Dave's Party

Sunday, November 4, 2012
So my sweet Dave celebrated a pretty big milestone birthday last Saturday.  Dave ALWAYS puts everyone else before him so I really wanted him to have a nice celebration.  I got the taco truck idea a very long time ago and went from there.  Dave is a laid back and casual guy so this suited him well.  And food truck parties are the new hip thing so this seemed like the perfect idea.

Harry helped me set up the table and chairs in our driveway...




We had beautiful weather for a change.  It has still been awfully HOT here in Texas but this day was cool and crisp!!!

The margarita machine was delivered....


And our old vintage cooler was filled with other libations....


{Dave and I got this cooler at Round Top probably 15 years ago and we use it for a lot of outdoor parties.  It is really cool and has legs!}

I had orange lights out front for Halloween and white lights out back...




We set up tables and chairs in the driveway in case people wanted to eat outside.
I tried to get a few photos before the guests arrived but it was getting dark quickly so they are not that good...






Kate sure does LOVE her Daddy-O!

I had to start using my external flash here:(


Once the party started, I did not do that great of a job taking photos.  It is always hard at your own party.  But we have had so many parties in the past that I have no photos of so I tried to get as many as  I could.

Then the Taco Truck pulled up....


And Dave's friends started arriving...


Our good friend Doug (second one in on the left) is being honored tonight at the Houston Parkinson's Association.  He has Parkinson's disease and has raised a lot of money for research.  We are so proud of him and we are going to the fundraiser tonight to honor him!!!  My stepfather also had Parkinson's and we hate seeing what this disease does to people we love.


Some of my besties!



People said the food was fabulous and most went back for seconds.  I also made a few hot spinach artichoke dips and had chips and salsa, cupcakes and tres leches.


more of my besties:)


I baked Dave a tres leches cake and we all sang to him...



Then we gave Dave his gift....a vintage acoustic guitar that he really wanted....





I tried to make a touching toast to the world's best husband, man and father but got pretty choked up.  It is hard to really describe Dave but he is THE best man I have ever known.  He is not perfect as none of us are.  But he is the most giving and caring man.  He takes care of his family like no one I have ever known.  And he is funny too.  Not everyone gets his humor (it is very dry) but he makes me laugh. I feel so blessed every single day that I got to marry this man.  I could not imagine my life without him.

Dave and I actually met exactly 19 years ago at a Halloween Party.  We all raised our glasses/cups/margaritas/bottles to Dave and wished him 50 more years!!!



He played a little more guitar for the crowd.  He is really good and has been playing since he was a kid.




It was a really nice and fun party.  For us, the best part was at the very end when our closet friends were gathered around the kitchen table inside and we laughed and talked and Dave opened his humorous cards and gifts.  We are so blessed to be surrounded by a loving community of friends here who have the same values as we do.  In fact, we sat with some of them at church the next morning:)

Side notes: Thank you to my friend Amy for taking some of these shots for me!
And because people always ask.... My skirt is from  here and I love it.  It is well made, comfortable, has a cute color and cut.  However, while I thought it looked cute in person (and many people complimented it) I notice it does not seem flatter my figure at all in these photos.  I am not skinny but I am on the thin side (it is a size 2).  I think the reflections make me look like I have a gut here and I don't think I do in real life. Maybe it was the way I wore it with this shirt tied, who knows?  Or maybe I had too many tacos:) Just kidding...I barely ate that night;) Maybe, I am just too paranoid. Just be careful if you buy a light colored sequin skirt this year.  I bought a black one at TJ Maxx (DKNY) and I think it is more flattering. In fact, I think I am going to wear it to the Parkinson's fundraiser tonight.  And my boots are from here and I LOVE them.  They are gorgeous, comfortable and reasonably priced.

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  1. What a great party!!! Happy Birthday Dave!!! Everything looked perfect, and your outfit is awesome!!!

  2. I LOVE THE TACO TRUCK!!! We live in the Houston area (Pearland), so we see taco trucks everywhere! There have been a few times we would pass a new subdivision in town and go grab some breakfast from a taco truck. My husband being hispanic, knows some great tacos when he eats them and these trucks have them! Ha! His 40th is in February and this might be a stolen idea from you, if you don't mind. :)

  3. What a fun way to celebrate Dave's birthday!!! Something you would definitely see in Texas!! Happy Birthday Dave!!
    I'm with Jen...Love your outfit!!!

    Need to know what you use to curl your hair?? Our older daughter is getting married Nov 17th in TN. I feel like I need to add a little curl in my hair for her "Special Day"!!! Help!!


  4. Happy Birthday Davy Wavy!!!! What a great party Kim... I was there (standing by the margarita machine) in spirit!!

  5. You are so lucky to have Dave, and vice versa! Love the party idea. Kate is a little ham!

  6. What a fabulous party for your wonderful husband!!! Loved seeing your photos! You look fabulous and love the family shots your friend got for you!! Happy happy b-day to Dave!


