting new chapter for you!

  30. Your new office is just lovely Kim .. congratulations and may God continue to bless you in your new business!!

  31. Hi Kim,
    Oh so pretty. I can't wait for the post on the Annie Sloan chalk paint. I am considering painting my hutch in my kitchen and have been doing my homework on it. I love the color you chose. Do your diplomas say Ohio University? I don't have my glasses on, but it looks like it. If so, I am from Jackson, just 40 miles east of Athens and have so many friends that went there and know several professors, too. Best wishes to you!

  32. Now that you have made this leap, you are free from the shackles of doubt that held you back from realizing your dreams..."Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
    Henry David Thoreau

    ~Glinda giving Kim a standing ovation for her courage~

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  34. Kim, so excited for you. Continued blessings from above!!

  35. What a beautiful, restful space! I imagine anyone using your services would feel at peace and have their nerves calmed upon entering. You have created a wonderful space for your clients and you are going to do an amazing job juggling all your hats. Congratulation!!!

  36. What a beautiful, restful space! I imagine anyone using your services would feel at peace and have their nerves calmed upon entering. You have created a wonderful space for your clients and you are going to do an amazing job juggling all your hats. Congratulation!!!

  37. So excited for you! Love your office, definitely a professional, yet comforting environment. I wish you great success!

  38. I love your office, Kim; it looks very "you" -- and by that I mean stylish and welcoming. :) I'm sure you're a wonderful counselor and therapist. You always have such a good perspective on things you write about on your blog. Your clients will be very lucky to have you! Best of luck!

  39. Looks Fabulous! Love the blue tables! So cute :)

  40. Oh! And love the gold peanut :) Where on earth did you find that? It is so fitting :)

  41. Congratulations Kim, it is beautiful! Way to take that leap, and what a rewarding (although not always easy) profession. Best wishes for good balance (home, family, career) and many clients.

  42. Congratulations Kim, it is beautiful! Way to take that leap, and what a rewarding (although not always easy) profession. Best wishes for good balance (home, family, career) and many clients.

  43. How exciting! I love your new space. My mother in law gave my daughter that exact desk when she was in high school Ours is in very good shape, and I just offered it up to the daughter in law who asked if she could paint it. I say do what you need, I'll send her over here to see how great yours looks! Overstock chair is very cool. I like mixing old with new!

  44. Beautiful. So happy for you, friend. Love, Tessa

  45. congrats. what a lovely office

  46. You will be brilliant! I love the space, it's so warm and welcoming. I am so sincerely happy for you! You are a gift to the world!

  47. what a wonderful time for you, kim. call me crazy, but I am so excited for you. I know it's a big jump, especially with the care you want to keep of your family, but I know you will manage both beautifully.

    your painted pieces inspire me. in fact, I just painted a chair with the same annie sloan paint and I love it. and that desk!

    I see the chair you are considering for your desk has rollers, but if you think you could get away with a stationary chair, I would suggest the "ghost chair" or a good look-like. In a small-ish space, it will not stop the eye, plus it will add such a great kick to your existing pieces. it's comfy, but it does cost a little more. I think you would love it in your office or in your home, or where ever it eventually ends up. 'Cause I know you are like me and move pieces around all the time!

    so inspired by your attitude and your accomplishments....love and best wishes, donna

  48. your office looks so comfortable and soothing!! its perfect. congratulations! :)

  49. Congratulations, Kim!! That is so exciting!! Everything looks lovely and I know it will be a space that will help so many! xoxo! ~Olivia

  50. Kim, congratulations on your new office space ~ it's beautiful!! You did a great job with everything and how wonderful to do so much yourself! Love the colors, that darling desk and also the seagrass floors. And I think we are ordering that same couch! lol
    That's funny you were at OU, I used to visit one of my good friends there ...though it was probably a few years earlier? That's where I was introduced to bagels with cream cheese & jam. (sold from a cart vendor) lol
    Congrats on your new venture!!


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