Will's homecoming 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012
I am not sure who was more excited for this night, the parents or the boys.  See, as boy parents we don't always get to see this stuff. Typically the boys pick up the girl and off they go.  But with this being an all boy school and since none of our sons drive yet, the Moms (and Dads) were able to tag along for photos and plan the pre-dance dinner.

It was so fun to see our boys growing up.  This is the first time we have seen Will on a "date."  I was very proud of him.  He told his date she looked pretty.  He opened the door for her and held out her chair at dinner.  And he thanked one of my besties who hosted the dinner.  I guess cotillion paid off after all:)


Will is taller than his date but she had very high and beautiful heels on:)




I did not get good group shots as it was my wider angle lens that would not focus.  


After we picked up Ana, we went to Will's best friend's house for a group dinner.
(6 boys and their dates)


Half the kids were running really late and it was too dark to get a group shot of all of them by then.


When it was time for dinner, the hosts' son said a blessing...


I was so relieved that Will pulled out his date's chair for her.
 You never know if they'll remember to do all that stuff.



Will and his friends, Nick and David being goofs.

You might remember that all the boys had their heads shaved by the seniors for Spirit week.
That is why they basically all have the same haircut!

One thing I am a little upset about is my photos.  About half of them were blurry.  I switched between a few lenses and I am having trouble getting good sharp focus with my one of best lenses (24-70mm).  I kept thinking it was me but I am pretty sure it is the lens because my other lenses were much sharper and in focus.  Anyone ever had a lens repaired???  It is a really expensive lens and I could not afford to replace it.

 So, I am a little bummed that most of my photos do not have the sharpness I like and half of them were completely unusable. Also, I had a REALLY tough time getting in there with my camera.  The other Moms and I were jockeying for position. I got squeezed out quite a bit. I need to get used to that;)   Advice?

{and one more thing I want to remember for future years....the school had a modest dress code.  It stated that the girls dresses should be appropriate and modest. No bare midriffs or backless dresses allowed. The length was supposed to be to the top of the knee.  When Dave and I dropped the kids off we saw a few rather questionable choices.  Apparently, they did not let some kids in and gave others PH's (penance halls or detention) for violating the dress code.  I have to say I appreciate and applaud that.  I see way too many young girls dressing immodestly.}

And just so you can see what the mums and "man mums"/garters look like...here are two awful phone photos from the homecoming game.



Obviously, we need better phones with better cameras.  Ours are dinosaurs.


  1. It made my heart leap to see Will with a DATE! I can only imagine how you felt. His date is darling and it looks like a great group of kids.

    The mum thing just cracks me up! You've just got to love Texas.

    My camera is also refusing to focus. It's picking its own focal point instead of the one I choose. So frustrating. I think it's my camera because changing the lens doesn't help. Did you check and make sure you didn't slide the M/AF button on the lens to M? I've done that before. If not, take it to a good camera store. They should be able to give you an estimate to fix it.

    1. Yes, Kristi!!! Mine would not focus where I toggle either. I am SO frustrated. I keep thinking that my photography skills are taking a huge nosedive but now I think it is either the camera or that lens.

      It does make my heart leap to see Will with a date. He is a great young kid and he is learning so much and growing in exactly the ways we want our kids to mature. I could not be more proud of who he is becoming!!!!

    2. So I took my camera in today and I had inadvertently reset the focal point. It was the focus setting that was changed -- center focus, scatter focus but the actual focal point. I know you shoot with a Nikon, not a Canon, but I bet you have the same button. On my camera it just happens to be next to a button I use frequently. If you push it you can change your focal point from a center focus to a side focus. So my camera was no longer using a center focal point but a side one. If this makes no sense at all, call me tomorrow!

  2. these look great kim!
    what a fun evening!!
    they all look like great kids!
    ( you might think my girls dresses were immodest though...go easy on me! )

    1. Paige....your girls always look beautiful and classy!!! And I don't mean to judge anyone specifically. Really I don't. I just think there is appropriate dress for young girls (having a little one ...I worry about what it will be like when Kate is a teen).

  3. Wow! What precious pictures! Will looks darling with his date. Our daughter is only 4 at the moment and I can only imagine what is in store for us down the road. Thanks for posting the pictures. You are such an amazing photographer too! Know that we continue to pray for you and your family.

    Mom to Larissa
    Gotcha: May 2010

  4. Thanks for sharing. Everyone looked so nice! Those boys clean up well. I loved Will's date's dress. What a fun night.

  5. i think you should take your lens in to be repaired- it sounds like a gear problem. also, how high was your ISO (dumb question, i know...but sometimes my iso just isn't high enough to get a clear shot).

    love your pics! looks like a great night for all!

  6. I loved your pictures! Everything sounded wonderful, I also loved how they ate in a family's home instead of a restaurant AND prayed before their meal. Two important things to me:)

    I have to say....since we have returned to the states, I must have forgotten how immodestly girls can dress here. In Mexico, they are extremely conservative. They never wear capri pants or shorts even....mostly jeans but always with conservative tops and jackets. Sometimes the amount of "skin" my eyes have to see here is a little too much;)

  7. Will and his date look so beautiful! Lovely evening for them!

    No advice for the shoving though. I've had to shove back a few times and it makes me feel bad, but that was the only way.