  7. Happy Burthday Dave!!! And yes, Kim, your skirt is beautiful! No gut noticed! ;)

  8. oh kim, what an amazing night you gave dave!!!
    every detail looks perfect
    you look amazing!!

  9. What a beautiful party... your love for him is so evident! You obviously feel so blessed to be his wife, and I bet he feels incredibly blessed to be married to someone who loves him so deeply :)

  10. That looks like a fantastic party! My son is getting married in January and they're planning on having a food truck for the reception.....I thought it was kind of weird but then you say it's the new "hip" thing, so there you go! You guys really did have a cool day; I can't believe all the guests in long sleeves, sweaters and scarves; amazing for Houston in October.

  11. Aw, what fun! Love all your fall decor. Taco truck, so cool!! Your hubby is blessed to have you by his side. Beautiful family!

  12. Looks like such a great night! I love your boots!!!! and skirt of course!

  13. Several weddings lately have used the *truck* idea. The most recent used a Cold Stone Creamery Truck....ice cream and all the toppings! A Taco Truck is such a fun idea....and takes a lot of pressure off having to prepare food! Your husband is blessed to have you. Hope his birthday was one of the happiest he has ever had!

  14. I thought you looked PERFECT in that skirt! Please....I wish I looked that awesome in a sequin skirt:) You are too cute with your long curls and everything...of course....your heart is the most beautiful thing about you:) I'm glad he enjoyed his birthday...I turn 50 next summer...I think I need a taco truck at my party too:) Yummmm......

  15. Ah, as many of us are, you are way too hard on yourself. That skirt looks gorgeous on you. Love the boots and chambray with it. What a lovely tribute you wrote to your husband. Thanks for sharing all the details!

  16. Happy Birthday to Dave!! It looked like a fun and festive party, and you honor him so much with your loving words. The world needs more Daves!

  17. Pretty positive I will be using MANY of your ideas for Dan's 30th this spring!!! Awesome!

  18. Wow! Looks like a great party:) And you are being too hard on yourself .. I thought the skirt was very flattering and your kids looked adorable.

  19. I am so sad I missed this milestone in your life Dave. It looked like the perfect celebration for you and of you! I love seeing you with the guitar- it's so perfect. Wonder what the next 50 will bring???

  20. Great party Kim!!!!! So glad Dave got to celebrate 50 with his closest friends!!!!!! Love the sassy skirts on you and Kate.. And, those boots are great on you!!!!!


  21. Happy Birthday to Dave! My hubby's 50th is next May..and I have been trying to decide what to do for him..and I am totally stealing your idea!!! What a fun night!

  22. Happy Birthday to Dave! What a fun idea for a party; it looks like it was a lot of fun! Pete turned 50 on the 28th but instead of a big party, we did a week long celebration of fun events.

    love the skirts that you and Kate wore; very chic!

  23. Wow! You know how to through a party. Love the idea of the food truck! How easy is that! Happy Birthday to your man!

  24. You just inspired me...now I know EXACTLY what I am going to do for my husband's MBA graduation on May. Already emailed his favorite taco truck for a quote this morning. :) THANK YOU! And PS - you looked fantastic!

  25. What a fun party! You are the best hostess! And I loved your outfit, so flattering! I would've never thought to dress down a sequin skirt like that - great style!
    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time, especially the birthday guy. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Looks like a perfect way to celebrate such a special man! I love that you kept everything so simple. It's often easy to get wrapped into the tiniest detail and cause stress, but the single flowers, taco truck and margarita machine must have made it much easier for you to enjoy, too!

    I love the family picture. Wow has everyone grown since we first "met!"

  27. Great party Kim!! Loved your idea!!! Stop being hard on yourself. The skirt looked great on you.

  28. I LOVE the food truck at a party idea! That's brilliant!! And I think you look great in your outfit. But truth be told, the outfit I most want is Kate's. I would seriously wear ever piece. She looks so pretty and grown up in the pics on Dave's lap. Such a little lady!


  29. STOP!! You look awesome, and cute, and always up to date and stylish...that's why people always comment and want to know about your clothes! Don't apologize for the pictures! Until you mentioned the "pudge" (which doesn't exist by the way!) I didn't notice, and then I had to go back and look again, and still don't see it.
    OK, I'm done now. Loved the party and such a great idea!

  30. So So Awesome! What a fantastic idea!!!

  31. What a fun way to celebrate a great guy!! Happy Birthday!!

  32. You did an amazing job. I can see the love in every detail! Looks like he had a great time. xo

  33. Happy birthday!
    The photos are AMAZING!


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