the artiste and her chocolate

Monday, October 8, 2012
Kate's school has a big Fall fund raiser around Halloween and it is tons of fun. Each year, they have a contest for the t-shirt design.  The kids submit drawings and they choose one for the t-shirt.  Kate LOVES art and she is really good at art.  God has blessed her with that gift.

Anyway, this year Kate came home very excited about the contest.  She drew a picture right away but was a little hesitant to submit it.  She said, "I am only in kindergarten, they'll never pick mine."

Well...Kate did not win the overall contest (a much older student always wins) BUT she did win for all of kindergarten!!!!  They picked the best drawing from each grade and she won for her grade (there are six kindergarten classes)! Kate was SO SO SO excited!  They announced the winners at the morning announcements to the whole school last week and she was very proud.

She told me later that day that all the kids were so nice to her and wanted to sit by her all day.  I had mixed feelings about that but was happy she was happy.  Kate really needed this to boost her confidence at school (more on that soon, I promise).

Her prize for winning was a $10 gift card to The Chocolate Bar!  It was a perfect treat for her.  She was SO excited to go see what she could get with her gift card!

Kate was a little overwhelmed at all of the choices.  They have homemade ice cream, truffles and chocolates.  They also have HUGE cakes and pies.  And they have just about every candy known to man....

Will picked Kate up to look at all the home-made ice cream.  She has good brothers.

Will spotted this BACON soda!  He loves bacon but even he was skeptical of the taste of this!

Kate ended up choosing this giant lollipop (which she has hardly made a dent in) AND the chocolate tres leches below (which Dave, Will and I might have helped her out with)!

{I did not take a photo of the art that Kate Emerson submitted for the contest and the school still has it but I will post a photo of it later}

Please continue to pray for our family and for one of my peanuts in particular.  It is a very challenging time and I know the prayers can help us through.  Thank you so much.  And for those who have asked, we did get the results of Kate's testing and I will share them here very soon.  I just have had much bigger things to deal with lately but I so appreciate those who have reached out regarding her learning issues.

{an unrelated interesting note...according to blogger this is my 1111th post.  I like fun numbers like that ☺!  That is a lot of posting over the years.}


  1. I think the number of this post is good luck!

    Congrats to Kate!

    Still praying.

    PS - did I ever tell you my sister is named Kate? One of my all time favorite names.

  2. What a cute place...congrats to Kate, looks like that special outing was well deserved. I love seeing her adorable personality shine through in these posts..and she IS so lucky to have two aweome brothers! Bacon soda? Sorry,I like bacon too but mixing that flavor in with soda is where I must draw the line:) Hope you are doing OK Kim...thinking of you!

  3. Congratulations to Miss Kate! She is darling girl and her posture is so beautiful. Looks like she enjoyed her prize.

  4. Congrats to Kate! BTW, my daughter's name is Kate, as is my daughter-in-law to be's. Still praying for you all.

  5. Hooray for Kate! It is crazy to me how completely her little face shape has changed. She looks more and more grown up all the time.

  6. These pictures say it all... Kate is so happy.

  7. Look at that smile :) So exciting that she WON for her grade! Quite an accomplishment and such a wonderful boost for her confidence :)

    Praying for y'all and whatever it is you're going through with one of your peanuts!


  8. Kim - My prayers are with your and your beautiful family .. and congrats to kate!! :)

  9. Yay Kate -- way to go!!! That store looks amazing, but Bacon soda -- couldn't go there either!

    Praying for you all!

  10. Congratulations to Kate!!! She is gonna be a very talented artist no doubt. What an exciting moment for her. I'm sure there will be more accolades in the future.

  11. So so so happy to see you wiling and able to post something that is uplifting for you, Kim! Congratulations for Kate...what an accomplishment and honor for her. Sweetness for your whole family every day! xox

  12. Such a fun prize! Congrats to Kate, she is getting so grown up.

    We had your tortilla soup for dinner tonight . . . YUMMY! My daughter just had one of her cleft surgeries and is on a soft food diet for the next several weeks so I am on a soup kick. Thanks for the idea

    Praying for your family. Sorry to see times are tough.

    I have been a blog "stalker" for years.


  13. Way to go sweet Kate! That is quite an accomplishment. I love how thrilled she looks with her prize winnings...which do look quite yummy.

    Praying for you and your family.


  14. When did Kate get so tall and gorgeous!!!!! I love her outfit, her hair, everything about your sweet girl!!!! Kate - congratulations on your huge accomplishment!!! I will be very excited to see your design!! Kim - please know your Peanut is being lifted up from Napa to Minneapolis!


  15. Well I am just bawling! I am so proud of her! And look at her face!!!!! OMG I love this post. I need to see that T shirt!! Prayers to you sweet friend. xo

  16. yummm... looks like Fun! Hope all is well with your crew.


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