  8. What a great night for you all to share with your boys! Will's date is very pretty! Hope they had fun. Did you get the 'deets' after???

  9. As I was looking at the pictures I thought how lovely she looked...as I scrolled down and saw the other girls, I thought the same thing, how nice they looked...
    It then dawned on me the fact that the reason I liked it was that they didn't look like hussies like many girls these days dress.
    We were downtown last night in Philly and I swear Kim, I thought some of the girls were streetwalkers in the dresses they wore (they were not, as they were coming out of nice restaurants....) but I seriously couldn't imagine wearing those kinds of dresses.
    The girls that went to the formal actually LOOKED their age...so pretty...and a natural pretty.
    Your son has amazing taste!
    You are a ver lucky mom!

    1. yes...these are all 14-15 year old young women and I think they all looked beautiful!!!!

  10. awwww!!!! to much cutnessssssssss!!!!!!!

  11. Awww!!!! too much cuteness!!!!!

  12. Great pictures. Love the blessing before dinner...

  13. So sweet -- those events are fun to watch. The guys and their dates are looked fabulous! Our local Catholic high school has a strict dress code for dances and prom and dancing too -- any inappropriate dancers are sent to another room for a "lesson"! Luckily, my boys never got sent there . . . that I know of anyway! Enjoy the high school years -- they go by so fast!


  14. What a great looking group of kids. Gotta love Catholic school dress code! My kids complain all the time, but I love it. I'm sure I will appreciate it even more when they are older.

  15. Will and his date are ADORABLE! I adore her dress actually. So pretty and yet modest. I too applaud that code. I volunteer with a college sorority and I gasp at what these girls wear sometimes. I swear I have undies with more coverage than some of the shorts I see on kids in August around here.

    And the dinner party is an awesome idea! Do they have big cotillions where you live? Growing up I too took cotillion classes and then in high school, the same kids are invited to big cotillion balls. That was one of my favorite parts of high school actually.


  16. I was thinking as I looked at the pictures - wow! These are classy young ladies! I hope my daughter decides to dress like these - oh wait, she will NOT have a choice. So nice to see high schoolers dressing like high schoolers and not 20 year olds! And then it made sense. Good job school for standing behind your dress code! (I can say that being a teacher). I love her dress...! And the mums....thanks for the explanation...had NO CLUE why he was giving that to her.....they do not do that in Ohio either!!

  17. SOOOOO cute!!! They make the sweetest couple, he has great taste and I adore her dress, the color, the cut, everything......and love the dinner party idea. Class act all the way!

  18. A great looking bunch of teens. These photos just stored my hope in teens. Recently I saw a group of teens at our local mall going to dinner for homecoming. So many of the girls dresses were so short they looked like street walkers. After that I pledged not to let my duaghter out of the house.

  19. He looks so grown up! Especially seeing how I just finished reading about your Christmas in 2001! And his date is so pretty - love her dress!

  20. Soooo Precious!!

    As far as the shoving, I've learned that I just 'take charge'. I politely instruct the kids to please line up, stand still, make sure they can see the photographer (otherwise the photographer can't see them), and don't move until ALL cameras are down by ALL the parents side. I usually take mine first, then step out of the way and ask other parents to move it. If there's a 'professional' photographer there, I usually snap after him/her.

    I think if the kids know ahead of time what is expected, they oblige! I've over heard my girls say to their friends, "just smile & don't move, and it will be over faster!". Sometimes I have to ask parents who are just gawking to please step over. Maybe I'm a little bossy but I like to consider it ORGANIZED otherwise it's chaotic and takes a long time! Lastly, don't walk away without getting what you want...you will regret it later!

    HTH a little!

  21. Will and his date are adorable!

    I can't get over that mum tradition. Never heard of it before!

  22. So sweet. Great looking couple. I hope they had fun!


  23. I am so happy to hear this about the ladies' attire. I have witnessed some terribly inappropriate homecoming attire this fall! Will looks so handsome; I know you must be very proud of him.

  24. I think I just saw the 'new younger version' of Will and Kate! :)

  25. Love reading this .. Will looks so handsome and his date beautiful and classy! Can you believe my son did not go to homecoming? He is so social (almost to a fault!) but did not want to go. I admit I cried a few tears over it. Not that I am pushing the dating / girlfriends .. but it is nice to have some girly -ness in my life! Oh the joys of having all boys!! ;)

  26. What an adorable couple! I appreciate the modest dress code so much!

  27. I loved these pictures. Also, WILL’S date is stunning. I love how her dress is the most modest and yet she looks the most stunning!!! Lesson to younger girls!!

  28. Oh I love these Kim, what a gorgeous couple!! And I so agree about the dress code ~ how wonderful that it's enforced! What a fun night for you parents! Love the mum!!:))


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